Sunday, March 27, 2016


Was going to take a little break for Easter, but just came home from Easter Vigil and saw this comment which deserves a response.

  1. The Dungbat continues to blog deceptive messages on its interpretation on the Popes call for unity.

    DianaMarch 25, 2016 at 11:20 AM

    Dear Anonymous at 3:56 am,

    I can only speak about the NCW on Guam as I walk in the community here. From what I see, there are a few brothers in the Way who are arrogant and feel they are better than others, but these brothers so not represent the entire NCW. We are all human and can make mistakes. However, some of these brothers have come to realize that they were wrong.

    As for unity, we are in unity, the Pope calls us into unity. We are called to be in unity with the Bishops and Pope. And we will strive for that. Do you see us opposing the Archbishop??? Of course not. What You want is for the NCW to oppose Archbishop Apuron. Is that correct?
The reference is to the pope's recent lecturing of the Neocatechumenal Way in which the dominant message was unity. And it is not for naught that the pope hammered on this. We'll take a deeper look at the lecture another time (I call it a lecture on purpose). 

And now to the Dungbat's point.

For those who don't know, The Dungbat is the affectionate name for The Diana, a group of people who speak for Pius the Samnut and are too fearful of the truth to let their identities be known.

My answer to the above was left as this comment:

It is the archbishop who is not in unity. He publicly rejected the authority of the pope and not only has never recanted nor apologized, not only did he try to get me and others to lie for him to cover it up, he continues to reject that authority by persisting in performing the ncw's illicit communion rite.

Of course we are not called to be in union with a bishop who demonstrably lies and steals from us, nor should we be in union with a bishop who himself publicly rejects the magisterial teaching authority of the Church. 

The Church throughout history has had its share of such scoundrels and each time it was ultimately the laity who stood up against these impostors and rid their Church of them. And we shall do the same with this one.

While I would like to delve into a rant at this point - since the despicable deeds just mentioned are only a fraction of what this man has perpetrated on this Church and some of its most vulnerable members - in the spirit of Easter I want to address a more tame point.


For years we have been spit upon by the Dungbat and its cadre of Kiko's whenever we mention their illicit communion rite. Their common refrain is "well, write Rome," or "Rome hasn't stopped us," or "the Pope knows and he hasn't said anything, " etc. 

My answer is EXACTLY. 

Those of us who actually know something about our Church know enough to know that when the Church does not say something then what has come before is to remain. The Church doesn't go around policing  liturgies. It provides the liturgical books and unless it manifestly approves a particular departure, the Church expects us to be mature enough to know that we are not to make stuff up and wait for Her to spank our hands.

Archbishop Socrates Villegas, THE HEAD of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, made this point when he recently addressed the illicit practice of standing after the consecration until the AMEN:

March 22, 2016, 11:11a.m. - THE HEAD of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has announced that kneeling during the most important part of Holy Mass would be returned, as is practiced in the rest of the Universal Church.
In a pastoral letter dated March 19, Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas, the CBCP president, said the practice of standing during the Memorial Acclamation, in which the faithful affirm Christ’s death, resurrection and future return, was a mere liturgical adaptation that did not have Vatican approval.
“We must abandon the practice of standing after the consecration until the Amen as we do not have the authority to make such an adaptation nor do we have the authority to implement it,” Villegas said in his pastoral letter. 
As a result, the faithful must kneel “after the Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy Lord …) until the end of the Eucharistic prayer” or the “Great Amen.”
The decision was made by the CBCP Permanent Council, based on the Philippine Edition of the Vatican-approved Roman Missal of 2011. The issue was raised during the 112th CBCP Plenary Assembly in Cebu last January, when the country hosted the International Eucharistic Congress.
In 1990, the “Guidelines for the Eucharist” allowed the faithful not to kneel during the Memorial Acclamation. This was also included in the Philippine Adaptations to the General Instructions of the Roman Missal 2002 proposed during the 86th CBCP Plenary Assembly. Liturgists wanted the faithful to stand during the Memorial Acclamation and kneel after the Agnus Dei or Lamb of God.
Villegas said no “recognition” or formal reply was granted by Rome as regards the two proposed guidelines. According to canon lawyers, no answer or silence from Rome means that the recognition has not been given, he said.
The prelate pointed out that kneeling is an important part of Christian culture. “We cannot abandon or set aside the culture of kneeling in favor of the culture that says as free men we must face God on our feet. Bending the knee before the tabernacle in genuflection, kneeling down at the celebration of the Eucharist, kneeling down to adore the exposed Blessed Sacrament—these are little but sublime acts of adoration that we must preserve and protect.

Now, let me draw your attention to the second to the last paragraph:

Villegas said no “recognition” or formal reply was granted by Rome as regards the two proposed guidelines. According to canon lawyers, no answer or silence from Rome means that the recognition has not been given, he said.

This is the answer to the Dungbat and the Kiko's: 


But beyond this, there is the issue that the Kiko's continue to demonstrate that they are NOT part of our Church, for not only do they illicitly stand from the Consecration to the Amen, they STAND even during the consecration as per Archbishop Apuron's instruction and permission to do so:

Thus, anyone who desires to be in UNITY with the Holy Catholic Church MUST REJECT the example of Archbishop Apuron who continues to violate our Church's Sacred Liturgy and continues to perform an illicit rite according to the "liturgical books" of Kiko Arugello. 

Archbishop Apuron is NOT our bishop so long as he continues to violate what our Holy Catholic Church requires. He and his neo-cult must be rejected

Of course there is a reason they do not kneel. They do not kneel because they do not adore. And they do not adore because they do not believe that this is Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. 


  1. If the Dingbat claims that the NCW is following the directives of the bishops in Japan; why is a couple with six children being sent on mission to Japan? The Catholic Church in Japan is at a mature stage (like Guam before the NEO cult slithered in); why is there a need to send missionaries? Why send missionaries (especially a family with six children) to a country like Japan where as quoted by the Dungbat "where the bishops oppose the Way"?

    DianaMarch 22, 2016 at 10:08 AM
    Dear Anonymous at 8:06 am,

    From the words of Pope Francis to the NCW: "You have received a great charism for the baptismal renewal of life. Every charism is a grace of God to intensify communion."

    As long as the NCW here is in communion with the Archbishop of Guam, we are in unity. The NCW in places like Japan, the Philippines, and Nepal where the Bishops oppose the Way.....these are the NCW who are called to be in communion. For example, the Bishop in Japan opposes the Way and instructed them not to do their Saturday night Eucharist despite that their Statutes stated that they can celebrate the Eucharist in small communities on Saturday night. But because the Bishop is Japan says not to, then they are called to be obedient to the Bishop in Japan. As far as I know, the NCW in Japan has been obedient to the Bishop. In time, the Bishop in Japan will be called to be obedient to the Pope.

    Now the question to you in Italy....are you in communion with the Pope who supports and endorses the Neocatechumenal Way who recognized our charism to be from the Holy Spirit? Or you against what the Pope supports and endorses? If you oppose what Pope Francis supports, then you are not in unity with the Pope.

    Reporting from those in communion with the Pope! ADIOS!

    1. Evangelization in Neo speak means evangelizing "regular" non Neo saves Catholics. It means spreading the NCW. Period. Just like here in Guam. They are simply parasites sucking off off already established churches.

    2. The Dungbat's comment also betrays ignorance of their own statute. The NCW is at the service of the bishop. He can welcome it, restrict it, or get rid if it. There is no"obedience to the pope" in that regard.

  2. Premise: the Pope has endorsed and supported the NCW. You do not support the NCW. Ergo, you are not in unity with the Pope. Wow! What a crockpot fallacy in logic! Does dungbat know basic syllogism at all? Funny conclusions, but also pathetic - one does not know whether to laugh or to cry at this ignorance!

    1. A pope’s personal endorsement or support at most is of the same effect as an “executive order.” It ceases to exist when the executive leaves office.

      It is for this reason, John Paul II desired the canonical regularization of the NCW and required a period of “ad experimentum” and a complete review of its statute and catechetical directory.

      The review ended in 2007 and the NCW was given a regulatory charter in 2008, it’s statute. This is no different than the process for any other religious order or organization.

      However, once an organization receives its charter, its legitimacy depends on its faithfulness to it. There is the expectation of course that the organization acted in good faith in obtaining the charter as Rome has no mechanism for policing obedience.

      In fact, as demonstrated in the case of the Legionnaires of Christ, an investigation into disobedience or even criminal activity - as it was with the Legionnaires founder - can take decades to occur if at all.

      Kiko Arguello and his generals know this so they do what they want whenever they want. Plus they have bought themselves several extra layers of protection by buying off bishops (or blackmailing them) like Apuron.

    2. Your explanation is right on point, and you hit the nail on the head in saying "expectation that the organizarion acted in good faith in obtaining the charter." The reality is indeed that neo has not acted in "bona fide," which should automatically nullify this charter. Thus neo leadership has to pile lies upon lies in order to exist. At the very onset, it seems that ncw was merely a mechanism to amass wealth in the guise of charism, when in reality it is a sham deception to extort money and property from vulnerable and gullible followers. Enforced strict obedience and hellfire fear are employed to guarantee adherence. It is a cult that has infiltrated the Catholic Church, not to sancitfy souls or promote evangelization but to feed the huge ego of its founder and to sate the ginormous appetite for money by the board members. The so-called seminary is a cover-up while its leadership makes a mockery of vocation and people's trust.

  3. in the picture shown, who is tony portraying, i ask because i see a table before him and i have seen on other media sites that the neo's use a table for their feast,

    it was my understanding that in the neo-kingdumm, tony is just a brother...

    so, i guess my questions are?
    1. is this a neo function
    2. if it is (neo) is brother tony allowed to play dress-up
    3. if not neo, why the table

    1. This is one of those hybrid events, the St. Patrick's celebration where the rest of us regular Catholics are invited, so there is an attempt to regularize the ritual. But even with this there is no thought of kneeling.

    2. How can they kneel, Tim, It is outside. They don't even have a 5 million dollar chapel! What a pity!

  4. I refuse to get upset Easter Sunday Morning. Tim's words so true. " of what this man has perpetrated on this church and some of its vulnerable members" over a period of twenty years collecting evidence i can honestly make the harsh statement this man is evil. Look into the face of Apuron you will see evil. One day the church of Guam will see just how evil the basta is.

  5. Look at the photo. That is Luis camacho to the left of the bishop. Looks like an older photo. Michael and Luis are vested as deacons.

  6. Interesting photo. Lots of has beens- Fr Louis, Fr Pablo, Fr Fabio.
    And a couple Soon to be has beens- Bishop, VG and Chancellor.
    Presbyter numbers dropping as fast as the regular kikos.

  7. I would like to dedicate a song to the NCW membership this Easter season. Its a classic composition from the popular culture band, Eagles, and entitled,
    "Desperado." You can find the tune easily on the internet. Please give it a listen before its too late.

  8. a blessed Easter to all!

    i'd like to share an interesting tangential story that happened a couple of sundays ago at my local seattle parish. an acquaintance of mine, who also is a little bit acquainted with archbishop apuron, asked me how apuron is doing. i told him how the guam Church is in turmoil because apuron has fallen in with the neocatechumenal way.

    i didn't have to explain much to the guy about what the ncw was--he knew. he was pretty disappointed. so i asked if the ncw was present in the archdiocese of seattle, because i wasn't aware if they were. he said they are not.

    the story he tells me is that the ncw had tried to come in to the archdiocese of seattle and had offered to the seattle archbishop (i didn't ask if it's the current one or one of his predecessors) to bring in priests to serve on a handful of small islands to the north of seattle. my acquaintance says that the archbishop basically told the ncw, "thanks, but no thanks."

    too bad apuron didn't do the same 20+ years ago.

  9. Is that baby Luis in the picture on the left? I miss him so. Can anyone tell me where he went?