Saturday, March 26, 2016


Interesting too what they are reading.

Go here to see the country. Please don't mention the name of the country in any comments. Just now that that's where "he" is.


  1. I guess the Franciscan and the Maronite communities, are trying to figure out, what fell on their lap, a few months back. I am sure the local parishioners must be furious.
    Good for them to get informed and stronger.
    This sect loves to pray on the migrant workers, who feel isolated and who are living in an hostile and dangerous environment.

    The shamelessness of these kikos has no boundaries. The fact that they would take such a dangerous step for the local Catholics, demonstrate their contempt for the faithful overall. To hide a sexual predator,in such a precarious region, speaks volume about the lack of moral bearing of these "responsible" in the Way and the corrupted Bishop, that allowed it to happen there. Shame on them.

    Happy and safe Easter for the Catholics here and there.

  2. Anyone who feels outrage for a certain fr Luis Camacho from Guam in their diocese should contact the Vatican. He was a danger here and presents a danger to daughters wherever he may be.
    Our bishop would have done nothing but public outrage forced him to act. Contact your bishop about your concerns.
    What you have read about him having sex with a minor girl from his parish is true.

    1. Unfortunately the bishop is a Kiko. That's why he's there.

    2. Archbishop says Luis is a good boy. A very good boy. Bye


  3. We know where Pedro Camacho is.
    parents should keep their children away from him..
    He is a danger to children.

  4. The problem isnt whether Luis is a good or bad boy, but if he is a good priest or a bad one. If his vocation is a true vocation or not. Not else

  5. Anyone who has aided Luis Camacho in getting away with molesting a minor is complicit in this crime. I thought the Archdiocese would have learned from the sad tale of other dioceses selling off property or applying for bankruptcy to pay off litigation costs and restitution. Have we not learned or do we just have dumb leaders? Oh, never mind that question. Reality is, Luis Camacho is not worth compromising the existence of the Catholic Church in Guam.

  6. I have asked Frenchie for permission to edit this comment to keep mention of the name of the country off the blog. Frenchie has a lot of knowledge about this place and can easily debunk The Kiko's lies.

    There is only one Catholic Church in (this counrtry). Our Lady of the (name withheld).
    It is the first Church build in (this country) since the 7th century.
    It is located about 15miles outside the Capital city of (name of city), in a complex that house all the Christian denominations in one area, called (name of location). It serves an estimated 200 thousands Catholics living in the country. They are mostly migrant workers and western expats working there either in construction, oil fields, or the finance and technical fields.
    There is no seminary of any kind in (this country). Most likely none will ever be allowed.
    Think: 1 church in 1400 years.
    (This country) is part of the Apostolic Vicariate of (name of region), which also includes (country), (counrty, and (country).
    The only RMS is in Israel. There are no seminaries in this Apostolic Vicariate.

  7. Apologies to the commenter. I will not be able publish your comments about Apuron's relationship with X or his "proclivities" so long as they are submitted anonymously. You'll need to do what John Toves did. Make the allegations public and put your name on them. If only people would have done this a long time ago we might have save ourselves all this hell.

  8. utterly irresponsible and reckless for the neocats to station him there.

  9. Seems the justice system has no problem with Luis the good boy. I have not heard anything further. Not guilty until proved, people.

    1. Spoken like a Kiko - same as saying “well the Pope hasn’t spanked us for disobeying our own statute so if he doesn’t have a problem with it then you shouldn’t either.” LOL. The height of immaturity. Too bad you Kikos forget about a higher justice system from which no can hide. So earthly, you people are. Your kingdom is of THIS world, fools.

      But in any event, we are not asking “the justice system to do anything,” we are asking the archbishop to follow his own sex abuse policy. Nothing will be done civilly because the girl was of the age of consent and she “consented” to letting Luis “do it” to her.

      However, the archbishop’s policy regards the girl as a minor and allows for no “age of consent.” And even if it did, the man is an ordained priest…or so we are told, incardinated in this diocese. Thus we are on the hook for him for the rest of his life, including liability for damage caused elsewhere.

      There were warning signs everywhere about Luis, mostly coming from his own mouth, about why he should not have been ordained. Yet Apuron ordained him because he was anxious to have at least one priest in 20 years of the NCW who had a local last name so he could say “see.”

      And now, with the help of the Gennarini syndicate, is hiding him in a country where the mere mention of a scandal could endanger the lives of thousands of Catholics, who, as Frenchie said, have been able to establish only ONE church in 1400 years.

      You Kiko’s think of NOTHING but yourselves. LOL. The “justice system.”

  10. Dear Anon at 4.10, I do hope you do not have children of your own.
    Obviously you are totally disconnected from the real world.

    Or, perhaps you are one of these perverted perp, who think this kind of behavior is normal and acceptable for anybody.
    You also forgot that as a priest Luis took a vow of celibacy.

    The fact that none of this bothers you, tells us a lot about what kind of moral turpitude you wallow in.