Sunday, March 13, 2016


Clergy: Put end to the heresy

I am appealing to the clergy and religious to address the distressing state of affairs that has divided our beloved Church. The only possible solution has to be a direct involvement from your group.


  1. Funny how Dianna is posting a reminder to priests to remain silent. I mean seriously? Is she that stupid? Priests are human and there is a grave injustice being done to the Catholics here in Guam. Neos can stand in church after the homily and confess their sins of infidelity to the entire public but yet brother tony remains silent and she encourages priests to remain silent. What a moron if you ask me.

    She'd stoop low when she can't google an escape route on the amounting evidence that they are being bombarded with. Just like zoltan and his views about the neocult and it not being a cult. Why can't they just form their own religion rather then invading the Catholic Church which was established? Brother tony, you're a moron too by keeping silent. Why not be a man and face your flock? You talk about forgiveness but you show no sign of wanting forgiveness. You think you'll live forever? Your health hasn't been all that and if you sold your soul to the devil, then God will be the only one to judge you. All these material things and the traveling you can't take to your grave. But I hope in the end when you do face your maker, you don't put your head down for taking advantage of all this island has done to support you.

    I hope in the meantime that you can acknowledge that your sheeps have been declining in the churches, all because you allowed these neos to take advantage of you and our church. Soon brother tony, the money will run out and the churches will be empty and then what will you say then? That you have no clue why your sheep are protesting?

    I apologize to everyone but I'm just fraustrated and sick of what's happening in our church. The lies and the scams is insane and embarrassing. There are only a handful of priests that I trust these days when before I had a lot of faith in the archbishop. Now, that's all gone when brother tony sold his flock out. I prayed for his health but now I just pray that our church can be restored with truth and openness.

    These neos have really stolen what our island has built. I pray that our island will wake up and support the CCOG, the Laity, Mr. Kilitzkie, Mr. Rohr, and everyone working hard to expose the corruption within the Catholic Church in Guam.

    1. Yes, apparently, she is that stupid. And does the vow of obedience not apply to apuron too? And who the hell is Diana to remind priests of their vows? You're just Diana!

    2. Actually, she's not even Diana.

      What amazes me is the constant reiteration of this line to "write to the Vatican" in relation to any concerns about the NCW liturgical practises. The thing is - last year Pope Francis wrote to Kiko to tell him that the "regulatory charter" is to be found in articles 12 and 13 of the Statutes of the NCW. There is no other permissions, secret or otherwise, that have been given by the Vatican to the NCW.

      Each time "Diana" urges you to write to the Vatican, remind her of what the Pope wrote. Or you could simply ignore her, I suppose.

      I still believe that the NCW on Guam is the errant thread that will unravel the whole nasty tapestry. Keep battling on.

    3. Diana tells us to write to the Vatican because she knows her cult has influential people in the Vatican. So far, bringing up our concerns to the Vatican has not resulted in any favorable action. The silence from the Vatican is deafening.

    4. There is a wrong understanding about what the Vatican can and cannot do. They don't have a police force. The church is run by bishops who are supposed to oversee their dioceses. When there is a bad bishop then it is up to the people to act, not the Vatican.

    5. The problem on this island is that these neos have taken advantage of the hospitable culture this island has. We respect our elders and those in authority. We bite our tongue even when we know there is something wrong. But Guam is changing this attitude. Unfortunately, not fast enough. Humans make mistakes and brother tony is human. Kiko has taken note of this weakness this island has. Our elders are starting to understand that brother tony is wrong.

      I've even been told that our elders give what little money they have for our Lord and ignore everything that's happening in the church. This faith in our church has always been there yet it's the human element which takes advantage of the situation. There is nothing to assure the elders that the finances are being spent towards our church. Brother tony, quitugua and all the neos know this. I've never seen a priest drive a $60+ thousand dollar vehicle in my life but like they say, OOG (only on Guam). Brother tony, I hope you enjoy your ride cause it ain't gonna be all bling when your time for judgment comes.

    6. I applaud Tommy Tanaka for calling on the Non-Neo Catholic clergy for their “leadership, guidance and the strength to put an end to the heresy that is being forced upon us”. (PDN Letter-to-the-editor section, March 13, 2015). Maybe “force” is not quite accurate if he means “joining” the Neo community, but to the extent that the Archbishop is imposing the religion and the practices of the NCW on our parishes by giving us Neo presbyters instead of faithful Roman Catholic priests, he definitely is enjoining the Neo religion of us. It is a sinister force majeure. To the extent that we in those parishes have no choice but to be beholden to those presbyters, we are forced. (And yes, it is a cult – notwithstanding what Mr. Szekely wrote!)
      That said – I fully agree with Tommy on calling on our clergy to “unite as a group to confront this (divisiveness) issue with the archbishop”. The clergy have the clout and the nexus to relate to the archbishop, much more than we – the laity. You have the clout to elevate our concerns to him. He is totally silent and non-caring to listen to our pleas and our suggestions. And if he turns a similar deaf ear to the pleadings of the clergy as well, we look to them for leadership and guidance in appealing to the highest level – the Vatican. They have better clout with Rome.
      The purpose of our encouragement for them to provide guidance and leadership to us in matters of faith and morals lies in the peculiar role they play in sharing the priesthood of the Great High Priest, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Granted that the Archbishop has been given “the fullness of the priesthood” through his episcopal ordination, clergy and bishop are all priests in the Lord - in root, the exact same Holy Orders. We Laity do not.
      As all can can see, we – the Laity – have not been idle in doing our share in trying to correct the errors within our Church: by vocally voicing our opinions as mandated by Canon 212; by appealing to the Church for financial accountability and transparency; by uniting ourselves in prayer; by educating our Catholics through words and writings; by exposing the truth whenever we see lies and evil, through civil protests; by doing what we can to protect the patrimony of the Church, specifically the Redemptoris Mater Seminary property.
      As Tommy said, we both understand and commiserate with the clergy’s vow of obedience; we are not asking them to join us in public protest in violation of their vows. But as Tommy also pointed out they have a higher duty to a higher Authority to protect the Faith for us, and to shepherd us. To quote his closing remarks : “We seek a greater involvement from you as a group to address these matters directly with the archbishop and to seek a resolution to end this plight. We look to you as our shepherds to stand up to the wolves who threaten the flock… Unite as a group to confront this issue with the Archbishop.” (JRSA, Mar 14, 2016).