Sunday, March 13, 2016


Ex-senator calls land documents "bogus"

A former part-time judge, who’s also a former senator, wants accountability from a public keeper of certificates of title of all land parcels on the island.


  1. I am grateful to and full of admiration for Mr. Klitzkie for using his considerable skills to attempt to right the wrongs being done to the Church and to landowners on Guam. He is not only working to obtain justice. He is trying to motivate those civil authorities on Guam to exercise the responsibilities they were elected or appointed to carry out. Mr. Klitzkie is demonstrating more character, courage and integrity than those in authority who are shirking their duties. Thank you, sir, for what you are doing for the Church and for Guam.

  2. Thank you Mr. Klitzkie for being tenacious in pursuing this matter. I think you have exposed the tip of the iceberg with regard to questionable practices at the DLM. A realtor once told me that the Catholic Church on Guam has more real estate/properties than any private business or land owner on this island. Should be very interesting researching how these properties were transacted, also if Church properties were sold and where the money went.

  3. Zoltan busy on Pdn this weekend. A column to try to convince people they are not a sect. Attacks on Mr Tanaka, attacks on Mr Klitzkie, and of course on Tim.
    Funny rebuttal so, from somebody I did not know.