Friday, March 25, 2016


What a shame that we had to wake up on Good Friday and read Archbishop Apuron's once again desperate attempt to say THIIS IS MINE, MINE, MINE!

Archdiocese: Archbishop still in control of property

Of course this is a response the PDN editorial yesterday which simply called out both the Archbishop and the Director of Land Management to follow the law. 

But following the law on this matter is something the Archbishop CANNOT do as it would reveal all the lies and bring the Neo-kingdom tumbling down. So forgetting the day Christ suffered and died, the Archbishop used the day to persecute his own flock by once again lying to us with "THIS IS MINE, MINE, MINE!"

More than likely though, the information given to the PDN was the work of the same person who "worked something out" behind the scenes with Kristan Finney, the Assistant AG, instead of following the the AG's counsel to petition the Superior Court to correct a certificate of title. 

It's quite obvious that "that person" who "worked something out" with Kristan Finney is the same "trained lawyer" who has been popping up everywhere in this story. And it is very likely that said "trained lawyer" is scared s___less now that a real lawyer, Mr. Klitzkie, is on to the scheme. 

So we look forward to more drama. Meanwhile, though, here's a copy of the comments from the online PDN article. Oh, and try to have a Holy Triduum and a Blessed Easter. 

Tim Rohr ·
Dear Archbishop Apuron,

This should be easy. To put an end to the controversy simply request that the certificate of title correction go through the Superior Court as Guam Law requires and as the Attorney General has already advised.

The correction as it now stands is a result of your neocatechumenal "responsible" for your community, Jacqueline T. Terlaje, (a trained lawyer - her words) working "something out" (Kristan Finney's words - the Asst. AG) in a "backroom deal."

This has gone on long enough, don't you think? Follow the law, archbishop, and all will be well. That goes for Michael Borja, the Director of DLM, too.

In the spirit of Easter and Christ is Risen, let's do this.

P.S. Did you give a second thought to releasing your defense to the PDN for publication on Good Friday. Could you not have waited a couple days. That DOES say a lot, archbishop.

See you in court. If we don't, then we'll know you are hiding.
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Name withheld
Klitzkie and the Arch Bishop need to go down on the mat because seems to me both are stubborn as mules.

I suppose Klitzkie already wrote to Rome to complain and if he didn't then perhaps he should because if Apuron is that bad, wouldn't Rome take action to somehow correct this matter?
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Tim Rohr ·
No. Rome would not take action unless there is an ecclesiastical crime and even then probably not. A Catholic bishop does not have a boss or anyone to hold him accountable. He is at the top of the power chain in the Catholic Church. Even the pope is only a bishop.

The pope is not a bishop's employer. He cannot "fire" him. A pope can ask a bishop to resign if there is enough evidence to prove that his continued remaining in office will bring great damage to the faith.

However, in cases where the pope has acted in such a fashion, such as the recent Bishop of Bling episode in Germany and a Florida bishop removed by Benedict 16, the evidence was compiled and the case was presented by the laity over a period of years.

While there is a tremendous amount of evidence against Apuron on many fronts, most people on Guam do not want to make waves. Apuron knows this which is why he continues to brag "no one can get me."

He's right, so long as the people of Guam think that it is up to Rome to do something and not them.

As for Klitzkie, it is not his opinion that the issue should go to Superior Court, it is Guam law and the AG's own stated opinion as per M. Borja's letter to Klitzkie of 20 Jan 16.

Klitzkie is not asking Apuron to follow the law, he is asking that the Director of Land Managment follow the law and the AG's direct instruction.

How many other back room deals have gone on like this with certificates of title? The only reason why we know about this one is because Apuron's people were stupid enough to publsh them in their newspaper. Why did they do this? Because they believe the people of Guam were stupid enough to believe them.

They almost got away with it. And they will get away with it if the AG let's this one slide. If she does, then people should be thinking about the upcoming election.

Here is the language from the Declaration of Deed Restriction which gives away the Property to RMS::

NOW, THEREFORE, KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that Owner hereby covenants and declares that the Property is and shall be held, used, transferred, sold and conveyed subject to the covenants and restrictions set forth herein:


As can be clearly seen, RMS is recognized both as a corporation separate from the Archdiocese of Agana and its own ecclesial jurisdiction (See).

In fact, Apuron is not contending that he did not convey title to the property to RMS, which this document clearly shows that he did, only that he is still in control of it since he is the sole incorporator of RMS and its chairman of the board.

By law, the board of directors, not the incorporator(s) is authorized to "direct" the affairs of a corporation. The incorporator can only appoint or replace members of the board, and per the RMS by-laws, this process requires noticing and a minimum number of days, days during which the board can do whatever it wants with the property. And as chairman of the board, he is only one of 5 votes.

In short, the property per the declaration no longer belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana - so the title is wrong - and neither is it in the control of the Archbishop.

This is exactly what a court proceeding would find and exactly why Apuron's neo-pal Atty Jackie Terlaje (a trained lawyer - her words) worked the back room deal with Kristan Finney, ignoring the stated counsel from the Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson.

Let's hope the AG does her job and upholds Guam law.
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Name withheld

The corruption that infects our government appears to be alive and well in Guam's catholic community. Have we no shame anymore on Guam?
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Hmmm, Archbishop. Wonder if the road named after you going up in flames today had anything to do with the abuse of Good Friday??? Maybe it would be smart to start paying attention. 


  1. Good Evening to all from Tumon Bay.....

    How appropriate that the Angels of God would send this poignant message to our heretical Archbishop....May be a little appetizer from the Eternal Fire....ummm ????

    Tony, Tony, maybe time to cut your losses....???
    Oh I forgot Pius, might not allow it..... Brrr that distant smell of sulfur!!!
    See you at the Easter Vigil...

  2. It's just a matter of time before the neowarts get what's coming to them. Just like all diseases, eventually we'll find a cure to rid the Catholic Church of this cancerous warts who are selfish.

  3. So the Umatuna took a small step in being a Catholic newspaper again. The Pope tells the Neos, don't be divisive. Boy talk about a day late. Wonder if the Neos heard the Popes message? Respect the culture... Just asking.

    1. The Dungbat continues to blog deceptive messages on its interpretation on the Popes call for unity.

      DianaMarch 25, 2016 at 11:20 AM

      Dear Anonymous at 3:56 am,

      I can only speak about the NCW on Guam as I walk in the community here. From what I see, there are a few brothers in the Way who are arrogant and feel they are better than others, but these brothers so not represent the entire NCW. We are all human and can make mistakes. However, some of these brothers have come to realize that they were wrong.

      As for unity, we are in unity, the Pope calls us into unity. We are called to be in unity with the Bishops and Pope. And we will strive for that. Do you see us opposing the Archbishop??? Of course not. What You want is for the NCW to oppose Archbishop Apuron. Is that correct?

    2. It is the archbishop who is not in unity. He publicly rejected the authority of the pope and not only has never recanted nor apologized, not only did he try to get me and others to lie for him to cover it up, he continues to reject that authority by persisting in performing the ncw's illicit communion rite.