Friday, April 8, 2016



  1. 60×10=$600,000
    Where money gone Jeff?
    Show accounting.


  2. Father Duenas financial crisis
    Weak Leadership.
    Plan is to give FD to NCW.
    Is this right Fr jeff
    Where is loyalty Father?

  3. I was asked to hold off on posting further comments for now. If you have real evidence or Intel send it to me privately. There is good reason to suspect the kikos have their hand in everything. Pius, especially.

    1. Clarification: I am holding off on posting any comment that specifically mentions the school's principal...for now.

  4. The writing's on the wall, folks! Going, going,------ GONE! St. Thomas Aquinas-gone! San Vicente- gone to the NeoCats! F.D- going soon (unless all you F.D. alumni come to the rescue). Academy Beloved may be next. (Just look at the leadership there a little closely). St. Anthony and BBMS- same questionable signs. If the Catholic school leadership at these schools are not outright members of the NCW, then they are simply, weak Apuwrong sympathizers. Alumni/Parents- unite and fight for your schools! Question the finance councils before it's too late. And watch out for those "extracurricular activities and dues". For now, I think ND, Mt. Carmel and St. Francis are safe. The same goes for the Dominican Schools. Still there are ways that Archie can dip into their coffers, too. STOP THE MONEY, ALREADY!!!

    1. The first to be asked for transparency should be San Vicente School. Right, Danny Quichocho?

  5. Take note of who's board chairperson for ND in 2012. Provincial Leader, Mary Anne Owens, SSND, imparted words of wisdom and encouragement, as she commissioned the newly installed Board members: Attorney Jacqueline T. Terlaje ‘92 and Board Chairperson; Shawn Gumataotao, Managing Partner at GET, LLC and Vice Chair; Mary Beth Lizama ‘79, Executive Vice President of MCB, Inc. and appointed Board Secretary; Dana Russart Chief Financial Officer, SSND Central Pacific Province and Treasurer of the Board; S. Francine Perez, SSND, Archdiocesan Retreat Coordinator; Dolores Field ‘76, Vice President Risk Management, Bank of Guam; and the Honorable Vicente Taitague, Mayor of Talofofo.
    Not sure if the others are Neo but ND appeared to be Neo friendly years ago.

  6. Well, my dear Catholic brothers and sisters on Guam.

    What is it going to be?
    They have almost completed the take over of all the parishes.
    They have taken over the Chancery.
    They have taken over the Cathedral.
    They have taken over the cemeteries.
    They have started the complete take over of all our schools.
    They have swindled properties both of the Archdiocese and of private individuals.
    They have infiltrated some of the administrations of the Government.
    They have invaded the UOG.

    How long are you going to stay passive?
    How long are you going to give access to your children to sexual predators?
    How long are you going to let them use your wallets as their private property?
    How long are you going to continue to let them treat you as some colonized people?
    How long are you going to let them manipulate you and brainwash your children?
    How long are you going to let them steal the estates of your families?

    Are you all that passive/agressive?
    Are you willing to continue to be pushed around by a bunch of interlopers?
    Are you all continue to be lectured and made feel guilty, by a group of Sexual perverts, swindlers, liars, and lowly crooks?

    I know I won't, I know the CCOG won't, I know Tim won't, I know the good souls of the LFM won't, I know Chuck won't.
    What about you?
    Time to stand up, be counted, get organized at your own level, and scream: "enough is enough! I won't take it anymore!"
    What is it going to take? Pius to breathe is putrid breath in your face, while he takes money out of your own wallet?
    Wake up Guam!!!

  7. Why don't you all start signing your names instead of posting as Anonymous?

    1. I agree with you, "Sick and Tired," but haven't you just set yourself up for the obvious? :)

  8. I agree completely with the need for transparency, and I tend to agree that there may be a plot for the NCW to take over our Catholic schools. Heck, if they can do it to our churches, why not our schools too! I agree that there must be a demand for accountability on where the money is going, especially for those schools with such high tuition and other "suspect" fees that are charged - where hundreds of thousands of dollars are being raked in annually!

    My only concern is in naming names of people in school administration as automatically "suspects" of being Neo. I know of some who definitely are, but there are many, as well, who definitely are not -- and I don't think they'd appreciate being lumped in as Neo sympathisers automatically simply because the school is in Neo territory, and they are affiliated there. And their presence there may be an equalizing value. I beg for caution in this regard.

    Perhaps our Non-Neo folks in those schools could help us by sharing with us "who's on first, and what's on second". Chime in, Non-Neos is those schools, and come up with a list for all to share, because it does make a difference if the people on top are Neos or not.

    I hope I didn't step on too many toes with my comments. - jrsa (4/8/16).

    1. You are right John, that is partly what I mean, when I say, get organized, and do not be passive.
      It is important that all persons of good unite.
      The alternative is quite ugly.
      The NCW is based on bullying. Like all bullies,once they tried to deny, and unsuccessfully tried to deflect, they will try to intimidate.
      Once they realize you are not backing down, they usually blink. Like in France,like in England, like in Japan, like in the Philippines.
      You still have to watch them, because they can never be trusted, but they blink, they back down (usually with a story of persecution) and move to easier picking.
      That is the price of our freedom. That is the price of our redemption.

    2. You're right on target Frenchie...The KAKA filled Dungbat continues its saga of Deny and Deflect to its KAKA filled Zombies below....

      DianaApril 8, 2016 at 7:56 PM
      Dear Anonymous at 7:39 pm,

      He did it to protect the property. In fact, the restriction was placed on himself so that not even he (the Archbishop) can sell the property. Also, I may be wrong about the next Archbishop deciding to do something different. If the deed restriction restricts the current Archbishop from doing something with the property, then I assume that would also be true with the next Archbishop. According to that U.S. legal website that I provided in the OP, it stated:

      "Deed restrictions placed within a deed control the use of the property. The restrictions travel with the deed, and cannot generally be removed by new owners."

      With that said, at least there is a bright side. The RMS property still belongs to the Archbishop.

  9. Hello Anon at 1.16:
    Sorry for the late answer. A little busy here.
    Thank you for sharing with us, another twist, and another turn.
    At least you see an evolution in the story, since at the start Diana was all about denial, denial, denial.

    Now that finally she agreed with Tim and Senator Klitzke, that there was a deed of restriction, she is still of course trying to argue a conclusion that is inane. Nothing new on that Horizon.
    Except perhaps, for another convoluted expose from the Zoltan in the PDN, who will take the same silly points to argue persecution and viciousness on our part. Which frankly is becoming boring. You would think a "master chess player" would come up with some better and more original moves.
    Never forget, that this is not really for our consumption, but rather for cheering up their dwindling troops here on the island, and also to reassure the "communities" around the world, who are questioning their responsible.
    This story has spread like wildfire across the USA, but also across the world, so they are in damage control mode.
    They are used to it, since this is not (unfortunately) the first scandal to hit them.
    The only difference is that this one, is very detailed, and very damming, it has been taken in relay by other websites, and even classical medias are rumored to be investigating these strange twists in our Church.

    I must admit, that for a regular journalist, it has all the elements of suspense. Moles within the Church, backroom deals, corruption, slights of hand, coverup, fake news release, mysterious itinerant Carmelite, and it continues to go on.
    This is the gift that keeps on giving.
    We know that locally the journalists are reluctant to be dragged into this, even if of late, they have had some decent reports.
    The National and International medias are a lot more difficult to intimidate. It is more difficult to channel this story once it spreads to the big sea.
    So keep posted, I am pretty sure, this is not the end of the story, despite all the desperate and inept attempts of the Dungbat.

    1. Was at mass at Carmelites and Pius was saying the mass. Do they know about him? They are in his order! They should keep him away.

    2. Dear Anon at 10.52, I am puzzled on how to best answer your question about the Carmelite Sisters here on Guam, as they are in a difficult and precarious situation.

      The fact that Pius chose to send several young ladies from Guam to the Carmel in New Jersey, should be sufficient in itself.
      The Sisters here are trying to live their vows to the best they can, without being drawn into a conflict, in which they cannot take side.

      As far as knowing about Pius, let me recommend for you to revisit a set of correspondence between several people here in the Jungle, and the offices of the General of the Discalded Carmelite order, in the context of the petition to recall Pius from this island. You should have no problem finding it.
      It is very edifying, not only in what is being said, but most importantly in what is not being said.
      From an historical point of view, I shall close in saying, that several orders within our Church have been co-opted by the NCW. They are being used for their Trojan horse advantages. The discalded Carmelites are one of these orders.
      This in no way means, that the whole order is infested, just that some Carmel and some of their leaders have made choices, and that others have not made that choice.
      The Carmelite Sisters here on Guam, do not appear to have taken side in anyway, I would just suggest that we respect their vows and let them continue their lives of adoration and prayers.


  10. Frenchie. Why are local Guam journalists afraid to be a part of restoring truth justce ti Guam's catholic church. Every Journalist shoukd be concerned with truth.
    You are also right about this mysterious wandering strange dark figure of an itinerant Carmelite lurking behind the hedges of Guam appearin like a smell of sulphur. Only hope teenagers are safe with him around. God only knows what's in his past closet.

  11. Dear Anon at 12.16, The sulfuric Carmelite has a very, very scary background.
    If I had any teenagers, I certainly would not let him hang around them, under any circumstances. He makes Louis, and Wadeson look like choirboys.
    Several people know what is in his closet, and it is disgusting. Fortunately for him, one witness is no longer of this world, and like AAA the others are not willing to come forward publicly (so far).
    As far as the journalists on Guam, I thought that Tim explained very well in the "we are going to find about it" column how the intimidation works, specifically why it is so efficient here on Guam.
    Please go back to it, you will understand easily.
    It is part of the perversity of the whole process.

  12. What about FD? My son is attending FD. Please tell us. I want to know about $60,000. I'm paying a little over $6,000 a school year. Should I send him to public school? He would be going to Okadu because of where we live.

    1. The top man is getting paid $60,000 a year. Why? Isn't he a priest and entitled to a priestly stipend? Isn't the school housing him as well as feeding him? How about transportation? Where is that $60,000 going? Tuition could be reduced. Something is not right here.

  13. 9:41 AM expresses the question of many parents at FD, or those coming into FD this school. They have reason to wonder due to unclear posting on this blog. I hate to think about irresponsible posts that may not have basis on reality or have no clear point except sensationalize to muddy the waters. Please clarify this entire scenario for us who have no clue about what is going on. In the interest of justice, those who made insinuations might be smearing the reputation of innocent individuals. Not a good precedent and goes against our fight for truth and justice here at JW.

    1. Dear Anon at 1.10pm, I confess that I was quite irate at the lecture of your post. Perhaps it was because I had just read a very disheartening answer to Chuck White by Bishop Ballin, in regards to Fr Louis.
      So, I took the decision to quiet myself down a little before addressing your points. Now that I have come out of my prayer room, and finished two rosaries, I hope I shall be able to do so, in a loving way.

      By your style of writing, it is obvious that you have had the benefit of a good education.
      What got my dandruff going was your demand for clarification, and subsequent innuendos.
      Would you have read Tim's comment earlier in this story, you would have noticed his reluctance in posting anything where the author would not be specific and use his/her real name.
      This is a policy Tim has had on this blog from its inception.

      I do understand that parents are worried, and rightly so.
      But it is your responsibility as a parent who chose to send your child to this institution, to be inquisitive, and to demand answers.
      This blog is not a panacea, a cure all, where Tim and other contributors do all the heavy lifting, and you wait comfortably in your house, for somebody to solve all the issues of this Diocese.
      Father Duenas is a storied institution, which has educated countless of our present leaders, and which to this day offers a good level of education.
      But as an old Jewish friend reminded me always: "you get what you inspect, not what you expect."
      If you wish to fight for truth and justice, you need to go out and ask the right questions, and demand the answers. Neither this blog, nor Tim, nor any of us, can do that for you, or for any of the parents of the students at Father Duenas.
      This blog can only give you information as they come out, through different channels. It is for you, the discerning parent, to take responsibility for your children, and for the salvation of your souls.
      There is nothing muddy about this, it is very, very much a black and white issue.
      Since the Archbishop, can move monies almost anyway he wants within the Diocese, and without the consent of the parties at large, I would suggest you get started.
      Should you not get any answer to your demands, perhaps, this should tell you what you wanted to know.
      Pax Christi.

    2. Thank you for your reply, Frenchie. I always find your posts on-point, relevant and insightful. Don't lose energy being irate at my previous post - I was simply seeking some understanding. Comments were placed without any lead-in story, no background info that left many including myself to wonder about where our money goes to, if indeed some are being funnelled to the "discretionary funds" of the Archbishop. Indeed this is something my fellow parents can demand: a formal report on income and expenditures as SOP on best practices. We never receive anything of this kind, but is something we can certainly require of the Finance Office. The transparency is key to avoiding clouds of uncertainty surrounding stewardship of funds. We have to make sure that we are not unknowingly giving towards things that have nothing to do with educating our boys or facilitating their learning.

  14. Well one thing absolutely everyone of you who support FD in anyway have a right to do is to personally question the authorities at the school if any money, any money at all, goes to RMS, or if because of one's relationship to the NCW, a student, any student, is receiving any kind of break or financial assistance. However, something tells me that no one will. So I will keep my reasons to myself...for now. Meanwhile, I will say, given this archbishop's record, absolutely everything must be suspected.

  15. In parishes throughout the United States, it is commonplace to publish quarterly or monthly accounting statements, in the weekly bulletin or online, so the members of the community know where their money is going. This usually includes money to the diocese, certainly in more well-off parishes.

    The parents who pay the tuition bills for their children likewise have every right to expect similar accounting of their hard-earned dollars. Indeed, they should respectfully request and then forcefully demand it, collectively if necessary. Perhaps with strong tactics such as a tuition boycott, if need be.

    And if they don't receive such accounting statements, they ultimately will have themselves to blame.

    For the record, I see nothing wrong with the leader of such a fine institution as FDMS being paid an appropriate salary, ordained or not.

    This, too, is commonplace. Check with Catholic high schools around the country.