Friday, April 8, 2016


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "UPDATE FROM THE LAITY FORWARD MOVEMENT": 

What are you protesting? The ownership of land and money! Think about your reasons and you will see the lies from the king of liars. 


Yes, we have thought about our reasons and we have seen "the lies from the king of liars," and this is why we are protesting.

We are not protesting about "the ownership of land and money."

  • We are protesting the king of liars, the bishop you are defending. 
  • We are protesting a bishop who threatens priests with "arduous and painful closures" to their assignments. 
  • We are protesting a bishop who calumniates his priests in the public square. 
  • We are protesting a bishop who lies and evades his people. 
  • We are protesting a bishop who publicly repudiates the magisterial authority of the Church. 
  • We are protesting a bishop who has stolen from his people for decades. 
  • We are protesting a bishop who has left damaged and ruined lives in his forty year wake of filthy deceit.
  • We are protesting a bishop who for protection has submitted himself to a perverted, sex-starved, evil "monk" in the guise of a "catechist," who psychologically masturbates over his victims "confessions."
  • We are protesting a Vicar General and a Chancellor who threaten, and mock, and impugn long-serving, dedicated people simply because they stand in the way of their own grasping lust for power and wealth, while they stab each other in their slimy, diseased, and cancerous backs. 
  • We are protesting a Vatican apparatus which is infected with gangrene and stench of Kiko Arguello.
  • We are protesting your multi-national, multi-billion dollar, land-grabbing, money laundering, power usurping syndicate masquerading as a religious movement. 

And most of all we are protesting, nay, we are DRIVING OUT the Abomination of Desolation from our temples. And that includes YOU. 

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