Friday, April 8, 2016


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "UPDATE FROM THE LAITY FORWARD MOVEMENT": 

What are you protesting? The ownership of land and money! Think about your reasons and you will see the lies from the king of liars. 


Yes, we have thought about our reasons and we have seen "the lies from the king of liars," and this is why we are protesting.

We are not protesting about "the ownership of land and money."

  • We are protesting the king of liars, the bishop you are defending. 
  • We are protesting a bishop who threatens priests with "arduous and painful closures" to their assignments. 
  • We are protesting a bishop who calumniates his priests in the public square. 
  • We are protesting a bishop who lies and evades his people. 
  • We are protesting a bishop who publicly repudiates the magisterial authority of the Church. 
  • We are protesting a bishop who has stolen from his people for decades. 
  • We are protesting a bishop who has left damaged and ruined lives in his forty year wake of filthy deceit.
  • We are protesting a bishop who for protection has submitted himself to a perverted, sex-starved, evil "monk" in the guise of a "catechist," who psychologically masturbates over his victims "confessions."
  • We are protesting a Vicar General and a Chancellor who threaten, and mock, and impugn long-serving, dedicated people simply because they stand in the way of their own grasping lust for power and wealth, while they stab each other in their slimy, diseased, and cancerous backs. 
  • We are protesting a Vatican apparatus which is infected with gangrene and stench of Kiko Arguello.
  • We are protesting your multi-national, multi-billion dollar, land-grabbing, money laundering, power usurping syndicate masquerading as a religious movement. 

And most of all we are protesting, nay, we are DRIVING OUT the Abomination of Desolation from our temples. And that includes YOU. 


  1. Thank you Tim for pointing out exactly what we are protesting about, in case the media is given the facetious excuse that they do not know what "these people" are protesting about. What an absurd excuse which indicates that NCW is feigning ignorance or invoking affectatious innocence. In addition to these protestations, I wish to point out why we have seen many elderly members of the Catholic Church in these events. It is a fight for the survival of the Church they have inherited from their own elders. Many of these elderly remember how they as children built their small parish churches through happy labor. They remember how they literally picked up rocks to and from school to help build their parish structure. They remember weekends wherein they cleared surroundings of tangan-tangan, burned debris, helpedcbuild the building stone by stone, and contributed to feeding the community workers out of love for God and their parish. It was hard physical work but it was theirs. Ownership of their Church gave them pride.

    The NCW unfortunately are clueless about the history that built the parish churches. They breezed in for a free ride courtesy of a kiko sycophant in Archbishop Apuron. Empowered, they felt they are entitled to abuse the trust of our local people. We have seen and heard how they made fun of our local customs. We have not given you that right and we have not allowed you to make fun of us! God help you, neos, you have no idea how you have enraged our man'amko, for them to regain ownership of the Church and to give the Church back to the next generation who in turn will turn it over to the next generations.

    As soon as the NCW gets what they need, they will leave us in total disarray due to their disdain of established parish communities, they will leave us distrusting each other due to their envy of how we usually get along harmoniously, they will leave our leadership in tatters just because their Kiko requires dictatorial power to control them. Believe me, they will be laughing all the way to the NCW bank! Will you allow that to happen? Wake up, Guam, listen to our man'amko, they are telling us something so very important. Piece together the glaring chain of lies that NCW continues to spew out. Read intelligently the logic behind the innumerable documentation that JW truthfully reveals. Make our local leadership accountable by reminding them that we are not going away real soon. We definitely have exclusive right to preserve the Church built by the sweat and tears of our forebears. We will not let it go, certainly not to NCW cowards!

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  4. I hesitate to quote the Dianas, but...

    DianaApril 8, 2016 at 7:56 PM

    Dear Anonymous at 7:39 pm,

    He did it to protect the property. In fact, the restriction was placed on himself so that not even he (the Archbishop) can sell the property. Also, I may be wrong about the next Archbishop deciding to do something different. If the deed restriction restricts the current Archbishop from doing something with the property, then I assume that would also be true with the next Archbishop. According to that U.S. legal website that I provided in the OP, it stated:

    "Deed restrictions placed within a deed control the use of the property. The restrictions travel with the deed, and cannot generally be removed by new owners."

    With that said, at least there is a bright side. The RMS property still belongs to the Archbishop.