Thursday, April 7, 2016


The LAITY FORWARD MOVEMENT is hosting a fundraiser Brunch this Sunday, April 10, 10AM to 1:30PM, at the Seafood Chef in Tamuning, across the street from the Tamuning post office.  Adults are $35 and kids 4-10 yrs. are $20. Come and enjoy the fellowship and food and support a very serious group of people who are defending our Church. 

The next Protest will be Sunday, April 17, 10AM in front of the Cathedral Basilica. Remember, last year the Apostolic Delegate said we have to "solve our own problems," and this is how we roll! Especially since Apuron et al say they don't even know what we're protesting. 

So let's let them hear us!


  1. Yakety Yak... Take out the jungle protesting trash

  2. Go Lou Go!!!

  3. Yes! I echo Joe Santos' "Go".
    •As re the prayer protest (Sun, April 17), I certainly hope (and pray) that more and more of our people take the heed to "take up your cross, and follow Me" - and be a part of the prayer movement. I know it may be a little bit of an inconvenience and/or hardship, but to every able-bodied supporter I encourage that we make our voices be heard. As Tim reminded us, the Apostolic Nuncio said we "need to solve our own problems!"
    •As re the fundraising brunch for the CCOG (Sun, Apr 10), , let's support it financially if we can afford it. Every dollar counts toward CCOG accumulating funds for attorney's and maybe court fees to bring our case to court. God bless you all. (jrsa: 4/7/16)

  4. My wife Frances and I will be there!

  5. to: Anonymous April 7, 2016 at 5:33 PM, and all those blind to...

    i guess the quality of the fruit depends on the health of the tree, and as we know and see the neo-tree is infected, i also expected those spoiled fruits to attack the messenger, as they always seem to do...

    i don't expect a "zoltan" barrage of meaningless words or the writing of nirvana from diana, but a least defend what and why you attack...

    all the silly comments these spoiled fruits are writing, are just that...

    i also understand your frustration of Mr. Rohr, for constantly pointing out the effects of having an infected tree among healthy ones...

    so, if you really want to attack Mr. Rohr, defend why an infected tree should remain standing among the healthy...

    look around the island, infected trees are being removed, as they should...


  6. More power to Laity Forward.

  7. Will not be on island at this time, but maybe in May.