Thursday, April 14, 2016


You know folks, I get a lot of undue credit for my investigative abilities. I say undue because when you have someone as stupid as Adrian Cristobal running things all one has to do is wait for him to open his mouth, and Voila! Another lie and he doesn't even know it. 

On March 18, 2015, the day after Luis Camacho's arrest in the company of a minor female at a secluded Agat beach, Father Jose Alberto Rodriguez, Vice Chancellor for the Archdiocese of Agana, released a statement to the media saying:

"Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron, OFM Cap. D.D. has accepted the resignation of Rev. Father Luis Camacho as Pastor of San Dimas, Malesso and San Dionisio, Umatac effective immediately." 
(Also KUAM stated: "KUAM News has confirmed a priest has tendered his resignation following his arrest.")

Today, April 13, 2016, Fr. Adrian Cristobal, Chancellor for the Archdiocese of Agana, released a statement to the media saying
"The Archbishop asked him to resign as pastor, which he did willingly..."
Same office. Same incident. One says the Archbishop "accepted" Luis' "tendered" resignation. The other says The Archbishop "asked" Luis to resign. 

And then we have this from Bishop Ballin, who in an email to Chuck White on April 8, 2016 said this of Fr. Luis:
"I am now his Bishop." 
And today, April 13, 2016, we have Adrian saying:
"Father Luis Camacho is still a priest of the Archdiocese of Agana..."
Only problem is Ballin is the Apostolic Vicar of Northern Arabia, and Northern Arabia is not the Archdiocese of Agana. But apparently Adrian didn't stop to sort that out. So either Ballin is lying or Adrian is lying. But since they're both Kiko's we can be sure that they're both lying. 

Let's take a look at Adrian's full press release today:
Father Luis Camacho was accused last year for ‘custodial interference’ and not for sexual misconduct with a minor. 

Following the accusation, a canonical investigation was begun into the matter and according to the zero tolerance guidelines, the Archbishop applied the precautionary measures according to canon 1722 of the Code of Canon Law, upon opening a preliminary investigation.  The Archbishop asked him to resign as pastor, which he did willingly, and Father Luis Camacho agreed to be sent to a place where he could be followed psychologically and spiritually while waiting for the outcome of the investigation. 

In the subsequent year, no criminal case has been brought forth, as required under Guam law. Since the case has not been prosecuted, as required by Guam’s laws, the law requires its expungement, and no information can be provided by law enforcement authorities; in fact, law enforcement agencies are required by law to refuse to admit the existence of any records.  
While the canonical investigation is still going on, evaluating also the recent legal conclusion of the case, no further information can be provided at this time.  
Father Luis Camacho is still a priest of the Archdiocese of Agana and is under supervised ministry.
Custodial Interference is defined as the taking of a minor or incompetent person from his or her lawful custodian without the right to do so. So how did Luis come to be arrested for this? Police reported that "Camacho was with a 17-year-old female minor who was not in school at the time they were found by police parked at a beach in Agat." 

Now there is nothing illegal about parking at a beach (even in Agat!). So there had to be some activity going on which caused the police to investigate. We all know what that activity was but we don't even need to go there. The fact is that a 29 year old Catholic priest was in a car parked at a secluded beach with a 17 year old girl at 11:30 in the morning on a school day and doing something which caused the police to arrest him. 

Regardless of what we know was happening, the police eventually booked him for Custodial Interference in the second degree defined as: 
(b) A person is guilty of custodial interference in the second degree if:
(1) not being a relative of the person, he knowingly takes or entices a
person less than eighteen (18) years old from his lawful custodian,
knowing that he has no right to do so. 9 GCA § 22.50
And as per the same section of the code: 
"custodial interference in the second degree is a felony of the third degree." 
So what happened to this THIRD DEGREE FELONY?

On April 13, 2015, Chief of Police, Fred E. Bordallo, Jr. responded to my Freedom of Information Act request for public records regarding Luis Camacho saying
"At the present time, the case you specified is pending with the Prosecution Division of the Attorney General."
Well what do you know! The Attorney General: Elizabeth Barrett- Anderson. And what did Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson do with the "pending" case?

Why, just today KUAM tells us
"We should note that the AG's Office told KUAM yesterday they could not legally comment on the case and referred us to Guam's Expungement Law."
And what does this Expungement Law say?
8 GCA § 11.10. Expungement: When.
(a) The official records of the court, the Attorney General, and the
police reports in connection therewith dealing with a violation or attempted
violation by an adult of territorial law or a regulation having the force and
effect of law shall be expunged when the subject of the report is acquitted
of the offense charged, when the prosecuting attorney decides not toprosecute the offense, when the time for commencing the criminal action as
prescribed by Chapter 10 of this Title has passed
So there you have it. The Attorney General DID NOTHING. At most she decided "not to prosecute" until "the time for commencing the criminal action...has passed." Voila!

Thus Adrian tells us:
"Since the case has not been prosecuted, as required by Guam’s laws, the law requires its expungement, and no information can be provided by law enforcement authorities; in fact, law enforcement agencies are required by law to refuse to admit the existence of any records."
My! How convenient. The same Attorney General who did a 180 on her own advice on how to legally correct an errant certificate of title, ignoring the law in the process and backing up her Assistant AG who bold-faced LIED to Bob Klitzkie, is the same Attorney General who "decided not to prosecute" the THIRD DEGREE FELONY for which Luis Camacho was booked!

And given Adrian's gleeful "nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah you can't get me" statement, it sure as hell looks like he and the AG are in cahoots!

And then Adrian really blows it saying:
"While the canonical investigation is still going on, evaluating also the recent legal conclusion of the case, no further information can be provided at this time." 
There are two things here. One, Adrian is obviously trying to hide behind the law which has NOTHING to do with the Archdiocese's required canonical investigation. And two  - and this is AMAZING - Adrian tells us the investigation is still ongoing. WT_! LOL. No wonder this poor diocese is a laughing stock. 

But here's the deal on that. 

The chancery's statement from last year (March 18, 2015) concludes with this:
"The archdiocese has initiated a canonical investigation and is cooperating fully with civil authorities. In the meantime, Father Luis’ faculties have been restricted."
So Luis' "faculties have been restricted" while the canonical investigation is ongoing - and according to Adrian the canonical investigation is "ongoing!" 

Yet, we see Luis in active ministry and in this picture celebrating the Filipino Children's Mass at his new parish in Doha, Qatar. 

You really gotta love Adrian. He's his own side's worst enemy. 

He's lying to us of course. There never was an investigation. And the picture of Luis celebrating Mass means that there is certainly no investigation "ongoing" since he could not celebrate Mass publicly if his faculties were restricted. 

Lie after lie after lie after lie. That's Adrian Cristobal. Archbishop Wannabe. 

A real fool...since ever since. 

KUAM: Church continues to investigate Fr. Luis Camacho

PNC: Archdiocese says Investigation into Father Luis Still Ongoing


  1. It's a sad injustice and a joke to ALL those who have been sexually abused by priests. The way things are handled here just proves there is no policy for sexual abuse. Elizabeth Andersen just lost all my respect. If it was any other 4rd degree felony, I'm sure, she wouldn't hesitate to prosecute the person. But it truly shows that evil prevailed and rewarded Luis Camacho with even more minors to choose from.

  2. John C. Ada Toves TYPHOONApril 14, 2016 at 4:06 AM

    Adrian, you are as dumb as ever! - No personality, no intelligence, no wit, ergo, LOSER. Doesn't sound right - Archbishop Loser A. Cristobal. The Vatican is not that desperate. Stick with the NCW and go on an extended mission. Bring David along with you.


    1. Adrian we gonna kick your sorry ass out of here. You bastard.

    2. Hey Adrianne - how's that DeVry Institute course on Canon Law going. Are you trained yet?

  3. ???

    There is nothing to see. Please move along.


    The AG's office is not moving forward with the case. The church's canonical investigation is ongoing (for sure?).


    Why is it that one answer leads to so many more questions? Is it possible we are not getting the whole truth?


    Maybe Fr. Luis should sue GPD for false arrest.


  4. Yo adrian, you did it

    The neo's on the bus go round and round,
    Round and round,
    Round and round.
    The neo's on the bus go round and round,
    All day long.

    Don't Pay the Ferryman...

  5. Recall the AG! Another official who thinks the public is stupid and allows decisions that affects people's lives and property in harms way.

  6. Scandals are like OJ now infamous oranges.
    First you peel it.
    Then you squeeze to get the whole truth.
    What you find then, is the arrogance of a few manipulators.
    These backroom operators that truly believe that the public is too dumb to understand their shenanigans.
    These operators who hope our span of attention shall be short.
    Unfortunately for them, our span of attention has grown considerably over the last three years.
    Plus our skills of discernment have grown sharper.
    The next AG election should be interesting.

  7. adrian's first love... himself

    Speaking Before You Think: Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome in Committed Relationships

    Forgetting how to speak to someone you love...

    a typical exchange...

    adrian: "I thought it was kind of funny when I remarked that my love handles had grown geometrically in the last year. I never meant to make myself feel bad. I really didn't."

    himself: "It was kind of funny at the time, but probably not so funny when I thought about it later.
    I wondered if I wasn't turned on to me anymore because I've gained a little weight.
    Now that I think about it, I guess I was hurt, even though I laughed and tried to let it go at the time."

    adrian: "I never meant it to be anything but teasing in a loving way.
    But, now that we're talking about it again, I'm probably not really being totally truthful.
    I was a little pudgy when we were first together, but I never would have told myself that way then.
    I do feel more turned on when I am in better shape, but it doesn't have anything to do with how much I love myself.
    I don't know why I don't talk to myself in a nicer way.
    I would have before."

    himself: "Now I remember coming back at you with a pretty tactless statement of my own. I said that you were probably trying to get me to feel unattractive so you could get away with your crush on that therapist on TV.
    We both laughed but I think I was just trying to make you feel guilty for what you said. I could have been a lot nicer about it."

    1. What an interesting comment 8.39am!

  8. More questions:

    Has there been any charge made against Fr. Luis? Is the case still pending? If not has there been an official dismissal of the case?

    If the canonical investigation is ongoing, what information or evidence is the archdiocese waiting for? Should they work to resolve the issue in a timely manner or allow it to linger (fester) for months or years? Will we find out the results of the investigation when (or if) it is completed?

    1. Brother tony will just let it linger and remain silent like he always has.

    2. With the NCW idiots on the hill, I see them as encouraging their priests to have fun with the youth cause they see nothing wrong in what Luis camacho did. If it wasn't their daughter then it's fine with them.

    3. Actually with the idiots on the hill, it's not your daughters you need to be worrying about!!!


    4. Worry not for your daughters at least Luis is not into boys. Not sure same applies to chancery priests.
      They eat teenage boys or young men.

  9. WOW....The mighty KAKA filled Joker condemns our effort to rid the Island of this filthy Cult that slithered into our churches...

    AnonymousApril 13, 2016 at 11:53 PM
    Yes Diana, they should all stop donating to their parishes. Wait, what parishes do they attend? Friary aint a parish. Most of them (jungle bloggsters haha) go to the capuchin parishes, so I guess they'll be the first shut down. What are they gonna do then? Toto can only take so much, they already have a growing number from the migrant community but as Rev. Fr, Michael says, "ALL ARE WELCOME". Saint Anthony's can take them also but its already a "fill up and go" at the parish mass, everyone speeding out after communion, no one waits for the end of Mass.
    These people dont realize that in their attempt to kick out the NCW, the only ones they are kicking out are themselves thereby making Pope Francis' ministry easier. Hes only been saying this since the beginning of his pontificate, that the church needs to move.

    What Rome will see is this:

    1. The traditional Parish approach is no longer working.
    2. There is an even greater rise in baptized who are not practicing.
    3. They are no longer going to the temples.
    4. The temple must come to them.
    5. Smaller intimate communities must be formed.
    6. Missionaries must go out more even into civilized areas.
    7. There needs to be more vocations to fill the needs of these smaller communities.
    8. The NCW is the only vital answer to this problem.

    So let us just wait and watch it all unfold.

    -Jokers Wild

    1. LOL. Adrian the Drain calls NCW Pope Francis' ministry. Here's what Pope Francis really said:

    2. "Show the children the tender gaze of the Father and consider the realities you will encounter as a gift; get to know the cultures, languages and local customs, respect them and recognize the seeds of grace which the Spirit has already scattered. Without yielding to the temptation to transplant acquired models, spread the fundamental message..."

    3. Did you get that, Joker? " Without yielding to the temptation to transplant acquired models." Yet, that is exactly what you outline above. But no worries. You'll be out with the day's trash very soon.

  10. Janet B - MangilaoApril 14, 2016 at 1:01 PM

    I just looked at the sexual misconduct policy posted on the Archdiocese web shite.

    It says the sex abuse response coordinator (SARC) is supposed to be the one "to coordinate the Archdiocese's response to allegations of sexual misconduct." So why aren't we hearing from Deacon For Sure For Sure Claros?

    Has Adrian taken over this role of SARC and Supreme Liar? This could only be good news for the side of the righteous! With an idiot like Adrian running cover, the wheels of the bus will soon fall off.

    While I still have a very low opinion of Deacon For Sure For Sure, maybe the reason why Adrian had to step in is because Claros refused to put his name on a piece of crap like the press release Adrian signed on to. But because Claros income depends on tony, david and adrian, we will never hear from him. He will just sit quietly by and collect his pay every month.

    The funniest thing, is that I can just imagine Adrian thinking he was so clever, so deflecting, so brilliant!!! "Reward me Archie, for being your loyal and faithful lapdog."

    Rome - do you feel no sense of responsibility for what these leaders are doing? Do you not see that your inaction condones their evil actions? Or do you just not care because its only Guam?

  11. Ongoing canonical investigation? Show us any documentation. Where is the SARC? It looks like Guam just shipped the problem elsewhere. As far as AAA is concerned, Cunning Louis is not a problem, not a threat nor potential lawsuit. Ballin is an idiot.


  12. Apuron stop the scandal.
    You are the scandal.

  13. Ballin, what a name.....what is it "Archbishop Ballin?"

    1. Ti balen un centimos yanggen ma ballen naihon i prublema gi papa' i atfombra!

    2. So who's the archbishop ballin'?

    3. He is not an Archbishop, he is only a Bishop.
      He belongs to an order of Italian missionary, specialized in Africa and the Arab world.
      He is an Arab speaker and writer. Spent a lot of time in Egypt.
      He is close to the NCW, it is thought that they got him his Bishop hat.
      He is personal friend with several of their key people.
      Rumored to be protected by Filoni (him again)

      Was put in charge of the Vicariate of Northern Arabia, which is a new region for the church. It includes Koweit, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
      (there is no Church in Saudi Arabia)
      Most of the Catholics in these countries are workers on the oil fields, construction or domestic. Most of them come from the Philippines, Sri Lanka and India.
      There was a gap of several months, when there was no nuncio in the region (since June 2015) So he has been doing basically what he wanted.
      They now have a new nuncio, since early this month.
      The nuncio is an Archbishop.

  14. More questions:

    Is Fr. Luis still a priest of the archdiocese of Agana? Do we still pay for his expenses?

    If Ballin claims Fr. Luis as a priest in his diocese does that get us off the hook?

    So many questions, so few answers.

    1. With the help of Archie cunnilingus Luis wisked off island to avoid prosecution, Archie hoping time will pass, people will forget, no formal charges filed, no canonical investigation happening, all charges dropped, Luis proclaimed innocent. Incident after all was result of young lady seducing Luis and Luis vacationing and jaming in Quatar enjoying the youths at his disposal, thanks to Ballin, all the while double dipping, being paid by Adrian under Archdiocese of Agana and by Ballin. What a racket!!! Luis raping us all big time.. In the NCW sin begets more sin, and is rewarded.

  15. Still a huge liability to Guam since his action here was known and aaa still allowed him to minister elsewhere. Ballin also liable but that doesn't clear Guam. This could be a huge expense to us if Luis or any other of our priests who are elsewhere without adult supervision act on their uncontrollable desires.
    The seminary is already lost, so any suit would target schools and parishes and empty land. Imagine if St Anthony school had to close down because fr Luis found a girlfriend in Qatar?
    Disgusting how little regard aaa has for our church. As long as it pushes forward the ncw cause, torpedoes be damned!
    Our bishop is a true Benedict Apuron. A traitor of the worst kind!

  16. The archdiocese here on this island of Guam had a chance to set an example with its sexual abuse policy. Instead, it just threw that out the door.

  17. Archbishop get back home soon.