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Deacon says archdiocese violating its own sex abuse policies
Posted: Apr 14, 2016 4:54 PMUpdated: Apr 14, 2016 4:54 PM
Is the church violating its own policy on sexual misconduct? That's the view of one vocal deacon.
Father Luis Camacho was a pastor stripped of his faculties and asked to resign after his arrest for custodial interference last March. The priest is the former pastor of San Dionisio and San Dimas. He was accused of taking a 17-year-old student to a remote beach in Agat and having sexual contact with her. Camacho was arrested by police last year and a canonical investigation was launched.
But a year later and the church confirms the investigation is still ongoing, and yet recent reports show Father Luis has resurfaced in the middle east, ministering to children.
Deacon Stephen Martinez is the Archdiocese's former sexual abuse response coordinator, and told KUAM News, "Yes, I'm concerned. One, because you have a priest who has an allegation, the archdiocese contends that the investigation is still undergoing, yet they've still rendered a final decision to remove his faculties, and here he is practicing somewhere else as a priest, and I think that's very dangerous to the children that are exposed to his ministry."
In a statement to KUAM, Archdiocese of Agana spokesperson and chancellor Father Adrian Cristobal said Father Camacho was accused of custodial interference and not sexual misconduct, a statement that surprised Martinez. "Because I personally wrote a letter to the archbishop and Child Protective Services that there was an incident that appeared to me to be sexual abuse of a child," he said.
Cristobal added that no criminal case was ever brought forth against Camacho, requiring expungement. Martinez said, "There's civil law, and civil remedies, and then there's church law, and church remedies. So even if the civil law decides never to pursues the case, that still does not change the fact that there is an allegation of a serious violation of the sex abuse policy that must be followed-up on."
When asked if he thinks that the archdiocese is being true to its sexual misconduct policy, the deacon replied, "No - they have violated their policy on sex abuse." He added, "Sending Father Luis to any location outside of Guam - or any parish within Guam - seems to be contradictory to the zero tolerance policy that the archdiocese has established."
Father Cristobal said Father Camacho is still a priest of the Archdiocese of Agana and is under supervised ministry. "They've put him under psychological watch and spiritual review, they've removed all of his faculties, they can send him off-island. That's fine, but he should not be practicing ministry there," said Martinez.
Martinez added he's incredulous the investigation was never completed. He said if found innocent, the archdiocese is obliged to clear Camacho's name. While cases of sexual abuse happen everywhere, he said the church should be a leading model of how it's handled.


  1. Deacon Steve will probably get in trouble for speaking out and possible force to refrain from further comments. But we thank him for his COURAGE! Now who is next to stand up? Monsignor James, Father Paul, Mike or Richard? We are waiting...Courage!

    1. Yes, I am also afraid for Deacon Steve. Afraid "they" will find some way to accuse him of wrongdoing and to take away his official ministry. I admire Steve for his fearlessness and integrity.

  2. Deacon Steve you are very good and honest man! Thank you for your service and love for our Catholic Church.

  3. Deacon Martinez is right that the archdiocese of Guam is violating its own sexual abuse policy. From cover ups to delays. I mean how many more lies need to come out from the idiots on the hill? To top it all off, brother tony is no where to be found cause he's sick and off island. Quitugua and Adrian are just stupid and clueless and the AG sits on her ASS as if nothing happened.

    Rome, you sent a delegation to Guam, for what? Seems like it was for nothing and our pleas for truth, honesty and justice have fallen on deaf ears. This is a complete embarrassment in our catholic faith here in Guam. Wake up Rome!!!!

    1. Deacon Steve is a man of integrity, and he is not for sale.
      More and more people are like him, even if they are not as much in the media spotlights.

      The delegation from Rome, was not for naught.
      Despite their best efforts, to turn it into a whitewash, they were not allowed to do that.
      Archbishop Krebs in particular, has played his cards very closed to his chest, and in an astute way.
      Cardinal Hon, was supposed to sweep everything under the carpet. He failed, or at best only partially succeeded.

      Rome is the scene of a lot of fighting about a lot of issues.
      We are an island of less than 200k. There are 1.3 billion Catholics. Some are being slaughtered, others are being bombed.
      Our issues seem grave to us, and they are.
      But always put things in their real perspective.
      Think globally, act locally.

    2. Always thinking this must be the story, Frenchie. Archbishop hon no help at all. Let's see.

    3. Re-read what I said anon @ 6.49. Not only Hon was no help, he was sent by his boss Filoni ( protector of Kiko) to sweep things under the rug. YET, they didn't succeed in doing this. Why? Because despite the rot in Rome, there are also good honest Catholics willing to help.
      Act locally means take the fight into our own hands. Stop thinking like a spoiled child, expecting his parents to solve all his problem.
      It actually takes work.
      Deacon Steve is standing up.
      What are you doing?

    4. To clarify things even more, I believe Frenchie is trying to say Rome is not going to help. It is up to the laity to stand up and fight. There are forces within Rome that have much power and protect Kiko such as Filoni. By sending Hon, Filoni would have been successful in sweeping everything under the rug and keeping the status quo, but fortunately Guam has had some laity standing up and fighting. To be successful Guam needs more laity standing up and fighting to prevent the complete Neo takeover of the island.

    5. That's the issue at hand, RYaeger. When are the rest of the laity going to "wake" up? I compare it like a fire in your home. It's spreading quickly. Are you just going to wait until it's too late? We, the laity, need to get up and fight this "fire", We need to douse this flame of evil. As Saint John Paul II said, "Be Not Afraid"....

    6. Join the LFM this Sunday, 10AM, in front of the Cathedral. Those ladies are NOT AFRAID, and even if they are, THEY DO IT ANYWAY.

    7. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

    8. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaApril 15, 2016 at 5:28 PM

      Thank you, Frenchie at 11:48 PM for the reminder that, while all that is going on in our local Church has caused so much pain and divisiveness among our people, we on Guam are not the Center of the Universal Church but rather a tiny drop in the Sea of Catholics, many of whom are suffering so horrendously.

      We all must do what we can at our local level — whether it's joining the protests, speaking out or making donations to CCOG and/or JW to help fund the Cause. Let us do what we are able to do and not wait for Rome to come to our rescue.

      St. Athanasius, pray for us!

    9. Tim,you are right ,I am one of those ladies protesting every Sunday and we are NOT afraid...We may be old but NOT dead...we will continue to fight and stand up for what is right..

  4. Thank you Deacon Martinez! Your care and honesty is the remedy that our island truly needs. God bless you and your family. The archdiocese of Guam's sex abuse policies having zero tolerance shows that in the case of Fr. Luis Camacho doesn't take a brainer to realize he's long gone, out of Guam, gone scott free. Isn't he Archbishop Apuron? It takes work, time and effort to put such policy together. Not putting a policy in to practice is dishonest, a waste of work, time and effort spent. And yes, innocent until proven guilty applies to everyone including Fr. Luis. Fr. Luis if you are innocent potfabot clear your name and let's all move on. You can't blame the people of Guam after the Archbishop announced that you've resigned. And you can't blame the people of Guam to be in shocked by the news that your still ministering. Where's the TRUTH OF HIS WORD. This is another crazy news. Nothing fruitful about it but another lie. I've had it with the present leaders in our Church who can't speak the truth. So God forgive me and help me for saying so!

  5. seeing Deacon Steve on TV, I went to read the AAG's Sexual Abuse Policy, and seen this "Statement Regarding Fr. Luis Camacho" dated 13 Apr 2016...

    this was the last sentence: Father Luis Camacho is still a priest of the Archdiocese of Agana and is under supervised ministry...

    I wondered what supervised ministry was all about? read what I found...

    Supervised Ministry helps facilitate hands-on training for seminary students preparing for the ministry.

    Students who participate in Supervised Ministry receive class credit for performing the ministry in the local church and denominational agencies.

    The Seminary President, Dr. Kelley says, "We do in order to learn, we learn in order to do."

    Supervised Ministry facilitates this conviction on a number of levels:

    Supervised Ministry I equips students with the necessary skills to engage in personal evangelism and provides opportunities for students to actively participate in personal evangelism.
    Each year, hundred of people begin a new life in Christ through students sharing their faith.

    Supervised Ministry II provides opportunities for a student to be mentored in the field of the student's calling.
    The student plans and carries out a project for which he or she is directly responsible as the mentor guides and evaluates the student's progress.

    There are four essential components to Supervised Ministry at Yale Divinity School:
    400 hours of ministry practice;
    A supervisor qualified to oversee and mentor that ministry practice;
    Weekly theological reflection (at least one hour) with a theologically trained mentor on that ministry practice;
    Regular meetings with a group of peers, also doing internships, in a setting where they can safely explore their ministry and mentoring experience as spiritual and professional formation.
    In addition, the eight-hour Negotiating Boundaries in Ministerial Relationships workshop on professional ethics, required of all M.Div. students, is a prerequisite for Supervised Ministries.

    poor poor luis, having to suffer hour after hour of supervised ministries, and tony you are just too too mean to luis, after all its just 'custodial interference’ and not for sexual misconduct with a minor, right tony...

    1. Seriously doubt Luis is under ministerial supervision. Look who does 'supervision ' for RMS...The Juice for one. Who was 'supervising' Julius????? Luis!!!! This is how it works. All BS. Just ordained and become pastor, vice-rectors, etc. Rome? Are you there?? In what other Diocese where this ever happens. Ever. Lord, save us.

  6. Any neobishop would apply the "Camacho" treatment to NCW members, and the "Gofigan" treatment to Catholic people.

  7. Adrian is a liar liar liar! He said it was not about sexual misconduct, only custodial interference. What an idiot. We don't give a damn what the government does. We are more concerned about what he church fails to do. Adrian shows us the church will do nothing because fr Luis is one of theirs.
    Parents run for the hills and take your children with you. Here comes Kiko and his cult.

    1. Actually, let's not "run for the hills," but "run to thee hill" where these fools are holed up and then watch THEM run!

  8. How long are we going to allow this from our Church leaders? Join our Silent Protest this Sunday at 10:00 a.m. in front of the Cathedral Basilica. Pray! The devil lives in the Chancery along San Ramon Hill.

    1. Yes, sulfur odor wafting over island from San Ramon Hill. Stench


  9. Smell of Guam's sulfur wafted all over the world. Apuron's sulfuic smell smelt in casa santa martha.

  10. The NEOs not following the laws of the church again? Adrian the liar has been lying again. They've been lying for so long, they actually believe themselves. Where's Larry? Isn't he the new SARC. For sure, for sure.