Thursday, April 14, 2016


For the last almost three years I have been amazed at the haters who come to my blog. It is they who feed this blog. Don't they understand that 90% of the traffic on this blog is driven by their comments and not my posts. Yet, even with me stating this here, they will come back. They will come back again and again and again, checking the blog several times a day and just itch to say something. There they sit, scratching even where it does not itch. LOL. 

They can't help themselves. They are addicted to JungleWatch even more than the supporters. If not for the haters this blog would have faded into irrelevance before it ever got started. Yet, they keep it relevant. They come here over and over and over. It's actually a lot of fun knowing that their hate drives them here. They're addicts. They can't stay away. It's so amazing watching them waste their lives here day after day after day, their hate and vitriol eating them from the inside out.

Hey guys, I got news for you. I'm just having fun getting famous. And thanks to you all I'm pushing FIVE MILLION views. LOL. Keep coming. Oh, and "Courage."

P.S. Of course, I DO know why you REALLY come. In fact, you know too. Don't you.

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