Saturday, April 23, 2016


Catholics protest at airport, former hotel

Gaynor Dumat-ol Daleno, gdumat-ol@guampdn.com1:19 a.m. ChST April 23, 2016

Protest signs greeted certain U.S. officials of the Neocatechumenal Way, a movement in the Catholic Church, when they arrived at A.B. Won Pat International Airport Thursday night.
Some of the protesters held signs, including “Go Home” and “I love my Catholic Church” as the NeoCatechumenal Way officials arrived.
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The three visitors and Apuron are the four listed members of a board of guarantors who have authority over the former hotel property, documents show.


  1. The presence of the three off-island board of guarantors on island seems to me their purpose here is not necessarily to help choose the replacement of apuron, as some have speculated, but is more for solidifying their hold on the Yona property (or for signing it over to a new owner?)

    1. No. That was complete in 2011. There main concern and the reason for the clandestine arrival and powwow is to see how they can maintain their stranglehold on Guam by making sure the next bishop is Neo or Neo-friendly. A seminary won't do them a lot of good without a bishop to ordain its product. Plus a real bishop probably would require a real formation which RMS cannot provide since it is a fake seminary to begin with. Also a real bishop would not ordain most of what is coming out of this RMS because most of its occupants are rejects from other places. Apuron was the only bishop in the world who groveled to Kiko and did his bidding. Even Kiko bishops like Chaput and O'Malley were not stupid enough to ordain absolute fools like OJ. But then they probably did not have Apuron's history either, a history that the Kiko's have used to bend him to their will. A history that will soon be revealed.

    2. Tim, please let us all know when the Gennarinis, etc. are scheduled to fly out so more people can demonstrate at the airport.

    3. OJ jayyyy. So cooool. Standing there arms folded at his chest. Open collar, hint of tee, and little white tab sticking out. Oh, those tight short sleeves. By the way, OJ, did you know that Archie publicly criticized what a lousy student you were in Rome? Yep. For all to hear eeeee. Boy, have you made a big mistake following Tony boy. Huuuuge.

  2. Isn't the choosing of the next bishop done in Rome, not in Guam? If in Guam, who would be involved in the selection process?

    1. No, it is not. The decision process begins in the diocese of the bishop who is to be succeeded. Recommendations are given via a process coordinated by the Nuncio. The "nominees" are then sent to Rome for more review and there may be more investigation into the nominees, most of which will occur at the local level. After all is said and done the pope normally signs off on the deal, trusting his advisors and the nominee process.

      However, the most weight is usually given to the outgoing bishop - if he is not being forced out or retiring in disgrace (as ours will). In small places like Guam, where little is known about the nominees and where there is post-Vatican II penchant for "inculturation," the Vatican almost exclusively relies on local information.

      This is what the Board of Guarantors is trying to swing. They know Apuron is a "gonner." They had desperate hopes for David and Cristobal, but they were too stupid to play their cards right and stumbled into disgrace. They are now trying to import the rector of the RMS in Manila and set him up as a viable candidate.

      They have a lot at stake. They have spent 20 years cultivating Guam to be a neo-paradise. This is why all three of them are here.

    2. I would add to the excellent explanation from Tim, that this is also why their allies in Rome, have worked extra hours, trying to discredit the Nuncio.
      Except, they did not expect that this nuncio would be so astute and well connected.
      The first list of candidates was not accepted. Now they are trying to come up with a plan B.
      What could put another stone in their garden, might be an hurried and ugly exit of the Archbishop.
      The shadow knows....

    3. Is there anything WE lay people of the real Catholic Church on Guam can do to keep another NCW from being made the next bishop?

    4. Yes, 10:54 AM. Be at the next protest. It's the only thing Rome understands.

  3. I second Tim on that. Plus if you don't mind writing send letters to the nuncio, the more ammo he has, the better.


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