Thursday, April 14, 2016


Today, during Phill LG's K57 show, "Joe" called in and chastised Phill and K57 in general for talking about the Luis Camacho affair, suggesting that K57 would be responsible if the girl (involved with Luis) did anything "self-inflicted" (he also used the word "suicide") because K57 talk show hosts were not being mindful of the "other party" and "extending it (the affair) out." 

So, "Joe," I just wanted to thank you for your "concern" and let you know that you now need to call the PDN as they just reported that a 45 year old man is accused of raping an 11 year old girl. According to you, they should not be "extending this out" and possibly causing another "self-inflicted," right?

P.S. Joe. Did you lie when Phill asked you if you were a member of the NCW? Because that's a talking book right out of Pius the Putrid's stinking brain. 

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