Friday, April 15, 2016


The Laity Forward Movement invites you to join THE CAUSE this Sunday, April 17, at 10:00AM in front of the Cathedral Basilica in Agana and to bring others with you. 

Also, the organizers of the fundraiser the LFM held last Sunday wish to announce that over $200 tickets were sold netting $4,580.00 with an additional $300 made from the raffle. All monies raised were given to the CCOG and puts them $5000 closer to their goal of bringing both a canonical case and a civil suit against the Archbishop of Agana.

Bob Klitzkie alluded to this suit this week in his interview with KUAM:

"And as the controversy rages on, Klitzkie says a lawsuit is likely.  So it might be that a court will determine who is the true owner."

LFM Contacts: Priscilla at 969-7842, Lou Klitzkie at 653-6605, Mae Ada at 734-7777. Teri Untalan at 727-3577.


  1. How much is needed?

    1. Our target is 100k. I believe we are about half way there. Donations can be given by hitting the Donate button on the CCOG website at or call Tommy Tanaka. I'll get back with more info later.

    2. Thankyou Tim for publishing the figures. Our readers need to know. Congrats to the LFM fundraiser that is really good encouraging to hear amount raised.

  2. As much as possible, let's invite "friends, Romans, and countrymen" to turn out enmasse on Sunday for the Laity Forward Movement protest. Our numbers have been increasing every time we do this. Let's make this a HUGE ONE - rain or shine! Bring your umbrellas, just in case! Katoliko shirts! Calendar it! (jrsa: 4/15/16)