Friday, April 15, 2016


The Diana says "shame" on all of us who are incriminating Fr. Luis:

It is not we who have incriminated Father Luis, it is the Archbishop of Agana. And here's why:

The Archbishop of Agana's Sex Abuse Policy states:
IV. A. 1. As soon as any priest, deacon, employee or volunteer of the Archdiocese learns about suspected sexual misconduct, he or she shall report the information to the Archbishop..
2. b. The Archbishop will promptly direct an Archdiocesan Investigator to do a complete investigation….
On March 18, 2015, the Archbishop of Agana announced that he had "initiated a canonical investigation" into the matter which led to the arrest of Fr. Luis Camacho. In doing so, the Archbishop implicitly admits that there was "suspected sexual misconduct."

Over one year later, his Chancellor, Adrian Cristobal tells us that the investigation, launched by the Archbishop a year previous, is STILL ONGOING. 

However in the same statement to the press, Cristobal also tells us that Fr. Luis Camacho was not accused of sexual misconduct:
"Father Luis Camacho was accused last year for ‘custodial interference’ and not for sexual misconduct with a minor."
So if there never was "suspected sexual abuse" then WHY was an investigation initiated in the first place and WHY is it still ONGOING after a year?

The Archbishop of Agana does NOT have a policy for investigating "custodial interference," only "suspected sexual abuse.

The fact that the Archbishop of Agana initiated the investigation into Fr. Luis Camacho's conduct is an implicit admission that there was "suspected sexual misconduct. " 

And the fact that the same investigation is STILL ongoing a year later is a further admission that the Archbishop of Agana STILL suspects Fr. Luis of "sexual misconduct." Otherwise there would be NO need for an ongoing investigation.

If "sexual misconduct" was never a factor (as Cristobal states) then the Archbishop of Agana has done Fr. Luis a grave injustice by publicly announcing an investigation into Fr. Luis in the first place, and an even graver injustice to Fr. Luis for keeping that investigation going for more than a year. 

In fact, according to Cristobal's press release and the AG's direction to refer to Guam's expungement law, even the charge of "custodial interference" has been dropped!

Yet, the Archbishop of Agana, according to his Chancellor, tells us that the investigation is still ONGOING! 

Investigation into what? Custodial interference? 


Cristobal tells us that the "case has not been prosecuted and therefore the law requires its expungement.

But then he tells us:
"While the canonical investigation is still going on, evaluating also the recent legal conclusion of the case, no further information can be provided at this time."
Ummm, wait a minute. "Evaluating the recent legal conclusion of the case"???? Huh??? 

If a case is expunged that means the case never existed and all record of it has been destroyed. Yet Cristobal is "evaluating the legal conclusion of THE CASE."Ummmm...WHAT CASE?

The only CASE  is the case of the canonical investigation initiated by the Archbishop of Agana into Fr. Luis Camacho over a year ago and which Cristobal says is still ONGOING. 

If there never was any sexual misconduct - AS CRISTOBAL SAYS - then Cristobal and the Archbishop of Agana are GUILTY or perpetrating the most horrific injustice upon poor Fr. Luis. His life is ruined because of this investigation which the Archbishop of Agana initiated and has kept open for over a year, even though (per Cristobal's statement) there was NEVER any allegation of sexual misconduct.

Cristobal even tells us that the civil side has thrown this out. But NOT the Archbishop of Agana. 

Cristobal's own statement to the press tells us that it is Archbishop of Agana who is keeping this wound open causing Fr. Luis and the girl he was with "ongoing" harm. 


We hereby call on the Archbishop of Agana 

  1. To close the investigation into Fr. Luis Camacho
  2. To apologize to Fr. Luis Camacho for opening up the investigation in the first place since by his Chancellor's own admission there never was an allegation of sexual misconduct.
  3. To apologize to Fr. Luis Camacho for prolonging this investigation thus creating more than a year of psychological and spiritual harm to a priest he is vowed to care for.
  4. To apologize to the girl and to her family for bringing unwarranted and unjust attention to them, possibly harming the girl emotionally for the rest of her life. 
  5. To apologize to the Catholic faithful of Agana for misleading them into believing that a popular priest had engaged in sexual misconduct and for keeping this mistaken belief "ongoing" form more than a year.
  6. To resign before any more damage comes to the people or the priests of this archdiocese.

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