Friday, April 15, 2016


The Diana says "shame" on all of us who are incriminating Fr. Luis:

It is not we who have incriminated Father Luis, it is the Archbishop of Agana. And here's why:

The Archbishop of Agana's Sex Abuse Policy states:
IV. A. 1. As soon as any priest, deacon, employee or volunteer of the Archdiocese learns about suspected sexual misconduct, he or she shall report the information to the Archbishop..
2. b. The Archbishop will promptly direct an Archdiocesan Investigator to do a complete investigation….
On March 18, 2015, the Archbishop of Agana announced that he had "initiated a canonical investigation" into the matter which led to the arrest of Fr. Luis Camacho. In doing so, the Archbishop implicitly admits that there was "suspected sexual misconduct."

Over one year later, his Chancellor, Adrian Cristobal tells us that the investigation, launched by the Archbishop a year previous, is STILL ONGOING. 

However in the same statement to the press, Cristobal also tells us that Fr. Luis Camacho was not accused of sexual misconduct:
"Father Luis Camacho was accused last year for ‘custodial interference’ and not for sexual misconduct with a minor."
So if there never was "suspected sexual abuse" then WHY was an investigation initiated in the first place and WHY is it still ONGOING after a year?

The Archbishop of Agana does NOT have a policy for investigating "custodial interference," only "suspected sexual abuse.

The fact that the Archbishop of Agana initiated the investigation into Fr. Luis Camacho's conduct is an implicit admission that there was "suspected sexual misconduct. " 

And the fact that the same investigation is STILL ongoing a year later is a further admission that the Archbishop of Agana STILL suspects Fr. Luis of "sexual misconduct." Otherwise there would be NO need for an ongoing investigation.

If "sexual misconduct" was never a factor (as Cristobal states) then the Archbishop of Agana has done Fr. Luis a grave injustice by publicly announcing an investigation into Fr. Luis in the first place, and an even graver injustice to Fr. Luis for keeping that investigation going for more than a year. 

In fact, according to Cristobal's press release and the AG's direction to refer to Guam's expungement law, even the charge of "custodial interference" has been dropped!

Yet, the Archbishop of Agana, according to his Chancellor, tells us that the investigation is still ONGOING! 

Investigation into what? Custodial interference? 


Cristobal tells us that the "case has not been prosecuted and therefore the law requires its expungement.

But then he tells us:
"While the canonical investigation is still going on, evaluating also the recent legal conclusion of the case, no further information can be provided at this time."
Ummm, wait a minute. "Evaluating the recent legal conclusion of the case"???? Huh??? 

If a case is expunged that means the case never existed and all record of it has been destroyed. Yet Cristobal is "evaluating the legal conclusion of THE CASE."Ummmm...WHAT CASE?

The only CASE  is the case of the canonical investigation initiated by the Archbishop of Agana into Fr. Luis Camacho over a year ago and which Cristobal says is still ONGOING. 

If there never was any sexual misconduct - AS CRISTOBAL SAYS - then Cristobal and the Archbishop of Agana are GUILTY or perpetrating the most horrific injustice upon poor Fr. Luis. His life is ruined because of this investigation which the Archbishop of Agana initiated and has kept open for over a year, even though (per Cristobal's statement) there was NEVER any allegation of sexual misconduct.

Cristobal even tells us that the civil side has thrown this out. But NOT the Archbishop of Agana. 

Cristobal's own statement to the press tells us that it is Archbishop of Agana who is keeping this wound open causing Fr. Luis and the girl he was with "ongoing" harm. 


We hereby call on the Archbishop of Agana 

  1. To close the investigation into Fr. Luis Camacho
  2. To apologize to Fr. Luis Camacho for opening up the investigation in the first place since by his Chancellor's own admission there never was an allegation of sexual misconduct.
  3. To apologize to Fr. Luis Camacho for prolonging this investigation thus creating more than a year of psychological and spiritual harm to a priest he is vowed to care for.
  4. To apologize to the girl and to her family for bringing unwarranted and unjust attention to them, possibly harming the girl emotionally for the rest of her life. 
  5. To apologize to the Catholic faithful of Agana for misleading them into believing that a popular priest had engaged in sexual misconduct and for keeping this mistaken belief "ongoing" form more than a year.
  6. To resign before any more damage comes to the people or the priests of this archdiocese.


  1. Oh now come on. My brother and my cousin are the cops that busted that guy in the car. Consenting or whatever they say, the priest was going at it and they said they'd seen the car there before which is why they pulled over to check. Quit with the lies neos! Fr. Adrian and David they caught you too a couple of times drunk driving and in questionable situations with boys so just shut up. You make us all sick. You bet your butt I'm anonymous but I don't stand up on an altar with blessed bread and wine pretending to be something I'm not. Look up the police report. Never mind if priest got charged.

    1. This is the 1st time I've heard anyone allege David C. has committed a crime. Hmmmmm

    2. Lets hear more on this. These two evil idiots are going to be pushed like crazy by the kiko cuckoos in Rome, so lets get it all out in the open now. Call it a case of advance vetting.

    3. If car was seen at the beach location before, there is strong possibility that more than one minor was victimized. Only this time he got busted. He is a serial abuser and his evil designs were premeditated. Towels set up for a clandestine snack, but, vigilant cops did duty. Only to have the record expunged. For what? Camacho had no right to take that girl out of school when his member twitched for release! This is so wrong! How did it get past school authorities? Are they not culpably negligent of their duties and the trust of parents that she should be sweating out her brain cells in the classroom and NOT intimate parts of her anatomy on a secluded beach? So sick!


  2. Archbishop Apuron is the most immoral bishop of the catholic church. He has no understanding of morals or ethics. This is why archdiocese has Luis problem the wadeson problem and i suspect others.
    God Bless Deacon Martinez for taking the moral high road by informing us of truth.
    Archbishop Apuron most untrustworthy individual on Guam today. " lyin apuron"

    1. Apuron's diabolical nature and proclivities, even before he was introduced to the NCW goons, is a matter of record.He was already ripe for the picking when the NCW set foot here. He and the Neos love to use the words "mercy" and "compassion" but they don't practice what they preach. Apuron and the Neos twist the teachings of God's Church to further their own diabolical agenda. Souls are being ruined instead of saved. This is the cancer in Guam's Catholic Church.
      Let us, the faithful Catholics, unite and drive out the evil from our archdiocese.

  3. Jokers Wild, aka Adrian, is still suffering from the traumatic shock of being thrown in the dumpster by his FD classmates. Like his FD classmates said as they dumped him in, "out with the trash". Lol, for sure, for sure.

    1. Correction, 4:18 pm, it was Apuron, not Cristobal. Check with the classmates.

  4. FR. Matthew Blockley.April 15, 2016 at 4:39 PM

    Thank you to Deacon Martinez a man i greatly respect for his integrity and prudent judgement.

    Through Junglewatch i want to encourage our readers to always exercise compassion towards Fr.Luis Camacho.Fr. Luis is just another victim of the disgraced inept moral leader of Guam's catholic church.He is a victim and i want our readers to understand this.

    Guams catholic archbishop to varying degrees inflictedd deep psychological pain on priests for three decades. Luis is just another victm of Apuron's sick mentality. Obedience to a sick man will only create deeper psychological sickness for the catholic church on Guam.
    I am do defendervof Luis camacho and our readers know how i detest the camacho family. But i believe in compassion towards a brother priest.

    Archbishop you are a fraud itbis time for you to leave.

    Fr.Matthew Blockley.

  5. "The weapon is truth..."????!!!! You people couldn't recognize the truth if it ran over you!! You haven't spoken the truth since Father Gofigan was fired, and Monsignor James and the Finance council, and Baby Luis and the doctored titles and ... You all have so many lies we cannot keep track. Truth will prevail. Patience, it's on it's way!!!


  6. Blockley Resurrected
    Awaken from his sleep
    Tim did you wake him up?

  7. Forget #1-5, archbishop. Just do #6.

    1. I second that motion. Already too many empty "I'm sorry if I ever offended anyone" Forget that. Just do #6.

  8. Folks, don't be fooled by these morons at the Chancery. They're trying to sell this as nothing more than Luis placing Roses on her piano. However, their ignorance of flowers and musical equipment is evident. Luis didn't place Roses on her piano, he placed Tulips on her organ.

    1. Glad to be Back in Holy Mother ChurchApril 16, 2016 at 8:18 AM

      I am sorry, but how can Adrian publicly say there was never an allegation of sexual misconduct? How can he be so blatantly stupid as to even try and push this down our throats? It is sickening.
      When I was in community (not Barrigada) I always felt there was something odd about this priest. He tried so hard to be nice, and it always came off as arrogant or misguided and insincere. Now I can see why - evil dwells within. Nice is only a deception to draw you in.
      I suggest the people of Barrigada modify their response. When he says "Peace be with you" you respond, "And with your liar spirit". Maybe he will finally get the message he's not welcome until he stops being full of lies. Sadly, a$$holes never change and the evil runs too deep. Only exorcism will cure him (and another gastric bypass).

    2. 5:03 PM. You wicked, wicked cunning linguist you! You made my day! I love it. I like your fertile mind.

  9. CLOSURE? CLOSURE? CLOSURE is needed in the case of Fr. Luis. I do have little ones to protect.

  10. FR.Luis should not be involved in any public ministry which includes giving a retreat. According to sources Fr.Luis is not under " supervised ministry." That is a 1990s terminology which means nothing.Fr.Luis must return to Guam his place of incardination.

  11. Okay. Let us not kids ourselves. Fr. Luis had sex with a minor in at least 8 occasions, the last when he got caught and arrested during school hours. He took the girl out of school and then took her to an isolated area of Agat beach and even went to the extent of putting towels on the windows. He was not hearing confession folks(his tongue and mouth were preoccupied!!!!), and anyone who thinks that it was something else other than sex has been living on the moon. He used his special position as priest, counselor, confidant, and pastor to this girl and leveraged it into satisfying his sexual and lustful appetite. How can it be consensual under these conditions? She could not have chosen freely. She was under his magical and enchanting spell. He maliciously used it and took undue advantage of her. He abused her. He broke his vows. He broke her trust. He broke our trust. He broke the Church's ZERO TOLERANCE policy. And then what did Apuron do, with Pius' directive no doubt? He immediately send him off island to hide Luis and to shield Apuron from further scandal. He did what archbishops Law, Mahoney, Weakland,and other bishops did in Boston, Milwualkee, Los Angles, Santa Fe, etc. They hid the abusers. They hid them from further public scrutiny. Too hell with the victims. They are not important. Saving face is only what's important to Apuron and these other malevolent archbishops. But unlike these other archbishops, Apuron is an abuser himself. He has far more to lose than his face. He has lost his soul. Our Catholic Church in Guam is being run by a sexual abuser. The VG knows. The Chancellor knows. The victims from Agat and Agana know. Shame on us for allowing this poison and cancer to spread and flourish.

    1. These are very strong allegations Anon 11:04. Especially about Apuron himself being involved and his two right hand men aiding and abetting. My cousin is a retired detective and he always says that criminals will never prosecute other criminals because they have too much to hide themselves.
      If your statement re the Archbishop is true it explains everything.
      1. It explains why he was so soft of Fr Camacho and Fr Wadeson and Fr Broullard.
      2. It explains why we would keep two total buffoons in the highest position to keep them loyal and quiet (or were they actually black-mailing him?)
      3. Why he would go to such extreme lengths to cover up any misdoings. One leads to another, which leads to another.
      Any proof you care to share? A curious reader awaits.

  12. I thought this debate was resolved years ago...
    It is morally permissible to sacrifice one to save the lives of more innocent people...

    brother tony, who I hold responsible for my current unhealthy spiritual well-being, is my most USELESSREPRESENTATIONOFCHURCHLEADERSHIPONGUAM, and that’s me being very polite, and I also want to point out he is a (bad, corrupt, dishonest, dishonorable, evil, foul, godless, iniquitous, miscreant, morally wrong, nefarious, perverted, shameless, sinful, unethical, vile, villainous, wicked, wrongful) individual…

    I for one would sacrifice our tony, in order to save many others…
    that is, I start with tony and work m way down the food line...

    But it appears the diana’s are as backward in their common sense, logic and religion, yea kiko…

  13. Tim you left out the third paragraph to Diana's story. Story! Yes? In it Diana added "We support all priests".. As I call participating in the Silent Pray in front of the Cathedral. During prayer the Diana and the neo's where at the street corner drumming, drumming louder. If she really supports all priests including Fr. Paul Gofigan and Monsignor James they would have joined in on the prayer. The paragraph ended with "Remember that God loves us all and sent His only Begotten Son who died for us even while we were sinners"......Diana quickly forgets that she can pick out someone, anybody and claim they are "Fallen Angels" as she have in the past.

  14. Fact: the Archbishop of Agana was asked were Fr Luis is. He said in the Holy Land discerning his future. So Qatar was the fruit of said "discernment".. Amazing! Here I thought Rev. Fr. Pius had something to do with it. Silly me. One way or the other, Tony. One way or the other. You will answer. Are you discerning your future?

    1. Well Anon at 11.40, for once the Archbishop did tell the truth.
      Fr Louis was sent to Domus Galilae,from here. So he indeed was in the Holy Land.
      This was when they were figuring out what to do with him.
      He apparently was working at the gift-shop for a while....

      He only appeared in Qatar earlier this year, under the hospices of Bishop Ballin.
      So not only Pius, had a lot to do with it, but so did Genarinni, the underground runner of sexual predators.


    The small excerpt from the Diana's Blog, as an introduction to this discussion, is very troubling.
    It is not troubling because of what it says, but because it is part of repeated pattern of affirmation, in the aptly named "an insider's view"
    Here Diana tells us:" We are not savages and barbarians using profanities. We live in a civilized nation governed by the rule of law. And in Guam, a man is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.....blah,blah...So shame on all those who have already incriminated father Luis of being guilty without a trial and even without being charged with the crime they accused him of."

    I am sure it was not lost on most of you, that the same person who is asking for serenity here, is the one who was whipping her supporters into the frenzy of a lynch mob, when Fr Paul and Msg James were falsely accused by the Chancery, under the flimsiest and most hypocritical inquisition seen in years. The same person that defames most of the participant in this blog.

    So lets add up another quote from one of our preferred kikos' on island the Zoltan:
    "in a civilized society you cannot make public accusation about people without the slightest attempt to justify your charges. We still have to wait for you to make a civilized argument about the Neocatechumenal way" (from Zoltan's answer to the Op ed piece in the PNC a couple of weeks back, by Teri Untalan)

    As you can see, you can distinctly recognize the same argument.
    This is not surprising, since this is the same kind of discourse, you find over and over again in Pius long winded lectures to his troops.
    Here you have a perfect example of the Mimetism so dear to Kiko.

    This is very revealing because it shows, that the members of the NCW strongly believe, they are reasonable and "civilized". This of course means, that anyone who happens to disagree with them is therefore an extremist and uncivilized.

    I refuse to visit Diana's blog, but I get enough forwarded messages from my friends here and in Italy, to know how much they despise, Tim, Chuck, the CCOG, the LFM and myself. (It is flattering to be in such good company)
    It is a constant and never ending flow of misinformation.
    The core of the argument is relatively simple. The popes have approved of Kiko and the NCW, therefore we are Catholic.
    If you criticize us, you are anti-Catholic and against the Pope.
    Every contradiction is an attack, every attack is a persecution.
    If you are persecuted, you must be right, and the persecutors (us) are anti-Catholic.

    It is really laughable to most people, but not to the neos.
    This simplistic "logic" is not made for the critical mind, but it is targeted at their core believer.

    This kind of logic makes the zealous, even more sure of their warped belief.
    It might be insulting to most of us, because it is intrinsically false, racist, and condescending. Never the less it is what they believe, and what is re-enforced by their catechists all the time.
    At least it is another perfect demonstration of why we fight this fight.

  16. Dingbat Diana is that Dimb! From this day forward I will be referring her as Triple D.