Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Some facts are in order since the whereabouts and activities of Fr. Luis Camacho have surfaced. (Chuck has news links on his blog via the previous post.)
  1. Luis was arrested by Guam police in March of 2015.
  2. He was found with a minor girl in a car at a deserted beach in Agat.
  3. An adult being with a minor is not something one can be arrested for so we have to assume that he was engaged in a behavior which prompted the arrest. 
  4. The seriousness of "the act" is also corroborated by the fact that Luis immediately offered to resign as pastor of his parish and Archbishop Apuron immediately accepted.
  5. "The act" was never published or prosecuted because the girl was of the "age of consent" and apparently whatever "the act" was, it was "consensual."
  6. The priest was charged with "custodial interference" and released. 
  7. The seriousness of "the act" was also corroborated by Luis' sudden disappearance from Guam.
I am on record for showing Luis sympathy from the beginning and begging him simply to come clean and repent. I was sure there would have been an outpouring of sympathy and forgiveness from everyone on Guam. But Apuron could not let this happen. It would have been an open window into the dark underbelly of what RMS really is. So he had him scuttled. 

The real crime here rests on Apuron and the Neocatechumenal hierarchy. The fact that Luis was placed elsewhere is not the problem. A fallen priest or a fallen anybody should not have to hide for the rest of his life. 

The problem is that Luis is now placed in charge of an activity which includes girls of the same age as the one he was with when he was arrested. This tells us that what got him in trouble in Guam is NOT known by the pastor of the place he is now in. 

This means that either Apuron NEVER did the investigation he promised, or if he did, the results do not matter to the Neocatechumenal hierarchy which is obviously complicit in Luis' movement and the attempt to obscure his record. 

I personally made several attempts to reach Rome when I first heard of Luis' whereabouts. My concern was not that Luis was getting off the hook, but that Apuron was. I knew that sooner or later, with or without this blog, Luis' history would become known, endangering the only parish in the region. 

Apparently my concerns did not get very far or Rome did not care - or more probably, my concerns were directed to the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and its neo-friendly prefect and secretary, and was thrown in the trash. 

In fact, soon after I made my complaint, our contacts in the area told us that efforts to insert the NCW had dramatically increased with Luis being given a bigger role, causing them to reach out to us to get Rome to listen. 

I doubt they will. 

As with the RMS scam, we see here in the case of Luis, lie after lie after lie, cover up after cover up after cover up, corrupted person after corrupted person after corrupted person. And all of it points to one source.

It would be easy to say that that source is the NCW, or more specifically the evils of its hierarchy. But those evils found fertile ground in a church already infiltrated with abominations and corruption. The NCW is just the latest cancerous legion to attach itself to this rot that we ourselves have permitted. 

You know what to do. 


  1. Reckless sickening disturbing.
    Action endangers children.


  2. Apuron with full complete knowledge assigned a psychologically sexually abusive priest to another location. In 2016 Apuron is the criminal.

  3. Like most heresies the Neocatechumenal way is a half-truth, and like most half-truths, it can appear to be more believable than the full truth. Lies and deceptions are the order of the NCW.

  4. Hey Tim, you bringing all the old stories back up AGAIN is this all you have

    1. Well Rude-ee. As long as you keep coming back to see my stories I figure you've got nothing else to do, so I've got to keep you entertained. Can't wait to publish yours, complete with pictures. Just got to think of a good name for you. Hmmm. "Ruined Rud-ee". Has a nice ring to it, don't you think? LOL. Courage.

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      Hope you enjoyed it you dirty old man.


  5. Rude-ee = dirty old man
    Sexually active priest.