Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

We've just discovered that our very own Fr. Luis Camacho will be running a 3-day retreat for the youth 13 years and older at the Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church in Qatar at the end of this month!  Read more.

TIM'S NOTE: I have known about Luis' whereabouts and activities for several months - as I have hinted in several posts. As per the request of our contacts in the region, we have not mentioned the name of the country or the parish. This was due to the precarious situation of Christianity in the region. As also per our contacts, there is a growing despair amongst Catholics there as the NCW is making a big push to take over the only Catholic parish in this country under a neo-friendly bishop who we are told is personal friends with Gennarini. (Sound familiar?) I do know that our contacts have been trying to get help from Rome but to no avail. (Sound familiar?) Their situation is much more desperate than ours. They only have one Catholic parish. Once it is taken over, that's it. Apparently our contacts have reached a point of despair and have asked us to let it be known what is happening there. Also, I want to say that I stand with my first position on this scandal and that is that Luis was used by Apuron. He had no business being ordained and even expressed doubt about it on the day of his ordination. But Apuron needed a "Chamorro-sounding" last name to legitimate RMS as a "seminary for Guam." Sorry Luis. You're just another piece of meat to these people. And they apparently have no compunction for damaging the Church even in places where it has a tenuous if not dangerous existence. Again, I want to make it clear, that Chuck proceeded with this post at the desperate request of Catholics in this country who are seeing the only Church they have taken from them by the Neo's while Rome not only stands idly by, but sends in more neos. (Sound familiar?)

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