Saturday, April 30, 2016


Speaking to KUAM, about the protest at the airport last Thursday night at the arrival of the communist con man, Giuseppe Gennarini,  the architect of the destruction of Fr. Paul and Msgr. James and the principal schemer behind the swindling away of the Yona property, The Juice (aka Edivaldo Da Silva Oliveira but called "The Juice" because of his penchant for speaking about sucking girls like oranges), after nearly two decades of abusing the "Chamorro spirit" chooses to lecture Chamorros about the Chamorro spirit:
"It did not represent the Chamorro spirit, and I think that a lot of people will agree with us that even if you have a disagreement no one deserves to be welcomed like they were. Actually, you cannot use the word 'welcome' because that was not a welcome."
Giuseppe Gennarini is an abusive man. He publicly debased and abused Attorney Edward Terlaje, who is now apparently the "former" legal counsel for the Archbishop of Agana, when Attorney Terlaje objected to the construction of the RMS corporation documents which included a loophole permitting the property swindle that we just saw. (Apuron just sat there and let Gennarini tear him up.)

But never mind Gennarini for now. Before us in the person of OJ is one of the most reprehensible human beings ever, and all the more reprehensible because he wears a roman collar (sort of). No one has been more abusive and in your face to the Chamorro people than he has. And now he chooses to lecture those same people about the spirit they are supposed to have.

YOU LOSE, OJ! The demonstrators in those pictures are well known to the majority of the Chamorro population. They know their faces, their families, their neighborhoods, their history, their relations and they KNOW what you DO NOT: that these are not people to go public without a deep-rooted cause that was years in the making. 

Your belittling of them, your dismissing them, your ridicule of them, your lecturing now public for all to see, and it will come back on you with a vengeance. YOU LOSE, OJ!

It's coming. 

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