Tuesday, May 3, 2016



Sometime ago, a certain “Raymond” wrote, urging people to shed their anonymity, and to come out openly in support of our Catholic Church, being invaded by an outside cultic religion that teaches heresies.  Though his comments had been said and written about often in the past, he kind of PUT A LID ON THE COFFIN!  How much more, and how often more, does it need to be said: “Catholic People of our Church – ARISE!”   It is totally insufficient to just sit back and read/listen about what’s been going on – and offer our “Good job! Go get ‘em, Tiger!”  remarks to those in the forefront.   YOU (HAGU) MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Over the 2 years that I’ve been following this fiasco, I’ve gone from curious, to concerned, to worried, to contributing my comments, to involving myself with others of similar mind (CCOG/LFM), to studying what actually drives our Archbishop and the Neocatechumenal Way (NCW) to do what they are doing, to initially pleading with the Archbishop who has betrayed us, to writing to our Papal Nuncio for help,  to participating in protests and prayer services, and to storming Heaven with my own personal prayers.

I think God is trying to send us ALL a message. “I can’t help you if you do not help yourselves!”  Thank you, Raymond, for the reminder.  Yes; we all need that “kick in the pants” to get us off our duff!  What are we waiting for – till the cancer is at Stage 4?  That won’t be long if we do little or nothing about it.  Witness the takeover of our several parishes, and especially of our Cathedral for the celebration of the Neo liturgy (it is not a Mass) this past Sunday (May 1).  If they can desecrate our Mother Church (the Cathedral), they will stop at nothing!  And what is it that we need to “arise” to?  My thoughts:

1)Shed your anonymity – Remember: “If YOU do not acknowledge Me before men, neither will I acknowledge you before My Father”. Let your light shine before men, not hidden under a bushel basket!  Write public letters; speak on radio and be seen on TV.  Shedding anonymity is catching on – witness the vocal protest at the airport; witness more and more new faces and new names coming bravely forward at protests and prayer services.  They are no longer ashamed, afraid, or intimidated.  They are drawing a line, and stating on which side they stand.  They are becoming witnesses of Christ!

2)Be COMMITTED to the cause, not just an admirer.  Be a PART OF THE SOLUTION, by joining in prayer services, in silent protest, and in vocal protests.  The buzz word is “SILENCE NO MORE!” (Basta hit man-mafagaga! Let us stop from being made fools of!).

3)Support GGOC and LFM in principle and action, and – if possible -  financially as well,  so we can proceed to go to court to recover our church property.  $40M+ worth of church property – stolen; given away by our archbishop!

4)Do your share in spreading the word to others (friends, relatives, neighbors) that we are in “a crisis mode” so far as protecting the  faith, practices, liturgy and culture of our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. // Attend the next round of “village meetings” that CCOG may be embarking on soon.

5)Participate with our Crusade of Prayers – storm Heaven with Masses, rosaries, prayers.  Beg Santa Marian Kamalin to protect  the Church – as she did during World War II -  and beg St. Michael, the Archangel, to help us ward off  “the snares and wickedness of the Devil.”

6)Starve the beast!  Stop the money; it is what keeps them going!  Stop putting into the collection baskets, appeals, fund raisers and invitations to dinner.  If you are concerned about the welfare of your parish (as well you should be), work it out personally with your non-Neo priests. [Do not starve your parish!]  The archbishop is known to use our collections for his own needs,  as he publicly stated in the Umatuna in reporting on the former Catholic Charities Appeal -  48%+ of it is “…at the discretion of the archbishop.”  Personal slush fund!

I end by quoting a blog from a non-Chamorro: “Now, let me speak very clearly and at the risk of offending some. There has been a lot of news lately about a recent production of the documentary I AM CHAMORRO. It rightly documents and celebrates the beauty and resilience of the Chamorro people, religion and culture. I can't help but note that this documentary has come about amidst the backdrop of the most shameful period in Catholic Chamorro history - a period that is seeing its own bishop turn on his people.   //  If there ever was a time to live up to the words I AM CHAMORRO; If there ever was a time to live up to the words I AM CATHOLIC; If there ever was a time to stand up to the most insidious band of liars and marauders; If there ever was time to fight for your island, your church, and your children, IT IS NOW!” (jrsa: 5/3/16)



  1. Dinanche hao, amigu!

  2. KAKA filled NEO Cult Zombie from the Dingbat's blog, who attended last Saturday Nights Sacrilegious service, wants to make it a weekly ritual. Wake up Guam; ArchNEO Cult Presbyter Anthony Sablan Apuron has given them the inch needed for them to take the mile...Are you going to sit and let this happen?

    Anonymous May 2, 2016 at 5:45 PM

    I'm glad the celebration was a success. We should hold our Saturday night's there from now on.

    1. AGREE! We should do our prayer protest during their "masses" on Saturday nights, until we bore them to death. The 9:30am Sunday Mass is usually AAA's - and he's a "lost cause" already. He always goes from Altar to Sacristy to garage and then zoom up to his hideout. He never bothers to come out to talk to us.

      Maybe if we switch to Saturday nights, one of them would get so riled up that he'll/she'll come out to confront us - and we will certainly welcome that.

      We gotta keep the pressure on! They're starting to get very uncomfortable with our weekly protests! And that's the idea!

      Guys, Gals, Ladies, Gents - we got them on the run!! Let's not let up in the slightest. As a matter of fact, let's heighten the protest, till - maybe, by miracle - their leadership might get so pissed off at us, they just might pack up and leave!! EVERYBODY READING THIS -- ALL HANDS ON DECK! DO YOUR SHARE.

      I understand there might even be an islandwide motorcade in the making. Fantastic idea! Keep your eyes and ears opened for announcements!!

      In a nice competitive spirit, let's beat the politicians before THEY hit the road!

  3. Yes, indeed this is a fight for our own and our children, grandchildren's salvation. We must stop Kiko, Apruon and their Sect from trying to hijack our Faith. We have all been given the rare opportunity to proudly defend the True Church. Katoliko esta e finati ho. join us in the effort to rid our parishes of Presbyters. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. I agree stand up and be counted.

  4. Thank you, Joe, for your words of encouragement and call to action. I hope many more people will join in the growing movement to defend our faith.

    When I saw the video of the NCW communion service I was appalled! Carrying what is supposed to be the sacred Body of Christ on a platter and passing it out like hors d'oeuvres was truly sickening!!! More people need to see this. Is this what you want in your parish? What's next, take out orders and doggie bags for the left overs???

    I pray for the people who feel trapped in the NCW and see no way to escape. The pressure to stay in and remain silent must be tremendous. Lord, give them the courage and strength to stand up and walk out. Enough is enough!

  5. You are so right, Andrew. We really do need to pray for them. I have always found it extremely difficult to wrap around my head how any good practicing Catholic can ever subscribe to the Way and all its errors and heresies. I know that perhaps many of my friends in there will take umbrage at my prayer for them, but I pray like our Lord did on the Cross: "Father, forgive them; for they know not what to do!". Again, as I had often said, it is not so much the individual Neos who want to extricate themselves but find it extremely difficult that I am vehemently opposed to, but to the leadership and the system itself. Yes; let us also pray for those good Neos. (jrsa: 5/3/16)

  6. Reference to those people who feel trapped in the Way, I equate it to a spouse in a abusive relationship. Until that spouse finds the courage to dump their abuser and say, "No more", that cycle will continue until it is too late. My brethren, FIND THE COURAGE AND STAND UP AGAINST WHAT YOU KNOW US WRONG! Stop standing on the sidelines. Join the fight for Our Church!

  7. I pity those still straddling the fence on this issue. Like Sen. Tom Ada said, "A line has been drawn." You are either with CCOG/LFM or you are against them. Who will be here with you in the lean and desperate years to come? Definitely not the Neo leadership or its presbyters. Its attrition rate is already high. In a short time, they will be gone and so will your "idol" wealth, home, and family members.