Wednesday, May 18, 2016



  1. Nice.....please pray for Mr. Roy Quintanilla for being so brave throughout all this. We stand with you.

  2. A Better Precedent.

    Scranton, PA. April, 2016.

    The Diocese of Scranton is suspending a longtime priest immediately after allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor surfaced late Friday night.

    According to the statement, the accuser, now an adult, was a minor when the alleged abuse occurred. The name of the accuser has not been released, nor was it made clear when the alleged abuse took place.

    Although the claims of abuse haven't been substantiated, the diocese said it "removed the accused cleric from ministry and suspended his faculties to exercise priestly ministries within the diocese pending an investigation of the accusation."

    The Diocese of Scranton has stated they "will cooperate fully with all civil authorities in their investigation of this matter." The statement lists the many places where Fr. Boyan has been stationed over the last three decades and encourage "anyone who has been sexually abused by a member of the clergy or anyone else, to immediately notify local law enforcement authorities."

    1. That's exactly what should be done in our archdiocese with the bishop's zero tolerance policy, however this bishop is exempt from his policy. What a farce.

    2. I guess when you're an Archbishop, a different set of rules and standards apply. If a priest were accused of sexual misconduct, he would immediately be removed from priestly ministry, i.e., his faculties suspended pending the outcome of an investigation. In the case of Guam, the Archbishop should voluntarily step down from his office pending the outcome of an investigation and a temporary administrator appointment. If he is cleared of wrong doing then he can be reinstated.

  3. Wow... full front page of PDN. This is serious

  4. Mr. Roy Quintanilla,I hear you loud and clear. Upon reading your statement it brought back memories. Familiar with, except my abuser was not a priest. I bet at the time of the incident you felt dirty too! You had to come forth at the right time, and at your own time. Now, 40 years later is that right time.

  5. Young man I wish you all the best! So brave but you have the best support and love to make you come forward. I know your family...good, God fearing loving people and you'll never stand alone. Hold your head up did nothing wrong.

  6. While this allegations of sex abuse is being investigated, the Archbishop of Guam should step aside pending an investigation.

    When Cardinal Pell was investigated for claims of sexual abuse in 2002 he stepped aside so as not to prejudice the outcome of the investigation.

    After the investigation Cardinal Pell was "exonerated" of the claims sexual abuse made against him and he returned to serve as Archbishop.

  7. just watched PDN and Guam Post on Mr. Quintanilla defending his statement and taking a stand about the denial of Archbishop Apuron. A great man of courage he is! He will defend his honor at all cost!

  8. Step aside? I think not! This arrogant excuse for a bishop is so narcissistic and so in denial that he will still preside at all the graduations, confirmations, funerals, weddings, government functions, and scheduled masses as usual. He will still smile and laugh with his communities. He will still read from his scripts and rush through his rituals, avoiding the lowly masses. He will still eat and drink at the finest restaurants and travel first class to his secret destinations with his servant boy seminarians. Admit to anything or apologize to anyone? Not this proud man. He will deny, deny, deny to his last breath. And he will be protected by his minions, users and fellow abusers. I pray that the good ones will wake up from their deep slumber or their hypnotic trances and see this man for what he truly is.

  9. Let me float this out there. Just for the sake of giving people another perspective on why Apuron is denying and going down the hard way.

    As some of us have advanced on this blog several time, it was the knowledge of Apuron's sins and crimes, that made him vulnerable to blackmail from the people that brought the NCW on this island, with the catastrophic consequences we have all witnessed.

    Genarrini and his partners in crime, recent visit to RMS and subsequent catastrophic interviews with the local media, has been very revealing of the stakes at play.

    Thanks to Apuron, the NCW has had almost twenty years of easy earnings and facilitation of their scheme. This was topped with the purchase of the Yona property, and its immoral gift to the RMS of a very valuable property.
    Back in 2011, when what is happening now, almost did, but did not happened, Genarrini came up with the idea of protecting this asset, not for the benefit of the Archdiocese, as they pretend, but for their benefit. You are talking about a lot of Mullah.

    Last year when it became clearer that the effort of this blog, and the CCOG might pay off, and that Apuron might be forced to retire, Genarrini and Pius, sent SOS signals to their protectors in Rome to nominate a friendly candidate to this See.
    Unfortunately for them, none of their candidates was deemed suitable.
    (thanks to the hard work of countless individuals in the shadows).
    Fact is that we actually might end up with an non neo bishop. (the fat lady has not sung yet)

    This is the main reason we have witnessed all the shenanigans at the DLM and the AG offices. They had to protect their assets, because they knew that this issue is badly engaged for them.

    This is also why the Genarrinis showed up to shore up support for their cause, and rally their troop for this rear-guard action.

    So, now lets get back to Tony's poor performance last night.
    Pius and his bosses cannot let Apuron resign now. He has to stay in office as long as possible, because they need as much time as he can give them, to soften the landing and try to put as many obstacles possible in the way of the next apostolic administrator. (because this is most likely what is going to happen eventually)
    So as they say in the Navy: Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

    This my friends is the main reason for Apuron almost suicidal mission. My guess is that they have on him something even worse than anything we already know.(but have not revealed yet)

    This will be an eventful and interesting ride.
    Be on the alert, because it will not be boring.
    This is going to be an epic battle.

    St Michael the Archangel protect us in battle,

    1. Frenchi,
      When Gennerini cited that the Archdiocese was following the examples of stateside dioceses in transferring high cost property and assets to other church entities to protect them from being garnished in lawsuits, It was a flag that they must have known something big was coming down. The fact that they had dirt on the Archbishop means he was essentially blackmailed and forced to comply with their very demands. All this un-raveling is the truth exploding as it cannot be held back. Just another example of how damaging and evil this NCW sect is. God help us all.

    2. My point exactly.