Wednesday, May 18, 2016


– The Church in France, particularly in Lyon, has been shattered recently by historical pedophilia scandals. What should be done about this situation?

Pope Francis: It is true that it is not easy to judge the facts decades later in a different context. Reality is not always so clear. Nevertheless, there can be no statute of limitations for the Church in this field. As a result of these abuses, a priest, whose vocation is to lead a child to God, destroys him. He disseminates evil, resentment, distress. As Benedict XVI said, there must be zero tolerance.

And let me add: "A BISHOP"

By the way. Note the date of the interview with the pope: May 17, 2016, the same day Roy Quintanilla came forward. While I'd like to take credit for planning that too, I can't! LOL. Courage. 


  1. This does not apply to presbyteries.

    1. Apuron was ordained a Fransicsan Capuchin Priest; so it definitely applies to him.. He must be accountable for the unwarranted stress that resulted in his personal desire to cause harm to young faithful servants (altar servers) of the church. This is an accusation on ArchNEO Cult Anthony Sablan Apuron, not on Holy Mother Church. The Shame on him to claim that we the faithful should pay for his defense. He did the crime, so he should pay and do the time...

  2. Okay then...When is Rome going to act in this case?

  3. nothing but b****** lies