Thursday, May 5, 2016


Every time he said or says "misinformation" he is saying you are too stupid to figure it out for yourself.


  1. All unity does not have as its motive perpetuation of the Truth. You have leaders in your midst who are more concerned for their own power and control than searching out and supporting the Truth. They speak of unity, but it is a unity in which many lose their identity. Jesus and Mary, have mercy on us all!

  2. "Juice-eppie" and Orange Juice "OJ" Edivaldo can tag team all they want, in the media. Spread those lies THICK!

    Juice-eppie's merry-go-round fabrications and stories are just too much. He says he wasn't offended by our Magellan Welcome. Right. That's because the profits of meeelions from these dumb brown Guamanians provide for what he calls "divine providence." Juice-eppie will stuck it up, turn the other cheek, smoke his cigar; as he laughs all the way to the bank, stupid brown people!

    These NeoCancers really shows that juice is bad. Even pediatricians warn that kids should stay away from juice.

    Nourish yourselves with the real fruit---fiberous and ever more nutritious, The Real Catholic Church. Not all the sugar and preservatives that the neo juices promise. Killer ingredients masked in sweet nothings.

    We may be brown bit we're far from stupid!

    Anyways, CCOG and LFM have far better looking faces, straight up language from the voices of OUR People and The TRUTH to defend Our Catholic Church!

  3. Well M Camacho, you are pretty much on target with the tag team comment.

    I believe, (and that is just my humble opinion), that Gennarini was not expecting, and was not informed of the potential blow back he would be facing during this visit.

    It was supposed to be a low key production at the seminary, with the Cardinal to rally the troops, and a crowning at the Cathedral.

    It turned out in a full fledged confrontation with the LFM, which caught them totally by surprise.
    They resorted to their usual social media tricks, but even that blew back in their face.

    Therefore we saw a much stronger display of public relation on their part, because they think it is necessary, and could be beneficial at this stage.
    The fact that they had to use the Juice as their to go media medium, is very telling.

    First it shows the Gennarini and Co, no longer trust their people in the Chancery, they are totally bypassing them. (watch out guys, you will become scapegoats soon enough)

    Second, Gennarini thinks he can handle this local media and the gullible islanders, by showing up and doing his dog and pony show.
    By doing so, he just confirms, his sense of superiority over the island culture.

    The problem with this, is that if he was dealing with a real media person, he would have chosen one show, not three.
    By wanting to cover all the medias,(his version of carpet bombing) he also opened himself to a much tighter scrutiny.
    The zombies of course will be in awe by his performance, and the Diana will attempt to milk it to the max, but it will be for naught.
    Nothing new under that sun.

    On the other hand, we are being handed over a treasure trove of confirmations, contradictions, and revelations from the horses' mouth itself. Not some go between, but Giusseppe himself. The big boss from the US and aspirant to the throne of the old trio.
    We could not hope for more....

    Perhaps Giusseppe should have contacted Stefano, the legal counsel of the family, this is why they sent him to ND, on these expensive studies. He could have given him good advise on what not to do. Time difference is a bitch (excuse my french)