Sunday, May 22, 2016


 - Louie Gombar

Notice the fascinating changing of the colors of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.  When the morning sun makes its appearance beyond the horizon the seminary is set ablaze with the fiery-red hues of that magnificent disc of life.  As they day ages the RMS changes to a delicate pink much like the living coral that defines our Pacific waters.

Notice the changes of the NCW hierarchy as they evolve from displaying those insolent melanins of defiance to the depressive look of disorientation wondering how the real Catholics were able to dig up Roy Quintanilla.  The truth is Mr. Quintanilla never needed digging up.  He was always around building up his courage, confined by and suffering in his bubble of experience, always reminded, always prompted by the horrors of the molestation which he endured.

Notice the changing colors in  Eduvaldo’s appearance who always approaches everything with an affirmative stance.  Eduvaldo knows everything.  That’s why Eduvaldo was put in charge of whatever he is suppose to do.  Notice the change to the sometimes greenish, sometimes reddish bewilderment of the realization that the end is near.

Finally, notice and enjoy the colors of the shepherd, whose vestments appear to be taking on a change of its own.  It is ever so subtly moving from  the majestic and pious red and white to the infamous black and white - stripes.  Deliverance.


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  1. Colors are indeed changing.
    Darkness is descending on Guam.

  2. Begging to differ anon @ 8.17.
    The darkness on Guam has been here for decades: an unfortunate litany of abuses
    Injustice, inequities, false
    religious doctrine and corruption of souls and ethics.
    The comfort some might have felt in a false sense of normalcy, can no longer allow us to sit idly by while the liberating light of truth is shun on the crimes of a few 'leaders' who hide behind the prestige of their office, both at the chancery and in the government buildings.

    We have allowed for numerous reasons, these fake leaders to use and abuse not only the system, but the innocents and the weak that same system is supposed to protect.

    Soon, the time of reckoning will be on them. As for us, we just need to figure out which side we will take.

    The side of justice, fairness and nurturing love.
    Or the side of inequities and abuse.

    It is a simple if somewhat uncomfortable choice for some.
    Remember what the father asked the returning son:"what have you done with your talent ? "

    Only then, shall the darkness be lifted, and the weight of the heavy burden many have carried on for years be also taken away.

  3. Pius the pultrit and whoever else has been controling the choke leash on Tony has been telling him that SILENCE is far better than being RIGHT. Esta.

  4. Darkness my eye, We were in the dark, for the past 20 years under the neo Archbishop. The sun is now brilliantly shining because the the end is almost over for the clowns who brought the "darkness" into our Church. We will soon see the end of Kiko hold on our Church. The only darkness that I see will be from the NCW when we finally rid ourselves of the Neo-Archbishop Apuron. and the end of RMS and Presbyters in our parishes. The wicked witch will soon be bye bye.

    1. While I agree with you that hope is on the horizon, do not underestimate the darkness to which Apuron is willing to descend. Thus Mr. Gombar's description of the gathering gloom. We do not know how far or how long we will have to go to rid ourselves of this cancer, which goes well beyond Apuron by the way.

  5. Apuron will himself bring down the curtain sooner than we think. He will have to provide irrefutable proof that he did not molest. Plural. His flimsy denials will be laid to rest with truth. I agree, we need to end this nightmare as soon as possible. What a time to show of Apurons antics in front of all our Island Nations neighbors visiting us. Atta boy Archie.