Sunday, May 22, 2016




  1. Deacon Steve MartinezMay 22, 2016 at 4:56 PM

    After mass at St Jude traffic in Agana was horrible. I diverted and drove past the Cathedral. I was so moved by the display of faith and resolve. So many were there to voice their concern. I honked in union with your cause to seek the truth. Congratulations to all who were there!
    Deacon Steve Martinez

  2. The Laity Forward Mesdames
    Are most often sweet, gentle lambs.
    But their roar is ferocious
    Against actions atrocious
    Like arcbishop's lies, cheats and scams.

  3. Though our words may be harsh in this space,
    I fear for our Tony’s disgrace;
    For since he’d delude us,
    Will he then be like Judas
    And at Judgment “go to his own place?”

    All kidding aside, pray for the Arch--for his soul, I mean. He can't tell friend from foe, and what's worse, he thinks his own flock are either enemies or people to be lorded over.

    I saw it up close when I worked for the Archdiocese. After a short time of not letting the Neo leadership have their way, it quickly got to the point where he would pull his hand away when I amened him or went to kiss his ring. After I scolded some RMS seminarians about taking the best seats at a fiesta and others for not giving up their places for the manamko when they were done eating, I was told I was being disrespectful to the person of the Archbishop since they were HIS guests and would be priests one day--all this while very old men and women were eating while standing up. From that day on, even though I (and so many others) tried to help him, Arch would have none of it. Nothing but glares and a refusal to speak bc I would not support NCW.

    I have prayed for the poor man every day ever since. We all should. I shudder when I think of his future.

  4. A brave and courageous man, Roy
    Revealed his abuse as a boy.
    "Not guilty!" Said Tony,
    An arrogant phony
    Who seeks to survive and destroy.

  5. Archbishop Balabola does not think there is a division in the church and considers these protester as just a perception.

    1. Tony says there's no division
      As he sends his Neos on a mission
      Donate you money and your land
      To brother Tony's Neo clan
      Where there's no sin and no contrition


  6. Archbishop, end the charade. Your sick attempt to hold on to power is bringing embarrassment to Our Church. If you indeed are innocent as you claim to be, then the honorable thing to do is to step aside and appoint another priest to carry on the affairs of the Church until the question of molestation is resolved. A real leader would want to minimize the damage to both the Church and the Laity until the issue is resolved.

    Archbishop, you have squandered the trust, the loyalty, and the good will that you once commanded by conduct, betrayal and abandonment of our Faith. You instead direct your loyalty to Kiko as your pope. You stole the most important asset by gifting what was not yours to Kiko and his minions. You developed your own cadre of presbyters that have brought shame and division to our Church. In short Archbishop you have totally and completely abandoned the Faithful and our Faith. I never dreamed of the day when I, Thomas Tanaka, would be telling an Archbishop that he has betrayed our Faith and ask for his resignation. Yet, that time has come and I am not alone. There are thousands just like me who want you to step down and step out so that we can end this embarrassing phase of our Church history.

    We will not allow NCW to take over our parishes or pollute our Faith. This battle is for the preservation of Our One True Faith, and there is no way that we would allow NCW to take over our True Faith. I have said time and time again that there is a simple way to end this strife and that is for Kiko to stop mooching on the Catholics and begin to spend his own money by building your own churches.

    We are also equally determined and committed to ending your fake seminary and return the stolen property back to the Church. A smart man would realize that you Archbishop, has expended all the respect and trust that we once had. Your betrayal of the Faith is astounding and frankly shameful.

    The straw that broke the camel’s back is the credible story of Mr. Roy Quintinilla. He is sincere and you can feel that pain he has carried around all these years. Archbishop, you can no longer ignore this and the other allegations that are floating around.

    For the good of everyone, step down and concentrate your attention in addressing the charge of molestation. Resign and address this matter now. Allow some non-neo clergy to take over your functions for you are no longer able to do so under the condition that you are in.