Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I was just about to take a break from the blog and let Archbishop Hon do whatever he has to do when I saw this!


SEE YOU AT 1:30!

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  1. The old shepherd asked for some aide.
    The new shepherd came in to wade
    Through mire and muck.
    God bless and good luck.
    Stay far from the neo kool aid.

  2. - The NEOs taking the Credit does not lessen the EMBARRASMENT that Brother Tony has caused our Beautiful Island of Guam. All we have to do is present our part of all the destruction to our Catholic Church he has caused. Brother Tony and his NEO counterparts calling the ones that came forward "Liars" says much for their characters which is the lowest of the lowest. Great Christians They Truly Are. NOT! The Truth Will Set Everyone Free! And Please You NEOs - Stop Saying That We Are Against the Catholic Church! It is the sub-humans "In Charge" of the Catholic Church that we are against!

    1. nowhere do I see the neo's involvement! but I could be wrong none the less.

    2. The Neocatechumenal Way has a vested interest in protecting Apuron, and so they have and still do. More to come.

  3. Evilvado, you really are a dumbass aren't you!?! I hope you, Adrian, Pius are the next to be removed! IDIOTS!

  4. Well...I hope that Apuron will be archbishop "in name only" based on this post. I will pray for Archbishop Hon every time I go to pray at the perpetual adoration chapel. He needs our prayers.

  5. Joseph A. SantosJune 7, 2016 at 6:20 AM

    Who made uduvaldo spokesman? If he is the best they have then no wonder they are so screwed up! Maybe he is the only one who can understand Pius's directions. Doesn't he have a parish to attend to? Oh that's right, no one goes to Mass there anymore anyway. Time to dust of my copy of Animal Farm to give me more perspective on this situation. BTW, not to worry Archbishop Hon you will not get a Genarini welcome. However,.....

  6. According to the press release issued yesterday by the archdiocese in reaction to the appointment of the Apostolic Administrator, it makes clear that nothing has changed.Savio's role as apostolic administrator is limited to archdiocesean pastoral matters pending an investigation. And guess who is in charge of coordinating th einvestigation? Claros. And guess who is the boss still? Apuron.

  7. Something is fishy here. Is this all a ruse to whitewash the investigation on the sex abuse claims against Apuron? I mean, why is he still Archbishop and running the show still?

    1. Because anon at 6.44, like we exposed many times here, A bishop cannot be removed unless it is proven he has done serious and grave crimes.

      Which to this day, are still allegations.

      This is why a bishop usually takes a temporary leave during an investigation of wrongdoing. (of course Apuron refused that solution)

      In our case, Rome appointed an Apostolic Administrator, which is highly unusual. Basically it is a hostile takeover, by Rome, of the day to day operations.

      This is why you see that jokeying around of Apuron (under instruction from Pius), to make edicts and such, to save some of the "furniture".

      To resume Apuron is now still Archbishop in name only. He will remain so until he is forced to resign, which he can refuse, or removed (which is a very rare thing, but thanks to the new law passed this weekend, more likely at this time.)

      The Apostolic Administrator will handle all administrative duties.
      The telling story will be if Archbishop Hon, actually makes some personnel moves. If he does not, we shall continue to be saddle with the same idiots, and he will be unable to affect any real, and needed changes.

      Once the situation is cleared, one way or another, the Vatican will nominate either a new and more permanent administrator or an Auxillary Bishop, until we get a real new Bishop.
      I know it is a little complicated, but that is the way it works.

  8. Just a temporary band aid to quell the restless natives. He also came to scold us, if his last visit was an indication of his style of leadership. In an already muddled situation, it seems the Vatican is muddying it more by appointing a "temporary caretaker." The tony tony remains in power to watch the proceedings while someone else cleans up.

    1. Scold us???? For standing up for the truth??? Give me a break. If Hon is here just to quell the masses, then go back to Rome. The laity can take care of this....once and for all.

    2. Either way, let Hon do his thing. If people show out against him, it looks like recalcitrance. If everything is goofy, you can be sure the lawsuits will be filed against Tim, and then we'll see where they land.

  9. - Let Brother Tony and his NEOs think that they have the upper hand. Thank You for Embarrassing Guam! What Earthly Accomplishments! You Must Be So Proud! The whole world have been informed of his misdeeds and the respect that he thinks he has is no longer there. They can jump up, dance, and think they "Got Over", but when they go through that "Heavenly Gate" is another story! God is Not Sleeping!

  10. Well the brother tony has really put guam on the map in a bad way. Goes to show that even brother Tony's soul had a price when he dealt with the neocult movement. What a shame.

    1. Yes anon at 7.25, it is almost funny, when you heard the wailing cries of the neos on social media, telling us how shameful for Guam the little ladies from LFM were, when they welcome Genarrini at the Airport.
      Basically making a tempest in a teacup.

      Now we have a real tropical storm building, and I think I am not making a huge leap of faith when I say, a Typhoon is coming.....real soon...

  11. BTW, if Hon is here for the administration of diocese business, have him bring back the "Licker" so he can face justice.

  12. We will not be scolded into silence. We are adults in our Church, not mere children that can be coerced to believing and confirming to whatever is simply presented to us. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We want our Church back!

    Get that edivaldo and the rest of those neos out of the chancery. Do not let them speak for you!

    Archbishop Hon, understand why we are sceptical of your allegiance, be of the people, not just for the NeoCancers that we continue to suffer from. The last time you were here, you tried to scold us into falling in line. Do your job. As an appointed administrator, by the Pope, your actions will clearly show what Rome really intends for the Catholics of Guam.


    1. Thank You Anonymous June 7, 2016 at 8:16 AM! I was not aware of what happened before since I have been gone since 1976 but I Always Loved My Catholic Church and have always been Proud of a being Catholic from Guam especially from my San Vicente and San Roke Church in Barrigada. TODAY is a different story. It is "An Uphill Climb" but at least now the "Whole World" knows the story. We are "Adults of Our Church" and will not be Coerced Anymore! DITTO ON THE STAY ALERT AND DO NOT LOSE SIGHT!

    2. Slept on it...I'm still A CCOG member.

  13. Archbishop is being shadowed. It's about time? AAA being on Guam, away from all his authority to do whatever he see's fit. This decision doesn't sound right. Although it's a step in the right direction. Sadly, the accused is still with power, set free to roam, to mingle with the children. The Law sucks.

  14. this is more B.S. the archbishop asked for someone? who is he trying to kid? the boonie dogs in my village? even the dogs are smarter than to believe that he asked for it.

    delusion and deception and this Hon guy better know from the get go we will force the issue of the sexual abuse and nobody is going to put up with any special neo handling. nah, we done with the arch and he can take his neopack can leave just as soon as possible. archbishop Hon, know this: we members of the church appreciate that you're here that's really great but you enable the neopack meaning the dweebs and forked tongues David, Adrian, Bibi, not to mention that juice sucker, we'll call you out publicly. Better know coming in media in LA, SF, Seattle, Miami, New York, Chicago, Boston, Jacksonville, Phoenix to name a few are all watching. Should have sent someone better than Hon, someone less sympathetic to the neopack than Hon but maybe he knows he better not trip up on this one and have impartial ears. The abuse is just the beginning.

  15. Dear Archbishop Hon,
    Tony's policy is flawed. And he is so very flawed. Period. Please do diligence in cleaning up his mess.

  16. Is this apostolic administrator guy a "Neo".

  17. When is Archbishop Hon expected to be on island?

  18. We should demand that Pius leave. Kick him out of the hill.

    1. no we can't just kick someone out of our island just because we don't agree with their actions! if that was the case... we can easily kick all the chuukese who do nothing but waste our islands resources!

  19. it appears oj is taking his new job very seriously as the chancery spokesperson, but his immaturity is very obvious when he claims that his boss requested a Vatican referee...

    had another official been appointed, the chancery release would have claimed, that this official is part of the conspiracy against him...

  20. Has anyone seen this? Seriously?!

    General Decree of the Ordinary

    Concerning the Group So-Called “Concerned Catholics of Guam”
    For the People in and of the Archdiocese of Agana
    In the Territory of Guam

    Prot. N. 2016-028

    June 5, 2016

    WHEREAS The group calling itself Concerned Catholics of Guam, established within the Archdiocese of Agana and purporting to be an association of the faithful therein, has, as an organization conducted itself in the following way:

    Setting itself to recruit, by membership or other representation, members of the faithful of this Archdiocese, under the guise of promotion of public worship, Christian virtue, and charitable endeavor without having been erected by competent ecclesiastical authority (c.301 §1);

    Assuming the name and usage of the term “Catholic” without the consent of competent ecclesiastical authority, as required by law (c. 300);

    Actively promoting opposition, both ad hoc and organized, public and private, to legitimate acts of ecclesiastical governance placed by the Ordinary or those acting in his name (c. 1373);

    Instigating manifest and public opposition to the Ordinary, with whom they are obliged to preserve communion (c. 209);

    Soliciting and disseminating fraudulent or otherwise malicious allegations against the person of the Ordinary (c. 220);

    AND WHEREAS Membership, promotion, or direction of such a society is manifestly detrimental to the communion of the faithful in this archdiocese, the good of souls, and to ecclesiastical discipline;

    AND WHEREAS The law provides the general principle that membership of such societies is constituted a delict (c. 1374);

    AND WHEREAS It is proper to the office of the Ordinary, as the competent ecclesiastical authority, that this above cited canon be applied to such societies within the territory as seems prudent and necessary to the Ordinary, by means of particular law

    BE IT THEREFORE KNOWN, EX DECRETUM GENERALIUM, The group calling itself Concerned Catholics of Guam is, hereby, established as a prohibited society under the particular law of this archdiocese.

    CONSEQUENTLY All members of the faithful in and of this archdiocese, clerical or lay, are to:

    Avoid association with this organization;
    Refrain from signing, or otherwise promoting, acts or other measures of that organization;
    Renounce membership, or any other position, within that organization;
    Refrain from speaking, publicly or privately, on behalf of that organization.
    THIS IS ESTABLISHED AS PARTICULAR LAW IN AND FOR THIS DIOCESE by means of this Decree and shall take effect on midnight on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 (cc. 8, 29).

    Such members of the faithful in and of this archdiocese who have heretofore retained membership in this group are paternally and pastorally urged to renounce such membership and avoid the organization, until such time as it be reconciled to competent ecclesiastical authority and this law be repealed.

    Given on the 5th day of June, 2016.

    Servus tuus,
    /s/ Most Rev. Anthony Sablan Apuron, OFM Cap., D.D.
    Archbishop of Agana

    /s/ Rev. Adrian Cristobal

    1. The above signed are F*****G IDIOT's, and they know it, didn't want to leave the others behind, David, Tenorio, Pius-the skunk, Evilvado!

  21. I guess it is only the news media in Guam that is showing his "request video". Alas, nobody outside of Guam is even carrying that side of the story.

    1. give it time. when they wake up from the time difference, they'll pick it up.

  22. AnonymousJune 8, 2016 at 6:39 AM - Slept on it...I'm still A CCOG member.

    - Oh - Say It is Not So 6:39 AM - Say It is Not So! OPPS! Just Joking! Keep The Real Catholic Faith!

  23. Adrianna, what will you wear to meet Archbishop Hon? Did you get a mani and a pedi. Text me let's figure out your outfit! Sooo, fun!!!