Tuesday, June 7, 2016



  1. Tim, what's happening today? I guess Savio Hon is not the big news.

  2. did anyone notice the General Decree by A. Apuron? http://www.aganaarch.org/

  3. Thank you for sharing.

    Another blatant demonstration of the arrogance, of Pius and the obvious attempt to intimidate and silence.
    Pathetic, disgusting, cowardly, but certainly not surprising from a Bishop who has failed almost everything he has attempted from the get go.

    In itself, it is a sad resume of the non pastoral and vindictive nature of Apuron reign of terror in this Archdiocese.
    Now that he had one last opportunity to impress positively, he instead chooses the tactic of total destruction.

    This my dear friends is the mark of the Putrid and his sulfuric master.
    If you ever doubted the evil core of this individual posing as a Bishop, now is the proof.

  4. So close to 5 million Tim. I suspect today will propel the page views to that number even faster!