Monday, June 20, 2016


Well of course there was a conspiracy. I have been conspiring to bring the truth out about Anthony S. Apuron and how this diocese was robbed, pilfered, ransacked, ruined and damn near destroyed ever since I learned the name Giuseppe Gennarini and how he shouted down Attorney Ed Terlaje who was simply trying to do his job and protect the assets of the Archdiocese of Agana, while Tony boy just sat there and let his friend and defender of 30 years be torn apart by this neo-commie. 

Meanwhile, this same Tony boy will have a chance to publicly swear to his innocence very soon. 

At the upcoming public hearing for the bill lifting the statute of limitations on sex crimes against minors, Tony boy will have the opportunity to personally testify to his innocence. In fact, he can ask the committee chairman to swear him in so he can publicly testify under oath. 

A sworn testimony won't ultimately prove his innocence, but it would be an important first step. 

So for all those out there frantically looking under every rock and pouring through my blog to try to find something to prove Tony's innocence, there is no need. Simply tell him to show up at the public hearing, ask to be put under oath, and swear to his innocence. 

Your move, Tony. 

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