Monday, June 20, 2016


Continued from Part 2

I want to begin Part 3 with a copy of my last thought from Part 2:

I was angry because of what I had seen coming for ten years, and had even warned about: the neocats had finally assembled what they thought was enough force for a complete take over of the diocese, and the first order of business was to get rid of Fr. Paul and then Msgr. James - the two most like to succeed Apuron. 

I will get to why Fr. Paul and Msgr. James had to be gotten rid of, but first I will address the part about the Neocats (i.e. Gennarini et al.) assembling "enough force for a complete take over of the diocese.

During these meetings at the chancery dealing with how to engage the same-sex legislation, in addition to the Neocat-prespbyter/RMS professor Walsh (already mentioned), there was another Neocat-presbyter, a certain Fr. Giovanni Rizzo, a canon lawyer (or purported to be) and vice-rector at the fake Redemptoris Mater Seminary (in Yona). 

Rizzo was a smooth professional. At first I saw him as an ally. I had been publicly fighting the war against same-sex union legislation all by myself for many long months.. I had asked Apuron for help, but he was unable to find a single person willing to publicly join me in engaging the very public war I was having with Senator BJ Cruz. With a canon lawyer on the team, I thought I at least had a resource. 

Up to this point I was neither here nor there about the Neocatechumenal Way. I saw the potential danger, but men like Rizzo went a long way to allaying my fears. Professional, reasonable, outwardly orthodox - all seemed well. But then he did something that pulled back the curtain, and I realized just how nefarious the Neo-Cult agenda was. 

For most, it would appear to be a small thing. In fact, it was only one word: "in". Rizzo had written an article for a special edition of the PDN celebrating the 10th anniversary of RMS. The article was entitled "A Milieu For A New Aesthetic." In the article Rizzo pretended to quote the Catechism of the Catholic Church (he annotated it with a paragraph number) when he wrote "the altar is in the center of the church.

As we know, the Neo's place their "table" in the center of their "worship" space and gather around it. This placement of the table was the object of criticism and correction in Cardinal Arinze's 2005 Instruction to Kiko Arguello (the Neo found) when he wrote that the Neo's:

"...must pass from the widespread manner of receiving Holy Communion in its communities (seated, with a cloth-covered table placed at the center of the church instead of the dedicated altar in the sanctuary) to the normal way in which the entire Church receives Holy Communion.

Rizzo's article not only rejected that Instruction, he, a canon lawyer and the current vice-rector of RMS, bastardized the Catechism to do it. 

The Catechism states clearly that the altar IS the center of the Church. It does NOT say that the altar "IS IN" the center of the church. I wrote Apuron about this aberration and he blew me off. A few days later I confronted Rizzo about it directly, and he blew me off as well. 

If I had any doubt about the Neocatechumenal Way and its agenda to undermine the Catholic Church, it was now gone.

If a bishop and the vice-rector of "our" seminary were willing to bastardize the Catechism of the Catholic Church to justify their agenda and then essentially say "screw you, we'll do what we want" when confronted about it, I knew we were in for trouble. 

You can read more about the Rizzo abomination here

Now, fast-forward to the events which took out Fr. Paul and Msgr. James. 

Both priests had to be eliminated.

Fr. Paul, pastor of the largest parish on the island, had prevented the NCW from entering his parish, not by prohibiting it (he had no authority to do so), but by simply requiring Pius and "the Tall Woman" to conform to what Rome permitted. (Read about Fr. Paul's encounter with them here.)

Requiring the NCW to conform to what Rome permitted drove the Tall Woman into a rage and made Fr. Paul a marked man. The NCW needed control over the Dededo parish and Fr. Paul was in the way. But how to get rid of him?

A few years later they found a way.

You can read the whole story in "Target equals Priest" or at the above tab, "The Removal of Fr. Paul," but the short of it is this:

While Fr. Paul was off-island for health reasons around 2008, a former convict, released from prison in 2000, was hired by the parish as a maintenance man. Upon his return, Fr. Paul reviewed the employee's file and saw nothing to prevent him from continuing in his employ. And, over the next few years everyone got along quietly. 

In 2010, a local law was enacted making registration as a sex offender retroactive, placing the man's name on the list. (Now that we know of Apuron's own history of sex offenses, it is easier to understand why Apuron wanted to appear to be a champion against sex crimes: obviously for his own cover.) 

In 2011, Apuron ordered Fr. Paul to fire the man. Fr. Paul complied, however, the man, who, through Fr. Paul, had been reconciled to his Catholic faith, continued to assist Fr. Paul personally. I will explain the timing of Apuron's subsequent action in a bit, but in 2013, Apuron and his Neocats (i.e. Gennarini et al.) made their move on Fr. Paul, accusing him of not terminating the employment of the former convict. 

When Fr. Paul produced the evidence that he had terminated the man as ordered, Apuron and (Adrian) Cristobal (then-Chancellor and "bishop-to-be") went nuts trying to smear Fr. Paul and the former employee. One lie led to another...and as we are seeing now, ultimately has led to the "more arduous and painful closure" to not just Apuron's assignment, but to David and Adrian's as well, as they, and "the Stinking Monk," Pius, had been the hopeful architects of Fr. Paul's destruction. 

After exposing this evil plot against Fr. Paul, I slammed the gate shut on Apuron's sordid fingers when I produced the parole record of the former convict, showing, that as a condition of his parole, he had been assigned to work as a maintenance man at Santa Barbara parish, from 2000 to 2003, with the full knowledge and consent of Anthony S. Apuron, and a number of years before Fr. Paul even became the parish's pastor. 

This caused Apuron, David, and Adrian to go even more nuts and they exploded in a stream of lies, including the made-up story Apuron told to the clergy at a 2013 clergy retreat in Tagaytay, Philippines (audio) heavily insinuating that Fr. Paul had built a stairway to his second floor room to facilitate drunken late-night, homosexual trysts with the former employee. The sickness was absurd. And little did we know then that we were just at the beginning of the path into hell Apuron, David and Adrian were willing to take us. 

Now, in order to understand what happened and why it happened, it is important to understand that the Neocats (i.e. Gennarini, et al.)  had a timeline. Apuron was "short." Submission of his resignation at age 75 as Archbishop of Agana to the Holy Father would be mandatory in a few years. A complete take over of the diocese and the assurance of a Neo-successor (Adrian or David the Tall) was critical to the Neocat agenda.

The AGENDA was not just the taking of property and the robbing of Guam Catholics, the agenda was the wholesale manufacture of counterfeit "currency," currency critical to the Neocat take over of the world's bishops, especially in Rome. 

As noted in other posts, the "currency" of advancement in the Catholic hierarchy is vocations. The more vocations a diocese has, the healthier it looks, and the credit accrues to the bishop of the diocese, broadening his chances for advancement and power (and in Apuron's case, the "my precious" red hat).

Kiko and Gennarini understood this. They also understood that many of the world's bishops had grown lazy about vocations, and fallen simply to blaming "the world" and its so-called distractions for the lack of vocations. 

Kiko and Gennarini needed priests, and they needed to manufacture them fast. So their seminary program went on the fast track. However, most of the world's bishops still required even RMS seminarians to have the normally prescribed priestly education...except for one: the Archbishop of Agana, Guam: Anthony S. Apuron.

Not only would no college degree be required at the Guam RMS, there was no real academic requirement for anything. Plus, Apuron would ordain anybody he was told to ordain, even men he knew were NOT qualified for the priesthood, or to even be in a seminary for that matter. 


  1. So sad that this has to be put into writing but since Apuron still in charge of the Catholics in Guam, we must continue the fight! Thank You Tim for the well written chronological order scenario. One will have a hard time arguing against you - And Why Would Anyone One - Oh Wait - There is still that pest of a Diana out there! One swift swat and BAMMMMM! Who on my Island should I send the best pest spray ever! I will even pay for the whole thing, including shipping!

  2. Investigative journalism is rare today! Great job Tim. Documentation is critical and you've got the "low down" on AAA, ACDQ & the NeoRat Mafia from Jersey. BadaBingBadaBoom! (New Jersey slang)
    With all the incriminating documentation in the Jungle why has Archbishop Hon and Rome taken sooooo long to act? I can only think of one reason....and you've spelled it out. AB Hon was sent to save the RMS pervert factory (Kiko's Gold Mine). Everyone else will be collateral damage.

  3. Harold Colorado always said "Archbishop is a troubled man"