Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I noticed something funny about the 2016 Directory showing the names of incardinated priests away from the archdiocese.

There is a name missing. A certain Fr. Louis Brouillard. Perhaps you don't know him. His name turned up recently in 2013 after the Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota, was forced to turn over secret documents regarding clergy sex abuse. 

As you can see, as late as 2013, he is listed as a Priest of the Diocese of Agana. It says "diocese" because Agana was not yet an Archdiocese when Brouillard was removed from ministry here in Guam, probably around 1981, and sent to Duluth. 

And as you can also see from this 2005 document, Apuron has kept him on our diocesan payroll:

Before I get to the real point of this post, you probably already noticed the discrepancy: I am estimating that Brouillard was removed from Guam in 1981 (because that's when he shows up in Duluth) and Apuron's 2005 list says he left Guam in 1972. 

I think I'm right because on July 5, 2013, the Umatuna ran a feature article about the 40th anniversary of San Isidro parish, established in 1973, and noted that Brouillard was its first pastor:

Hmmmm. Now why would Apuron want us to think that Brouillard was already gone by 1972? 

Perhaps it has something to do with the real meat of this post which is: Why is Brouillard still a priest of the "Diocese of Agana" (meaning he's still on our payroll)  in 2013, when he was removed from ministry nearly thirty years previously and by the diocese we apparently squirreled him off to? ((I guess Qatar and Ballin weren't available back then.)

Perhaps you are asking why he was "squirreled away" out of Agana in the first place. Well, we've been collecting the stories, and they are pretty horrific. Don't worry, you'll hear about them in time. We're being careful with this. At least one of his victims has already met with a local attorney, and from what I have learned, there are many more. 

So here's the deal. Brouillard was never laicized even though he was removed from ministry in Guam. And then, apparently because he kept up his molesting ways, was removed from ministry again in the diocese we sent him to. Why wasn't he laicized? "Defrocked?" Why is Apuron still paying him? Could it be that Brouillard knows about Apuron and Apuron knows about Brouillard? You think? 

If Brouillard was made pastor of San Isidro in 1973, and from the Duluth records, not moved there till 1981, then he would have been here during the late 70's when Apuron was "allegedly" helping himself to the bodies of little boys. 

You know, you gotta wonder how someone like Apuron with this horrible history, could have been made a bishop. Guam is too small for Apuron's sickening sex spree not to be known. We know from Walter Denton's testimony that at least one priest knew, and it is quite possible that several priests knew, including Brouillard and maybe a few others that are still around. (Guess who?) 

Apuron was made a bishop in 1984. Brouillard had already gone off to Duluth to molest white boys (instead of brown ones). Brouillard was removed from ministry in Duluth in 1985. From 1981 to 1985, since he was active in ministry in Duluth, it would be expected that he was paid by Duluth. But once he was removed from ministry in 1985, the responsibility for his welfare reverted back to the the diocese where he is incardinated: Agana. 

Apuron was made Archbishop in 1986 upon the death of Archbishop Flores. Could it be that Apuron made a deal with Brouillard to take care of him as long as he kept his mouth shut? After all, one word from Brouillard and Apuron would have been quickly toppled from his episcopal chair which he had barely yet warmed. I think there may have been a few other deals made like that as well. (Guess who?)

Archbishop Hon, this is not going to go away. There are many boys (now men in their 60's) who know the name Brouillard and I have heard the most awful, unbelievable stories. Oh, and he was a scoutmaster. GEEZ!!! And you are not going to believe what he made those boys do on their camping trips. It wasn't tying square knots - at least not with ropes. 

Apuron had to know all this, but we'll wait for our court date for all that to come out. You know, under penalty of perjury and all that. Meanwhile, Brouillard's name needs to go back in the directory. He's still alive, you know. In fact, he recently just had a visitor. (I have the picture.) Courage. 


P.S. Let this post serve as an ad for anyone who was molested or otherwise sexually used or abused by Louis Brouillard. Contact me at and I'll send you to the attorney who can assist you. This is where that INSTITUTIONAL LIABILITY is going to kick in. Too bad, Archbishop Hon. If only you would have done the right thing to begin with. You didn't. 

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