Tuesday, June 28, 2016


“Please give us Agat boys a chance to achieve some measure of justice and closure in our lives,” Denton said.


  1. To all Senators:
    1) Justice should have no expiration date.
    2) Either you are for sexual abuse or against sexual abuse. There is no middle ground. abstaining is the same as being for sexual abuse.
    3) We will remember those who voted against this bill.

  2. Yes, we the people of GUAM will be watching closely for your action on this Bill and you will see our action as well when requesting for our votes. Anyone who does not support this Bill or abstain, we will get you out just as fast as we got you in. It is time to reflect if you are truly working for the PEOPLE OF GUAM or not.

  3. Joseph A. SantosJune 28, 2016 at 9:25 AM

    After listening to Archbishop Robert Carlson's comments and reading Bishop Robert Cunningham's comments I now fully understand what Bob Klitzkie was putting out during the public hearing, The church hierarchy will not correct their own mistakes, in fact they will do their best to blame the victims. This battle is far from over and we cannot let our guard down. There are people that I know, family and friends who are satisfied with the bone Hon threw at us by rescinding Apuron's decree. What a piece of crap that was. These bishop's continue to bola bola us with their press releases. How about a heart to heart talk with the victims. I thought that was what the Pope was saying. Even his "second in command" does not seem to follow what the Pope has put out. The bill is not passed. The Governor needs to know that he must do right by these courageous people who came out and testified. Do not take what is put out by the chancery for face value! Too many lies and misinformation have come from them. Some of my wife's family are starting to see the light and now are willing to join in the picket line. Hon said that this would die down in 2 weeks. He needs to know that it is just starting and once the law is passed if he is involved in covering up for the misdeeds of all involved then he too will be sued. We will have our day in court, because Rome will not do anything about our situation. If you don't believe me, Rome sent a representative and what has he done so far? Nothing!! Rise up people of Guam. The reason they call us sheep is because we will do whatever they tell us to do. No More!! We had a corrupt shepherd and the corruption is still with us. We have to speak up for ourselves and stop being led around like a carabao with a nose ring. Those two bishops disgust me and knowing we are still in the same situation even with an Apostolic Administrator assigned from Rome leads me to believe that there is a conspiracy to protect bishops and not the victims. The picket must grow and your voices need to get louder!! Remember, we must be "Silent No More!".

    1. Unfortunately you are correct. They hierarchy will not correct their own mistakes and will blame the victims and whoever exposes the transgression and G_d help the priest who exposes a pedophile clergy member. That priest will suffer greatly. Read too many cases lately of bishops lashing out at priests doing the correct action or at laity exposing a problem.

    2. ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, Joe. What you had just written is a re-affirmation of my "Public Letter to Hon", stating that if his papal mission is to bring healing to a suffering Church in Guam, he is a total failure. If his mission is otherwise (to promote the Triple C, and promote the continuation and promotion of the NCW) he is doing a fine job. If only we could get the vast number of our Catholics to realise this and militantly rise up and defend our Church and our Faith.
      If Hon thinks he can appease us - and cure the ills that infect us Catholics - with his cosmetic solutions (forming committees, asking for the courtesy resignation of Apuron appointees so he (Hon) can reshuffle them, he is dead wrong, because we will be silent no more. If anything at all, "we have not yet begun to fight!" I echo your encouragement to our faithful laity! - jrsa (6/28/16)

  4. Voices Crying in the desert that is the Church! Hear us Oh Lord! Hearing their testimonies "again" in the flesh was heart wrenching. John's observations are right on the kinipopo! The "fight" has really just begun. Arm oneself with the Armor of God and pray to St. Michael the Archangel to protect us!

  5. To All Those Who Are ELECTED OFFICIALS on Guam - Your Fellow Chamorros are asking you - “Please give us Agat boys a chance to achieve some measure of justice and closure in our lives,” Denton said - DO NOT LET THEM DOWN! This is Your Last Chance to Step Up!