Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Thank you, PDN. It should be noted that the current Apostolic Administrator to Guam also holds the position of Secretary to the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, formerly known as Propaganda Fide, one of the most powerful Congregations in the Vatican. As both a highly placed Vatican official, (essentially only two away from the pope), and personally appointed by the pope to administer Apuron's diocese, he is in a unique position to immediately order and oversee the investigation, especially since canon law (church law) reserves investigations of bishops to the Vatican itself. Everyday that passes without even an acknowledgement of a need for such an investigation and hardly a nod to the awareness that the allegations even exist moves us away from gratitude and towards suspicion.

Here is what Archbishop Hon has said about the allegations of sexual molestation against Archbishop Apuron so far:
  • Hon asked the people to pray for Apuron. “He finds himself in a kind of difficulty,” he said.
  • Apuron was mentioned during the gathering, but the sexual abuse allegations against him were not.

  • Archbishop Hon acknowledged there may be those suffering as a result of the accusations and asks the church to approach the issues in a climate of serenity and pray for unity.

  • "I myself, I do not have the gift," said Hon in his homily. "I cannot see through your heart, you are the guilty one or you, you are not. So that's why we come to pray, so that a better solution can be found. A better decision can be made in a climate of serenity.
  • "I understand there are different accusations. I understand that there are people who felt being hurt from their early childhood."


  1. archbishop Savio and Fr. Ted both speak impeccable English, people.

  2. "People who felt being hurt?"

    Hon is the all-time master of understatement. That's like a rapist saying to the rape, "This might sting for a second."

    Where do they find these people?

  3. If the Pope's representative cannot see the depth of our problems then Pope Francis needs to come here and take charge.