Wednesday, June 15, 2016


"Everything that's going on - these men wouldn't have come out if these allegations weren't true. And I believe every single one of them and their allegations against Apuron. What makes them so credible is they each came out and they were very detailed in what transpired during the time when they were with Apuron."


  1. Zita thank you for your courage to step forward and offer some solace to the victim's and their families who have yet to be recognized by the Vatican's representative, Archbishop Hon.

  2. Zita thank you for your courage to step forward and offer some solace to the victim's and their families who have yet to be recognized by the Vatican's representative, Archbishop Hon.

  3. Yes, thank you Zita for your professional perspective based on your many years of experience counseling sexually abused children. I am continually amazed by the mounting evidence and the sheer numbers of people from different walks of life that have been emboldened and enraged to come out and weigh in on this disturbing scandal on Guam. Other than Senator BJ Cruz who has attended at least one of the prayer vigils and Sen. Tom Ada who has joined the protests at the Cathedral and the RMS, not one other government leader has voiced their concern or made any major effort to try to solve this growing problem that is blowing up in their own community. The lay people are the ones who have done the research, produced the mounds of evidence, started the petitions to lift the statute of limitations on reporting sexual abuse, started and kept the blog going on the internet and held the meetings to inform the masses of the hundreds of abuses that have been happening for the last three decades!!! What the dickens are you waiting for? This is not just a problem with the church or the secular. It has spilled over to the legal and the public realm. You must respond! Your people are hurting, crying and very angry. I can't believe that you female senators, you, first lady, you, Congresswoman, all of you government leaders who are mothers, can stand by and let this crisis happen to your people. Stop putting your head in the sand and hoping that this will take care of itself without your help or at least your voice of solidarity or concern. Dare I say that your election or re-election prospects are in the line of fire.

  4. It would appear that their silences are in support for aaa. If this is true you represent a few and not the people of GUAM and should be voted out. People of GUAM, it is time to stand up as well and vote those that are silences.

    1. Every senator at this point is quite capable of coming forward and publicly expressing their support for the victims. They should also go further and see to what public resources can be made available for their care. They do not have to even mention the perpetrator, and thus not get involved in the "church" side of things if they do not wish to.

      At the same time, coming forward at this point, given the timing of the election, could be criticized as a campaign stunt. We have already seen this with Tom Ada who has twice attended and supported demonstrations, but has been called out for "campaigning." He may well be, but I see nothing wrong with campaigning when the cause is just, as ours is. Parenthetically I would like to add that I still want to see an oversight hearing on Land Management.

      Politically, ALL the senators will get their public say when it really matters: the legislative movement and passage of an "enforceable" law lifting the statute of limitations permitting victims to seek justice against perpetrators for sex crimes prior to 2011. (There is a law enacted in 2011 which lifts the statute of limitations permanently going forward.)

    2. I will add that we can remain confident that there will soon be a public hearing on the bill. I am sure that everyone, including the Dianas and the Kikos will be there to support it. As we have heard ad nauseum from the other side: "innocent till proven guilty." Then they should be anxious for AAA to be proven innocent in a court of law. The passage of this bill into law will give him that chance.

      Diana, will we see you there.

      P.S. There is no such thing as "innocent till proven guilty." There is only the presumption of innocence till proven guilty. Very different. However, per the Church itself and its support for Zero Tolerance, the perpetrator is guilty till proven innocent. Thus in the eyes of the Church, Apuron is guilty. How providential that the bishop who threw his priests into the street and publicly flogged them as guilty without so much as an opportunity to demonstrate their innocence, is now on trial for the whole world to see. He can thank Diana for that. It was her incessant drivel that kept this argument alive and finally pushed me to take action to bring it to this point. You're welcome.

    3. Totally agree with TIM. Diana/may come and we will reserve front row sit for you. Bring on your support group since they too been silence as you are their month piece that always get them in trouble every time you open your mouth.


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