Monday, June 6, 2016


Pale' Mike Crisostomo, Mass of Healing, June 5, 2016

and to Ben Meno on Jesse Lujan today:

Ben Meno on ISLA 63 The Buzz with Jesse Lujan, June 6, 2016

P.S. To Adrian: They're coming to take you away - hey - hey. They're coming to take you away - hey - hey. They're coming to take you, they're coming to take you, they're coming to take you awaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!


  1. Oh dear They're coming to take Adrian away. Those pots pans will be flying around Guam. Unbelievable.

  2. Ohhhhhh sounds exciting. Who is taking Adrian away and to where?

  3. Listening to Ben Meno, it's not hard to imagine the Chamorro leaving en masse the Catholic faith and forming its own Chamorro Christian Ministry. Contrary to our tradition, neither the Opening nor Closing Ceremonies in the recent 12th Festival of Pacific Arts had a Catholic priest say the Opening or Closing Prayers. Archbishop Tony, you should be proud of how in just a short time you have destroyed five hundred (500) years of Catholicism. You will definitely have a place in Guam history and in the History of the Catholic Church.

  4. Apuron cannot destroy the Catholic Church. If people
    Have lost their faith they will not be able to blame Apuron at the gate of heaven. Bad bishops started with Judas. People have to grow up and decide if they're going to stand with Peter or hang with Judas.

    1. Tim, I choose to stand with GOD, Peter, you and all your followers.

  5. Do we have enough straitjackets for david c quitugua, adrian f cristobal and edivaldo (juicer) oliveira?

  6. - I Love Pale Mike's comparison of going through a Storm with our Catholic Church! With a Storm, we buckle up and get everything situated so our damages can be no more than what we can handle. We are going through one H_LL of a Storm now and We Need to Prepare!


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