Tuesday, June 7, 2016


PNC: Walter Denton Accuses Archbishop Anthony Apuron of Rape

PNC: Vatican Appoints Administrator to Manage, Minister Guam’s Church

PNC: Archdiocese of Agana Orders Catholics to Dissociate From Concerned Catholics of Guam Group

K57: Yet another accusation of child sexual abuse against Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron ... this time it's rape.

K57: Interview between Patti Arroyo and Father Mike Crisostomo about the appointment of a Apostolic Administrator to the Arch Diocese of Agana by Pope Francis.

K57: Interview between Patti Arroyo and Joelle Casteix, SNAP, about the appointment of Arch Bishop Savio Tai Fai Hon as the Apostolic Administrator for the Arch Diocese of Agana.

K57: Interview between Patti Arroyo and Tim Rohr about the appointment of Arch Bishop Savio Tai Fai Hon as the apostolic administrator for the Arch Diocese of Agana.

KUAM: Third alleged sexual abuse victim comes forward against archbishop

KUAM: Former Agat resident accuses archbishop of raping him

KUAM: Canon law expert discusses church's moves amid controversy

KUAM: Archbishop contends he requested Pope appoint temporary replacement

KUAM: Archbishop sends video from Rome about new administrator

KUAM: National victims network responds to naming of new administrator

KUAM: Vatican names new administrator for Guam archdiocese amid allegations

KUAM: Pope issues new church law related to sex abuse allegations

PDN: New accuser says Apuron raped him

PDN: New accuser says Apuron raped him as a young boy

PDN: Abuse allegations mount against Archbishop Anthony Apuron

PDN: Walter Denton alleges abuse by then-Father Anthony Apuron

PDN: Archbishop Apuron responds to Vatican's appointment of an apostolic administrator

PDN: Pope names temporary administrator for Guam archdiocese

GUAM POST: Archbishop Apuron responds from Vatican to appointment of new administrator

GUAM POST: Vatican appoints new administrator for Archdiocese of Agaña

GUAM POST: Archbishop Apuron responds from Vatican to appointment of new administrator

Update for International and National News

CATHOLIC HERALD (UK): Archbishop of Guam denies abuse allegations and welcomes Vatican envoy

RELIGIOUS NEWS SERVICE (RNS): Pope puts Guam archbishop accused of sex abuse on leave

ABC NEWS: Pope Names Guam Administrator After Bishop Accused of Abuse

AMERICA MAGAZINE: Pope Names Apostolic Administrator for Guam Archdiocese

NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER: Pope Francis Appoints Apostolic Administrator to Guam, as Archbishop Investigated for Abuse

CRUX: Pope taps interim replacement for prelate facing abuse charges

CHRISTIANITY TODAY: Pope Francis suspends Archbishop of Guam over sex abuse allegations

CATHOLIC CULTURE.ORG: Vatican official named Guam administrator following abuse allegations against archbishop

NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER: Pope Francis puts Guam archbishop accused of sex abuse on leave

CATHOLIC NEWS AGENCY: Guam archdiocese receives administrator after bishop accused of abuse

DAILY MAIL - UK: Pope names Guam administrator after bishop accused of abuse

THE BOSTON PILOT: Pope names apostolic administrator for Guam archdiocese

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Pope names Guam administrator after bishop accused of abuse


  1. So did Uduvaldo e-mail the statement to AAA? AAA looked so sincere as he tried to read the statement. Almost as sincere as dacon Tenorio! They keep on rolling in the cesspool and enjoying it.

  2. It was edited though...no fist pumps at the Rome Piazza.

  3. Cathedral ParishionerJune 7, 2016 at 10:30 PM

    What else will it take to remove apuron and rid the island of those neos, Tim?

    CCOG & LFM we are with you! Just let us know and we'll be there!

    1. I don't see what is so wrong with the NEO's? It's not like they're the ones causing a scene standing in front of church begging for "our catholic church" to be one! I'm not a member of the CCOG or NCW but let them do what they want to do, catholic means universal. If we stop the NEO's then we should stop all these other catholic groups!

    2. ‘Catholic’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

      If “universal” is the adequate meaning of “catholic,” why did the Latin church, which in its vernacular language had the word universalis, not use this word but rather borrowed from Greek the term katholikos instead, speaking of the “one, holy, catholic and apostolic church (to put it into English) instead of the “one, holy, universal and apostolic church”?

      Great question!

      Ong explains that it has a theological and practical significance. The origin of “universal” in Latin likely comes from the two root-words unum (meaning “one”) and vertere (meaning “turn”). The image it evokes is something like an architect’s compass, which is used to make a circle around “one” central point.

      Universal does bear a certain sense of inclusivity, for it gathers everything and everyone that is within the boundary of that line drawn around the circle. Yet, by virtue of the boundary or circle, it necessarily implies exclusion for whatever and whoever falls outside of the “universal” line.

      By contrast, katholikos comes from two Greek words: kata or kath (meaning “through” or “throughout”) and holos (meaning “whole”). This notion of “throughout-the-whole” carries no notion of boundary or lines drawn that demarcate those who are “in” and those who are “out.”

      The point, Ong suggests, is that the life, ministry and preaching of Jesus of Nazareth also supports this notion of katholikos — “Catholic” — rather than a more exclusive notion of the church as “universal.” He points to Jesus’s very short parable of “the yeast” found in Matthew 13:33 (and Luke 13:21), in which Jesus likens the Kingdom or Reign of God to a woman who makes bread.

    3. katholikos from the latin means of the whole, and is precisely reflective of the mission of Jesus Christ, for the whole world. It is exclusive only to those who refuse the salvific work of Christ.

    4. Anonymous at 5:34 AM

      I appreciate your inquiry of what you do not understand, but I would suggest you then refrain from making conclusions based on your self proclaimed ignorance.

      This situation has been thoroughly documented of the problems with the NCW and why this whole situation is not about mere opinion.

      There are plenty of resources here on this site and in other sites that I implore you to read and study for yourself - especially in the topic of the liturgy of our Church.

  4. When's tony returning?
    Any airport greeting plans?

  5. 6 years ago and now it changed??


    1. Richard NochefrancaJune 8, 2016 at 9:53 AM

      The difference is that article did not go outside the pacific rim. With all eyes and ears glued to what is happening to our church today (thanks to Tim Rhor) and the invitation to speak out about past abuse, we have these brave young men from distant lands coming forward. Enough is enough...Just listen to the threat ArchNEO Cult Presbyter Anthony Sablan Apuron said to young Walter at the age of 8 years old "No one will beleive you if you tell anyone". I am a retired US Army Veteran and a former Altar Server and I know that Walter with his 20+ years of selfless service to our Nation has more integrity than these NEO Cult Clowns on the Hill. His integrity and courage is way beyond approachable. We must fight to ensure victims like these three courageous people are vindicated....Down with this KAKA filled NEO Cult Adminiatration and their empty threats.

    2. Amen to that Richard!

  6. Dr. E., a mandated reporter (supposed to report child sex abuse crimes), is also part of Apuron's Neo=community. IF he heard Apuron's open confession of abusing children, would Dr. E. or could Dr. E be an accessory or culpable IF he chose not to report the crime?

  7. Tuesday, June 7, 2016 Posted by Diana at 4:45 PM

    Finally, An Agreement
    I believe that both sides can now come to an agreement with having Archbishop Hon coming in to do an investigation on the sex abuse allegations. I also believe that both sides can also agree to proceed forth with a civil lawsuit. Both Archbishops Hon and Apuron will be returning to Guam soon, and things can move forward. I am certain that Archbishop Hon will make the sex abuse allegations a priority. Since he was appointed by the Pope, things should be able to go smoothly with the investigations. Archbishop Apuron, on the other hand, can also focus more on proceeding with the civil lawsuit upon his return.

    Because we both agree that the investigations and the lawsuit should proceed forward, there is no need to argue about it. We simply allow the investigations and the civil lawsuit to move forward.
    Posted by Diana at 4:45 PM

    1. Diana/May is delusional and STUPID…

  8. I hope the investigation doesn't drag.
    Praying for everyone.

  9. Anonymous at 2:42 AM:

    As I explained in more detail at her blog, if Archdiocesan money is used, any and all billings for work done by the Law Firm after the Vatican announcement must be approved by Archbishop Hon.

  10. Replies
    1. If there is no investigation, then what is Archbishop Hon's purpose here?

    2. Whoa.....are you implying there's a deal that has already been done? Got to get more popcorn.

    3. Administrator. NOT Investigator. That's the lie Apuron wants you to think. Investigation is over. It started in Jan 2015 when Hon came as a Visitator. A part from the sex abuse stuff Apuron was determined not to be capable of leading the diocese. He's out.

    4. Tim, if the Vatican has already determined that AA is out, then why is he still the archbishop? Why not just replace him now?

    5. Tim, If Apuron is ''out'' does that mean he won't be returning to face Roy, Doris (Chico's mom), and Walter on the sinful, disgusting crimes they've accused him on during when he took way their trust and innocence. I hope someone else steps in, someone that Apuron molested less the 3-5 years ago. That would likely bring him tumbling down his high horse.

      Bunechu Diablo...... lost all respect for you Apuron.

      Flo B

  11. I know you don't want this to be about you Tim. And I admire you for that. But I have to give credit where credit is due. Credit is due you Tim. If you didn't persevere from the time Fr. Paul was removed unjustly, we will not get this far. I know the fight is not over yet. But you have accomplished much. I thank the Lord for putting you exactly where you are to make a difference. God bless you and the whole family.

  12. I don't understand. so are we in some sort of an interim/removal/transition phase? since there is no investigation? will there ever be one? I hope he is out even based on 3 credible allegations; all anyone has to do is interview these guys, very credible. no trust, no confidence, in leadership.

  13. To anonymous @5:34 a.m./June 08th: I don't really care what the Neos do or don't do. Just as long as they stop pretending they are Catholics or continue to use the facilities and resources of the Archdiocese of Agana. We have a unspoken live and let live policy with other religions; we can do the same with the Neos.

  14. "Administrator. Not Investigator." apuron has lied again. Will this be apuron's last public lie now that Hon is the Administrator? Will apuron be able to travel on a whim with his boy toys as before? What will apuron be doing while Archbishop Hon is around? What about his cronies in crime, Pius, Eduvaldo, Adrian, David the VG? Will they be able to wreak their mischief, telling half-truths, issuing press releases calling people liars, etc? We are hoping for a lot from Archbishop Hon. I pray he will not let us down.

    1. For now let us pray that the Vatican representatives will have the strength and courage to right the wrongs, and not prolong the agony of so many. Let us welcome and pray with them that the Holy Spirit will guide them to do what they came to do.

  15. Conspicuous by its absence in the list above is anything from Zenit. Any guesses as why that might be?

    1. Zenit is NCW propaganda machine to make crap smell like roses. Of course the breaking news of apuron's shaming will have been purged to perpetuate the lies and denials we have seen so prevalent in the NCW machinery. The organization still thinks the world is clueless to their subterfuge. The reality is that the Catholic Faithful of Guam made the world take a second look at this parasitic amoeba that masquerades as God's gift to the world. Be strong, island of Guam, our resolve to seek justice and dignity is bearing fruit in spite of our miniscule geographical footprint.