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Walter Denton at Age 11.
2 years before Anthony S. Apuron raped him


Guam church willing to hear allegations of sex abuse

14 Apr 2010
By Therese Hart - Guam Reporter

HAGÅTÑA – The Archdiocese of Agana on Tuesday urged any person who has information regarding allegations of sex abuse by a priest to come forward and report their cases to civil authorities.

The archdiocese issued a press statement following media reports about allegations of sexual abuse by priests in the local Catholic churches.

“The Archdiocese of Agana has had an effective safety plan in place to protect all children served in the Archdiocese since April 23 of 2002,” the statement read.

The statement did not address allegations against former priest, Ray Cepeda, or Father Randy Nowak.

“We strongly encourage any person who has information regarding allegations of sexual abuse to come forward and report those allegations to the appropriate civil authorities. In addition, our door is also open to hearing about such allegations,” read the archdiocese’s statement.

The statement added that the archdiocese follows the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Charter on Sexual Abuse as ratified by the Holy See.

Those wishing to express their concerns directly to the archdiocese are encouraged to call Deacon Jeff Barcinas at 671-472-6116, ext. 205, or Deacon Steve Martinez at 671-472-6116, ext. 208.

“Sexual abuse is a matter of the gravest concern, as Our Lord calls us to protect the most innocent and vulnerable among us — our children. We take the protection of children very seriously,” the statement said.

The archdiocese said church officials stand ready to assist victims of abuse “as part of the church’s charity and embrace of those suffering and in need.”

“Regardless of where or how abuse happened, we urge any who are victims of abuse to report this abuse to proper authorities, trusted adults or others so that action can be taken to correct and prevent abuse,” the statement read.

“Together we can make our homes, schools, offices and institutions safer for children.” 


  1. Brothers and sisters, how good it is to be with you once again.

    As you know, since we were together at the last press release, we have been saddened by the loss of three of our beloved LIARS: Most Rev. Anthony Sablan Apuron, Rev. Msgr. David C. Quitugua, and Rev. Fr. Adrian L.F. Cristobal.

    They have returned to their heavenly home beneath a snake on San Ramon Hill. We will certainly NOT miss them.

    How grateful we are for their examples of Christ like love and for the inspired teachings they have left to all of us. NOT…

  2. So ironic that the article written by Therese Hart back in 2010 mentions the urging of victims of abuse by priest, to report these abuses to proper authorities and that the Church officials "stand ready to assist victims of abuse......" For Sure, For Sure.....that's what exactly is happening when Roy Quintanilla, Mrs. Concepcion and now Mr. Denton, having come forward, are receiving. NOT!!! Instead, apuron strikes back and accuses them (Quintanilla and Concepcion) of lying. We are all waiting for apuron to tell us that Denton, too, is lying. His Idiot followers (Diana/May, Adrian, Uduvaldo, Tenorio) follow suit. Then they "order" Catholics to stay away and dis-associate themselves with CCOG and LFM. This fiasco is better than some movie plots I have seen or books I have read. I better get more popcorn....this is getting good.

  3. Deacon Jeff has since passed away. Deacon Steve was fired as Sex Abuse Coordinator. Recent events has vindicated Deacon Steve. God is good.

  4. - Such beautiful pictures of young men who, at their tender age, dreamt nothing more than growing up normal. One can only cry looking at the pictures. God's Extra Special Blessings on Each and Everyone of Them, including Joseph who is already in God's Heavenly Kingdom, and those who have yet to come forward.

  5. Marilu,Concerned and CatholicJune 8, 2016 at 2:46 PM

    To Denton Walter and his family: The faithful on Guam (many more of us Catholics who are concerned about you than you may realize) are behind you, supporting you and your family and keeping you and the other victims in our prayers. May God our Santa Marian Kamalin watch over you all!

    1. I agree, Marilu, we on Guam and elsewhere in the world, cry with you, Mr. Denton, for what you have gone through. We are proud of you and admire your courage. May God bring you justice and healing.