Friday, June 17, 2016


I heard again today that some think the coming forward of the victims was "orchestrated." Well, yes, yes it was. And thank you very much. How'd I do? LOL. 

Of course it was orchestrated. I had to be terribly careful with them. I knew what Apuron would do to them. I knew he'd threaten them just like he did when he raped them and molested them. We knew he'd say "no one will believe you." And in fact, that is exactly what he said in a different way 40 years later, except this time he accused them of spreading "malicious lies and calumnies" and threatened to sue them into silence. 

You see, I knew he would do this. So I had to work long and hard. I had to find the money. I had to find the attorney who would protect them. I had to gain their trust. l had to organize, organize, organize. Even now, I have to see to their care and protection SINCE THE CHURCH STILL WON'T. 

These were horribly damaged boys who had carried their long nightmare into a suffering adulthood, a suffering that was deeply visible on the faces and in the voices of those who stood before you, including the mother of a now dead boy. A boy whose life might have been very different but for what Apuron did to him. A boy who might be alive today and a mother who instead of caving into tears at the mere thought of what she unknowingly permitted, might break into a great smile at the thought of a very much alive son who blessed her with grandchildren. 

You don't just throw people who have suffered so long and so hard out there and say go for it. Months of conversations and care had to happen first. And right up to the last minute, it was still up to them if they wanted to go public or not. I was quite willing to assist them in simply delivering their statements to Apuron and to the appropriate Roman authorities. In fact, that was the plan. 

But then something changed. Something happened. 

Someone in the chancery released a statement on May 13, 2016 listing two pages of accusations against the laity who had been speaking up against Apuron's offenses. The statement said that in response to our speaking up, the Archbishop would be seeking legal action against us. Of specific interest to the victims was this:
These ads were paid for by the Concerned Catholics of Guam (CCOG) according to media statements by Gregory Perez and, as admitted by Tim Rohr, with the intent to target specifically the Archbishop. This demonstrates that they have no proof to substantiate any allegations and that their purpose is to confuse and mislead the people or, even, to induce some to bring false testimony.
The "ads" of course was this one:

READ THAT AGAIN: "...they have no proof to substantiate any allegations and that their purpose is to confuse and mislead the people or, even, to induce some to bring false testimony."

Well these men had "proof," and 40 years of it. And any thought of keeping this a private matter disappeared. It was time to call out this horrible man who had damaged them. It was time to present THE TRUTH. Four days later, Roy Quintanilla came forward. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I wanted to present the back story to this. Because, you see, I never intended to find these victims of Anthony S. Apuron. Instead, they found me. And little did I know, that this was what Apuron feared when he went to Rome to try to shut me up. Yep. Went to Rome. 

Here's what happened.

Beginning in July of 2013, I began following and posting about Apuron's unbelievable treatment of Fr. Paul. The story was quickly descending into a horror story and my posts rapidly drew a crowd. The pageviews and comments were beginning to pile up. It was a combination of both the horrible treatment of Fr. Paul and the disturbing fact that someone was actually willing to go public about the evil acts of one Anthony S. Apuron. 

At the time I didn't know that Apuron had been (and maybe still was) a serial child molester. I had heard rumors for several years, but paid little attention to them. The Father Paul story continued to get more horrible and horrible and my pageviews began to climb and climb. Apparently Apuron had never had anyone call him out in public before and in hindsight, I can see that he foresaw THE DANGER. And here it is:

Apuron knew that his horrible past had to be known. But he counted on the same "no one will believe you" he used on those boys to keep adults quiet as well. So long as his evil acts remained only whispered, he could continue to prance and flutter about, pretending to be the pope of Guam, singing "No one can touch me, No one can touch me. Nah, nah nah, nah, nah, etc.!

But then came JungleWatch, and someone who wasn't afraid of his High and Mighty-ness. He hadn't counted on that. Things got out of hand quickly. If there was a public forum for all the people he had hurt over so many years, especially a forum where people could comment without being known...then Apuron knew he was in trouble.

I didn't know it at the time. But those initial postings about what he did to Fr. Paul were the beginning of the end for Tony. In fact, it was just the beginning of his own "arduous and painful closure to his assignment" - words he had used to threaten Fr. Paul only a few months before. 

Tony had to do something. So he did. On October 10, 2013, I got a "shut up and sit down" letter from a Cardinal Edwin O'Brien. 

Apuron apparently thought that I was like him, that being "important" mattered. The Order to which I had only recently been initiated is an important order in the Church and it is considered an honor to be a member. But I wasn't about to sacrifice the truth for a club membership. So in fact, not only did I laugh this off, I bombarded Cardinal O'Brien with two letters full of details about Apuron's horrid reign of terror. You can read more about that here. You might say that Apuron himself opened up the door, permitting the first details about his evil reign to leak into Rome. By the way, I never heard from O'Brien again. 

I had some fun with this letter, showing it to friends over beer many nights down at The Mermaid Tavern.  I mean who else gets a letter from a Cardinal who lives in Vatican City? But the more I thought about it, the more I began to suspect that something was up. This was way over the top. This was way out of proportion to what I was doing. I mean, really? He went to Rome to take me down? What? Hmmmmm. 

The Fr. Paul affair descended into an absolute nightmare, climaxing with Tony's sick, run-off-at-the-mouth, filthy speech to the clergy on retreat at Tagaytay, Philippines (October 2013) wherein he suggested that Fr. Paul had built a secret stairway to his room to facilitate drunken midnight homosexual trysts. You can listen to it here

The story continued to get worse and worse. The diocese was coming apart and the war was going public. In fact, one could write a book about it. In fact, I DID write a book about it. 

Get your free copy here. Or you can read it on the blog here

After about January 2014 or so, things began to die down a bit, and I thought the story would go away. I remember one day thinking well that's that. Nothing more I can do. And lo and behold, the Holy Spirit descended like a dove and gave us THE DIANA! LOL. 

This thing was dead in the water, but Diana, with her absolutely insane pronouncements and perspectives, breathed new life into it and the war was on. The arguments exploded and so did my pageviews. Things began to mount and mount, the noise grew louder and louder and finally Rome took note, sending Archbishop Krebs to Guam in mid July 2014 to see what all the ruckus was about. 

This is when Wadeson decided to come out of the closet. Poor Wadeson, he had no idea I was waiting for him. What happened was I had gotten a recording of the clergy meeting with Archbishop Krebs. And the recording revealed some pretty horrid things. Wadeson decided to slap me down for publishing the recording and I blasted him with a ten year old report showing that he was twice credibly accused for molesting minors in Los Angeles. 

All hell broke loose, with Apuron throwing Wadeson under the bus. You can read all the posts related to The Wandering Wadeson here

And then came the Msgr. James thing. On July 25, 2014, Msgr. James was called to Apuron's office where he was read a list of charges against him. No warning. No sit down let's work this out. No attempt to paternally correct. Just the accusations, the accusations, the accusations, and no opportunity for Msgr. James to even engage them or even get a copy of them. The next day, the evil stepsisters, David and Adrian showed up on Msgr. James' door step and handed him his "get the hell out of here" decrees. 

Apparently that was the final straw. People blew up, including someone over in San Francisco named John Toves. I remember the morning John left a comment on my blog accusing Apuron of molesting his "relative." I didn't publish it because he didn't leave his name. I posted back that I needed his name to publish the comment. He posted back: "My name is John Charles Ada Toves." I realized that this was too important for just a series of comments on the blog. I struck up an ongoing conversation with John Toves over the next few months. A conversation that led to his coming to Guam to take his accusation directly to Tony himself. 

John was adamant about what Tony did to his cousin. After I learned his cousin's name, I remembered that I had heard the rumors many times. His cousin still prefers to let the past be the past so we are not going to go there. But as some may remember, things got nuts during the December of 2014, leading to the infamous "for sure for sure" interview, which you can enjoy here. For more on the fun with Apuron and Toves see Apuron vs Toves

Apuron probably crapped his pants when Toves showed up. He was safe so long as the actual victim never came forward, which Apuron knew he wouldn't. But Toves was dangerous in another way. He was an altar altar boy in Agat, an altar boy who had been one of the altar boys during Apuron's days there. Toves knew Walter, Roy, Roland, Sonny, and many more. If news got out that John Toves was in town and making noise about Apuron molesting boys, Tony had to know that this was not good. Old skeletons might come alive. 

The old skeletons did start to shake, but they would not put flesh on for several months. However, the press brought on by John Toves once again shook Rome awake, and they paid us a visit the following month in January 2015. 

It took a few months for that to happen. Meanwhile, Diana kept things lively and drove the blog bigger and bigger, louder and louder. 

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