Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Some ask what is the connection between the Neocatechumenal Way and Apuron's crimes. I was about ready to write a whole dissertation. But then I got this note from LAPAZ. LAPAZ is an ex neo-cat, whose family has suffered greatly for daring to depart. English is not her first language and I am copying her comment as received with my emphases:

LAPAZ has left a new comment on your post "PRESS RELEASE JUST NOW":

Neocatechumenal Way was the best hiding place for a bishop with such a background. People must aware of this: Kiko teachings of not resisting evil do hide those crimes. Neocatechumenal Way preaches exactly the opposite of the position of Pope Francis about it. When a movement within catholic Church can be used to avoid justice, please start running away! 

JesusChrist cries with victims. Now, in front of this painfully cases, I will like to see Kiko and Gennarini crying for a banner with "please, go home". They called the Police just for it, while abused and really damaged are told in the Way not to resist the evil. Phalse prophets and pharisees! Now we understand the spurious interests of a bishop who was able to go against his sheeps resorting to lies and manipulation to defend the Neocatechumenal Way over all...his safe conduct.

In short, it is the very theology of "don't resist evil" that has given refuge to amoral monsters like Apuron. In Apuron's case, however, the evil was far greater. Gennarini and his putrid ilk used Apuron to suck his diocese dry and in return, and in return, they gave Apuron the one thing he craved more than little boys: strokes to his disease-infested ego. See for yourself:

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