Friday, June 17, 2016


  1. I heard Mr. Untalan, who was the former (was fired by Apuron) president of the archdiocesan finance council, dealt with Gennarini, Mattia, Claudia, Pat Coffman, Pius, Pablo, Susan, Julio, Francesco, Apuron, VG, Chancellor, and others personally and has direct knowledge of what went on and how things were done. More over, he walked with Apuron and others in the 2nd Community of Agana so he experienced everything first hand. I heard he called for the reorganization of the Curia as early as far back as 2000. I heard that Balvo, the previous Nuncio, agreed with him, but Apuron did not want to do it. Now we know why. Apuron was hiding things from Untalan(and the other council members, namely, Sister Stephen, Monsignor James, and Joe Rivera)) and protecting his corrupted and perverted empire. There is no doubt that the NCW and Apuron in Guam are in bed together and Apuron is the passive lover. Whatever the Neo wants, he gives without hesitation and with lustful deception.

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