Friday, June 17, 2016


Senator, you are doing the right thing! Now, if only Hon up on the hill can do likewise and come forward to help the victims. Thank you Senator Aguon.

Back in 2010, some may remember that I was in a vicious public fight with Senator Frank Aguon over the status of pro-life legislation that was languishing in his committee. I was as relentless at hammering on this senator then as I am as relentless at hammering on Apuron now. 

Even after Senator Aguon later publicly apologized for his role in not advancing that legislation, I continued to publicly hammer him, even calling him a LIAR, challenging him to put up or shut up. 

Senator Aguon was able in the end to actually shut ME up - because he PUT up. He reintroduced the bill I had criticized him for holding up, fought against several members of his own party to pass it, and ultimately saw its passage and enactment into law despite the withering criticism of some major pro-abortion Democratic party players, including this one

Go here to review the history of Bill 195-32 and Senator Aguon's championing of legislation we should not have had to fight for: a law mandating normal medical care for newborn babies who survive failed abortions and lie writhing on the delivery table. (Before this law, it was legal to kill these born-alive children.)

I state this to show that I am no political party hack. I'll fight for or against anyone based on what they fight for or against, not because of their family name, party, or connections. 

And it is with gratitude that I personally thank Senator Aguon for being the first public figure to PERSONALLY reach out to Apuron's victims and offer to help (not just pray for them). Sad to say, it should have been the new Apostolic Administrator. 

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