Wednesday, July 6, 2016


You are right, Joseph. Hon is better off on the sidelines, cheering for his team than actually involved in the game as an umpire. He does not want to hurt anyone's feelings just like Fr. Jeff his representative who is unable to make decisions. He makes the problem bigger by trying to accomodate both teams, when he should be making the calls expected of his role.

Another thing, why even assign a "mini me" to take the fall for him when the "mini me" can't even make a decision. This process is simply adding another layer of bureaucracy to confuse people and overload the decision-making process. Hon is so passive and so full of his "serenity" talk, and he dares blame the laypeople and Jungle Watch! This blog has been the official mouthpiece over a couple of years that carefully laid out issues in an objective manner. It galvanized people to make informed decisions about how they will respond to the scandals that Apuron brought to Guam. If only Archbishop Hon takes time to read the articles and weed out some of the vitriolic comments, he can deduce vital information to help him make decisions.

As it stands, he exemplifies the benevolent owner who needed to cut the tail of his dog for health reasons. In his mind, in order to avoid pain for his pet he decides to cut short segments over a period of time. The dog would have suffered less had he snipped that darn tail once and for all, and get it over with. Hon is like this man. He believes in throwing morsels in the hope that people gradually get used to a multiple of "new normals" and get acclimated to his dainty little improvements. He believes in a showy "prayers for unity" while ignoring real people who are hurting. He lives in a medieval castle in a cloud who does not know how to deal with real people. Hon is not the man for the job at hand, he is too effete to fight decisively and swiftly. He belongs at a desk that involves anachronistic diplomacy, with Vatican walls to shield him from real people who have feelings, grievances and real jobs. He would work well in endless meetings which always results in stalemates just to give superfluous people something to do while remaining on the payroll. There are lots of these at the Vatican. He would suit the office of a papal chamberlain in the real sense of the word - to clean out the papal bedpan on a daily basis, and curtsying to his master while he does so.


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