Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Continued from Part 4

On July 1, 2016, at precisely 11:43AM, the law firm of Lujan & Wolff, filed  Civil Case No. CV 0552-16 in behalf of Roy T. Quinatnilla, Walter G. Denton, Roland P.L. Sondia, and Edith Doris Concepcion against Archbishop of Agana, a Corporation Sole; Anthony Sablan Apuron, an individual’ and DOES 1-50 Inclusive. 

"DOES 1-50 Inclusive" refers to DEFENDANTS, yet to be named - but soon to be by one. LOL. 

Here's how it happened.

In short, my plan worked. Once I learned that Eddie the Waldo had been "promoted" to Apuron's spokesmonkey, I saw my opportunity. 

Of course Eddie the Waldo wasn't really promoted. He simply barged in and took over. And even though his near-Academy Award winning role as the fist pumping director of "The Deacon goes Dakon," starring the inimitable Deacon Frank Tenorio, the Waldo's real success (which was ours) came when he began releasing those unsigned media statements. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I had already arranged for Apuron's victims to come forward and even found them legal protection. But because the statute of limitations had passed, I knew that the most they would have would be an opportunity to make their story public and that's it. Apuron would deny the charges like he did with Toves, and go on doing what he does best: ruining people's lives. 

I needed a way to get around the statute of limitations and get Apuron into court where he could be deposed under penalty of perjury. I knew once we could do that, not only could we learn more about the pervert that is Apuron, but that he might spill the beans about Rude-ee and the other clergy in his network of cover-ups - including Rude-ee's siphoning off parish funds to the Philippines, the priest whose girlfriend's husband killed himself, and the other priest who raped the teenager in the rectory (to name just a few). 

Once the Waldo became the spokesmonkey, I saw my chance. I arranged for those ads to be printed in both papers, showing specific dates and places where Apuron had been assigned. The idea was not so much to find more victims, but to get the spokesmonkey to do something stupid. 

It worked. 

On May 13, the spokesmonkey spit out two pages of vomit and threatened to sue me and the CCOG. I went on record saying "Bring it on." I did that to enrage the spokesmonkey. I knew what was coming on May 17 (Roy Quintanilla) and I wanted him worked into a white-hot lather.

I couldn't believe my luck when the spokesmonkey was caught fist-pumping in the reflection off the glass in the Dakon Tenorio video. And then he was stupid enough to reshoot the thing and release it to the media, covering up the glass with a picture of the Blessed Mother. LOL. As if we didn't already have the first one. 

But I didn't have what I wanted yet. To sue Apuron, I needed the spokemonkey to call Roy a liar. You see, I knew the spokemonkey would not sign his press releases, so as long as they were on Apuron's letterhead, we could make the spokesmonkey's words, Apuron's. 

Then on May 31, I got what I was waiting for. Doris Concepcion had gone national, telling of her son's last moments during which he told his mother that Apuron had molested him. The spokesmonkey went ballistic, accusing Doris of spreading "malicious and calumnious accusations against the Archbishop." PERFECT!

But still, to get to Apuron, I needed something more. I needed the statement to be on Apuron's letterhead and unsigned. Had the Waldo signed it, we could only go after the Waldo. However, if it was unsigned, we could go after the Waldo, Apuron, Cristobal, Quitugua - the whole rotten bunch. 

And sure enough, right on cue, the Waldo came through: an unsigned statement calling the victims liars and on Apuron's letterhead. Oh come Holy Spirit! 

By NOT SIGNING the statement, Lujan & Wolff can now name everyone and anyone as a defendant who may have had access to or even influence over someone who had access to Apuron's letterhead. In layman's terms, Eddie the Waldo opened the door for the Plaintiffs to pretty much name everybody in the Chancery and even RMS (which I will explain another time.) 

So thanks to the ambitious Waldo, Apuron's victims now have an opportunity to finally bring their perp to justice...and as we shall see: Eddie the Waldo, too. And given that the Waldo is Apuron's "fave"....LOL. It's hard not to believe in Karma. 


Orchestrated? You bet. 

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