Saturday, July 30, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

Page A14 of the Pacific Daily News, July 30, 2016:
The Archdiocese of Agana recently announced changes in addressing sexual abuse allegations. Now, church leaders must turn rhetoric into reality.  Read more.


  1. "The Vatican must share information on the investigation with the accusers and the wider community."

    What investigation? None of the survivors who have come forward have been contacted by any investigators in the Vatican. Don't be mislead by Hon. The only "investigation" happening in Rome is a discussion on some level about what the hell to do with Apuron. I am a committed Catholic, but I wholeheartedly I agree with CCOG's Jerry Taitano, who said that the Catholic Church won't do anything about this unless it is forced to do so.

  2. Serve the archdiocese legal papers and add them to any lawsuit and see how quick they act....

  3. Listening to Archbishop Hon's at his conference about restoring Fr. Paul and Msgr. James, something was just not right. For me, I felt bitter/sweet. Then, watching Fr. Paul's excitement when interviewed. Isn't it best to get all wild up with excitement after receiving a form of document, signed in black and white. I hear the world "patience" again. What's up with that word. When a laity brakes the law we go immediately and directly to jail. If the men clothe in the church brakes the law their protected, they can attend a gala party and of they to doing whatever. the word "Patience" patience has been worn out. Hope we could all share the same feelings about this word, it's true meaning, and place it to practice.

  4. Patience shouldn't be used as a synonym for timidity, gullibility or egotism, even by priest.

  5. It is time for these spit ritual leaders to be accountable to civil law. They have long hidden behind the cloak of the Holy See. It pains me to see the state of the Catholic Church today! Their priority is saving face rather than giving love and justice to the victims (I know Hon cringes to any reference of this word.) yes Hon VICTIMS!!!

    Go home to your nice desk job doing damage control for the Holy See!

  6. Where is Apuron? AMBER alert: Apuron Molesting Boys Everyday Religiously


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