Saturday, July 30, 2016


Posted by Tim Rohr

As you have seen from my activity in the news, Tim Rohr has not "gone away." And while I have turned over the administration of this blog to others and opened it up to some wonderful authors, I will still use it when necessary. And today it is necessary.

Archbishop Hon is apparently on a media blitz. Unfortunately, it appears we can trust him no more than Apuron and Adrian. 

KUAM: "The archdiocese owns that property. No doubt of it. And then there's a certain ambiguity who has the right to use it. And on this matter, I'm going to have a review of it," Archbishop Hon stated.

Archbishop Hon KNOWS this is NOT true. In January of 2015, Richard Untalan and Joseph Rivera, who were both fired by Apuron from his finance council for opposing the transfer of the property, met personally with Hon and explained that the recently discovered Declaration of Deed Restriction, recorded at Land Management on November 22, 2011, conveyed title to the property to RMS, a corporation wholly separate from the Archdiocese of Agana and controlled ultimately by the Board of Guarantors which itself is 75% controlled by the two Gennarini's and Angelo Poschetti, the Neocatechumenal Responsible Team for the United States. 

In May of 2015, a copy of the Legal Opinion by real estate attorney Jacques Bronze, was forwarded to Hon's office. The Legal Opinion demonstrated in great detail that the document executed by Apuron and recorded at Land Management: “operates to transfer a present interest and is an absolute conveyance in fee simple, of the subject real property to RMHF, divesting all right, title and interest of the subject property from the Grantor, except for the subject restraint in use.”

Hon is publicly misleading Guam's Catholics and we must believe, given that Hon was advised as just stated, that he is doing this purposely. 

Sadly, all of this would have been legally cleared in court had the Attorney General NOT intervened in the legal process required by law by "working something out" with "the trained lawyer." 

After Msgr. David C. Quitugua, on November 29, 2015, published in the Umatuna a false copy of the certificate of title to the property previously obtained from Land Management by Attorney Jacqueline T. Terlaje (aka "the trained lawyer"), Attorney Robert Klitzkie directly engaged the Director of Land Management, Michael Borja about the false certificate.

Borja agreed that the certificate published by Msgr. David C. Quitugua in the Umatuna was in error and initially set out to take corrective action prescribed by law which would have required the issue to be brought before the Superior Court. However, Borja soon aborted that prescription and defaulted to something being "worked out" between Deputy Attorney General, Kristin Finney and Attorney Jacqueline T. Terlaje. 

This route not only kept the matter from going before the court where the truth would have been revealed about the title, but it was a shameful abuse of the law by those elected and appointed to uphold it. The whole ugly story can be found in this series of posts

Let's look at some of Hon's other "misleading" statements in this interview:

KUAM: Hon tells KUAM News he continues to reach out to the alleged victims. 

Hon has NOT called a single one of them. And if he really was sincere about this, he would have at least invited Roland Sondia to his July 27 press conference. Roland lives on Guam and works right across the street at the PDN. But Hon did not invite Roland nor did he "reach out" to any of them by phone, letter, email, whatever. Perhaps he thinks that because he appointed Fr. Pat Castro to be a liaison to the victims, whatever that means, that he has "reached out." If so, then that is very telling of what kind of "priest" Hon really is. 

KUAM: He also clarifies he wasn't aware he was in the presence of one of the alleged victims who was picketing outside the Hagatna Cathedral moments before Sunday morning mass. "Unfortunately at that time I did not notice the presence of Mr. Walter Denton, so I did not ignore him.

What is sad is that Denton had been all over the news media for several days before this happened. Walter should not have had to try to approach Hon on the steps of the Cathedral. He should have immediately received a call from Hon when he came forward about his being raped by Apuron several days earlier, in fact the day after Hon arrived on Guam. There was no such call, no attempt to "reach out" to Walter, leaving Walter no alternative but to try to "reach out" to Hon on the street. 

KUAM: According to the $2 million dollar libel and slander suit against the archdiocese and Apuron, plaintiffs allege such statements were prepared and released by Father Edvilado Olivieras. According to Hon, there's no proof Father Edivaldo was ever appointed the church's official spokesperson.

And how would we know there is "no proof"? Are we supposed to believe the man who just told us that the Yona property belongs to the archdiocese and that he has "reached out" to the victims? The statement, though, really shows Hon's incompetence. "Proof" that Edivaldo was appointed spokesman is NOT needed. The fact that Edivaldo declared that he WAS the spokesman, and the fact that Edivaldo ACTED in that capacity, doing so on the Archbishop's letterhead, is all the "proof" Attorney David Lujan needed to include Edivaldo in the amended complaint. And if Hon is not careful, he will soon find himself a defendant.

Now here is the real "whopper!" 

KUAM: Hon confirms he's met with representatives of the Concerned Catholics of Guam.

Hon did in fact "meet" with two representatives of the CCOG: Greg Perez and Robert Klitzkie. After keeping them waiting for twenty minutes past their appointment time, according to Klitzkie, Hon opened the meeting with "is there something you want to tell me?" Klitzkie read a list of concerns and per Klitzkie's report, Hon had nothing to say other than to quibble with Klitzkie's referring to Apuron's "victims" as "victims" (Hon doesn't like that word), and then to say good-bye. 

Perez and Klitzkie did not ask for the appointment. Hon did. And Perez and Klitzkie agreed to meet with Hon in good faith, believing he was interested in having a discussion. Instead, Hon was only interested in checking the CCOG off his list so he could later say - as he does in this interview - that he had "met with representatives of the Concerned Catholics of Guam." 

And here is another FALSE story:

Father Paul Gofigan and Monsignor James Benavente both restored

To be clear: NEITHER PRIEST WAS RESTORED, because, as you will see, neither priest will be "restored" to the positions from which they were removed. In the case of Msgr. James, it is clear what is happening:

KUAM: Monsignor Benavente said, "What Archbishop Hon did was he retracted the statements that was made about me, the malicious statements maligning my name, and he's basically retracted that. And more importantly is that he's according me the opportunity to have due process, which was never given to me.

In short, Msgr. James was NOT cleared of Apuron's charges against him which led to his being removed as rector of the Cathedral, Director of Catholic Cemeteries, and Director of the Archdiocesan Development Group. All Hon did was retract the statements Apuron later released about him to the press. In fact, Hon apparently thinks Msgr. James is still guilty because by according him "due process," he essentially is saying "Okay, I'll give you an opportunity to stand trial." Msgr. James must now defend himself to Hon, but given Hon's already demonstrated penchant for ignoring facts...well, good luck to Msgr. James.

As for Fr. Paul, unfortunately he slapped the faces of those who have stood up for him these past three years by changing the meaning of the word "restore." For those who have been standing in the streets with signs reading RESTORE, "restore" meant to restore both priests to the positions from which they were wrongly removed. 

This is especially true with Fr. Paul, whose canonical rights were clearly violated by Apuron's appointment of Fr. Dan Bien as Parochial Administrator to Santa Barbara parish in July of 2013, automatically eliminating Fr. Paul from his position as pastor. Apuron's actions clearly violated canon law, as both Fr. Paul's canon lawyer later clearly outlined, and as Apuron himself de facto admitted by commencing the correct canonical process which led to the official Decree of Removal issued several months later, a decree, Hon says does not exist. 

At the press conference on July 27, Fr. Paul tells us that his version of "restore" only means to "restore" his name, which Fr. Paul believes Hon did by saying that Fr. Paul engaged in no "formal" act of disobedience." Fr. Paul is welcome to accept what ever olive branch (or fig leaf) Hon wants to give him, but this remains a slap in the face to those who have labored so long in his behalf. By not restoring Fr. Paul to his position as pastor of Santa Barbara, Hon leaves in place Apuron's Decree of Removal, which while canonically confected, remains based on the act of "formal disobedience" that Hon says Fr. Paul did not commit. 

Additionally, Hon's words are deceptive. His use of of the adjective "formal" is not by chance. In Catholic moral teaching there is both "formal" and "material" participation in an act. An example: The direct procurement or performance of an abortion is "formal participation in evil." Driving someone to the clinic to get an abortion is "material participation." Hon, while saying Gofigan is not guilty of "formal disobedience" is leaving in place the fact that he believes Gofigan is guilty of "material disobedience," which is why Gofigan will NOT be restored to his position as pastor of Santa Barbara. The material disobedience is Hon's view that Gofigan acted badly in publicly opposing Apuron over his mistreatment. So Hon has to punish Gofigan. 

This has nothing to do now with what Fr. Paul and Msgr. James themselves are satisfied with. This has to do with the truth. For us who have labored so long in their behalf, RESTORE meant more than just the restoration to their positions, it meant the complete rejection of all that Apuron both said and did by canceling not only Apuron's words, but also his acts. Hon has retracted Apuron's words, but has left his acts in place, which is why neither priest will be "restored."

Once again, this is not about what either priest will settle for or make them happy. This is about TRUTH. And once again, as with Apuron, Quitugua, Adrian, Pius, Edivaldo and the whole smelly lot, Hon is doing as they did...albeit, with a smile. 


  1. After years and years of "Stonewalling" and "Double Talking" from the Diocese, we are still being treated like "Ignorant Natives"! Okay Hon, it seems like the only way that all these problems can be settled is by going to court. This Back and Forth Bantering is No Longer Cutting It!

  2. Tim had mentioned, as many others on this blog, that we cannot rely on Rome to "fix" our problem. AB Savio, instead of being the solution, is now the problem. This double talking has really gone on too long. Onward to court....BTW, put Hon's name in as a defendant. He deserves it.

  3. Hon: "The Archdiocese owns that property. No doubt of it." Those ten words reveal so much about the man. He doesn't care about the issues that he must address if he really wants unity amongst what is now his flock. He is dismissive. He'll take what has been at the very minimum a hotly contested issue and dismiss it out of hand with a "No doubt of it." He knows how crucial the property is to the Neocats.

    1. "No doubt about it" is the same as saying "for sure for sure". We now know what side of the line Hon is with. No doubt about it! He has just pi$$ed off whatever good will he has left.

    2. Sounds like, "For Sure, For Sure....."

    3. Are we to believe Hon just because he is the archbishop in charge here now? Rome, take this guy back and send us Archbishop Krebs (who knows a lot of the problems here) to clean up this mess caused by another archbishop, Apuron, who not only wanted us to accept whatever he says as fact and truth, he wanted to screw us too!! Enough of these Vatican Elitists who think they can march in here and tell us to all bow to their stupid statements, that all is really well. What a bunch of unholy men these guys are. They are the liars and deceiver. Out of touch with reality. What happened to urgent measure to clean up this archdiocese as required by the Pope? Hon is being "formally disobedient" in my opinion. GO HOME HON! We don't need you here. You are just sugar-coating the filth and expect us to eat it cause it look nice. The clergy have been living off the good graces of the people of Guam and apparently they do not have the fiery gift of the Holy Spirit to stand up and defend our Lord's Church here in Guam. Get rid of this Neocatechumenal Way from Guam and thing will start to return to order in this Archdiocese. CCOG have outlined the clean up tasks for Hon and presented it to him in WRITING. He apparently is ignoring them. So let's go to Court. "Check, please! Julio, get the Stretch!"

  4. "...there's a certain ambiguity who has the right to use it." This is beyond ridiculous. And to open the meeting in the manner he did is even more stupefying. I can't believe that this is who Pope Francis sent.

  5. Land Management nor the AG's office has the authority to correct a cloud on the title of a property [RMS]. Only the grantor, grantee or some other person/entity that has an interest in the subject property has the authority to correct a cloud on title. Some clouds on title can be cleared with a corrective deed but often a quiet title action must be brought before a court of competent jurisdiction. Land Management and the AG's office did something outside the scope of their authority. This in nothing new for GovGuam. The real question is: Why? We know that directors of government agencies roll with the tide. But EBA she was elected...what was her motive on signing off on such a furtive endeavor to clear a cloud on the title of RMS?

  6. I watched closely to the interview with Hon and when it came to the victims, he smirked a little. Did anyone else catch that on kuam last night?

    His action showed me that he could care less about the victims that apuron abused. That's how serious he's taking things.

    His excuse for not knowing that one of the victims was standing next to him was just a bunch of crap since ALL the victims did go to the chancery in agana to serve the archdiocese notices. Anyone would be stupid to think that the agana office doesn't have video cameras and can view who is entering and exiting the offices and the church. How stupid does Hon think Guam is?

  7. OMG!!! Jesus Christ you guys are never satisfied you want more and more, the truth you say? The man (Hon) gives his public statements invites the alleged victims to meet with him and extends an invite in a public forum retracts the statements made about Mnsgr James and Fr Paul they seem satisfied and will work to continue to unify the Catholic Church on Guam and this man has been in the position for 30-60 days and you guys just won't let the man work give me a break. Accept the fact that Apuron is not coming back and instead of focusing on fact less opinions focus on getting the NEO's out of the church instead of slamming AB Hon for his decisions. He may working slowly but give him time and work with the man instead of attacking him. You guys sound like Trump supporters with a bent halo over head held up by weak and baseless money hungry "victims" who yes are hurt but are doing nothing to seek the help they need, like a psychologist or psychiatrist, and are only interested in "truth".

    Damn let the investigation run its course and let the evidence speak for itself if Apuron is guilty the evidence will prove it and there's no need to go informer of of a camera every chance they get!

    1. Actually we would be satisfied with the truth. Unfortunately we have gotten half-truths at best and "spin" for the most part. Are the church leaders willing and able to look at the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and let the chips fall where they may? We haven't seen it yet.

    2. @8:57
      You are one of those people who easily fall for the superficial, deceitful nice attempts of Hon. Little do you know the deep and far reaching deceit and negative implication of his tactics. You are willing to allow him more time, this guy is not new to our struggles and problems in the Archdiocese, he has been here last year and was fully advised of our troubles with Apuron's evil works and our troubles with the NCW, perhaps you should reflect on the fact that he is now coming out admitting that apuron's threats are wrong and retracted them, Eduvaldo's threats were wrong and retracted them, after Hon himself got a lawsuit, he now recognizes that there are potential victims of sexual abuse that are wounded and hurting. One can build an impenetrable fortress against an enemy, however if there is a weakness in that fortress, the enemy will force his way in. We are fighting against an evil enemy, if you are unwilling to go the distance, step aside, do not impede the rest of us who will not settle for just half truth, we want the whole truth and nothing less. Our objective by the Grace of God is the search of the Truth...

    3. Fnieves4, no need to take the Lord's name in vain. 2nd Commandment.

    4. Damn Fnieves4, you must believe Hillary never lies. LOL! What Hon has told us about an investigation has not been supported. Those are merely Hon's words hoping to convince gullible people like you. Speaking of money hungry, no amount of money is enough to restore a life and a lifetime of anguish.

    5. The success of Hon's regime depends on gullibility like yours Mr. Anonymous.

  8. This is very disappointing and disheartening. I understand there is a difference between the church and the leadership of the church. But when the leadership is so focused on "saving face," preserving the status quo, not having "winners and losers" instead of searching for the truth, part of me wants to say "I give up. You win. I'm tired of fighting the bureaucracy and church elites."

    I hope these people are willing to fight as hard when it comes to matters of faith and doctrine. Or will they roll over and cow-tow to the powerful special interests who have their own agenda other than the true teachings of the church?

    1. Andrew, I think the leadership has rolled over already...over and over again. Spin, spin and more spin! What has been done in the defense of faith and doctrine? ZERO.

    2. Retracting the statements is a public apology to the victims.
      Even if the reason was because he was served, is this not what you wanted? You got both your lawsuit and a public apology.

      Msgr James and Fr Paul did not get their grievances heard by AB Apuron and were also publicly humiliated. You asked that they be restored. AB Hon had Fr. Paul's case looked into by a canon lawyer and found that the cause for the decree was invalid. I would think full restoration means both justice and mercy. Justice being the due diligence of finding out whether any moral, canonical, or criminal crime was committed and mercy being the appropriate punishment for such crimes. As you mention, there may be "material" disobedience by Fr. Paul. Should he pay for this crime? What would be a merciful sentence if he is guilty of this? Same with Msgr James.

      Finally, the sexual abuse policy needed to be revised. It is being revised and will implement many good changes that will guide the church on the best approach to assist with the healing of those who have been abused as well as the appropriate actions against the perpetrator of the abuse. Is this not what you wanted?

      You also wanted an audience with AB Apuron to hear your grievances. You got one with AB Hon who is doing far more than what you would have got with AB Apuron.

      What grievances do you have left? The seminary? It is being looked into, both on who is able to change its use and the formation program taught. AB Apuron? He is being investigated.

      Further, we should be thankful we even have someone to take the lead in this situation. Why send an apostolic administrator in the first place? We could have been left with a vacant leader role or AB Apuron could have been allowed to pull the strings from wherever he is at. None of what is occurring now may have happened. Yet, here we are with the lawsuit and public apology, the modification of the sexual abuse policy, the restoration process of Msgr James and Fr Paul, the assessment of the RMS property and formation programs of the major seminaries, and finally a formal audience for dialogue. Yes, perhaps this could be a publicity stunt, but I choose to believe that it is out of real concern for the people of Guam and for the healing of the church.

      How can you say that things are status quo when there are obvious signs of small steps being taken to address your grievances? Furthermore, how can you imply that the Pope and AB Hon and the rest of the clergy don't care about the people because things are not going according to what you want? I choose to believe that all are working towards good. I choose to believe that good intentions and right actions will lead to good and that even if bad decisions and choices are made there will be a lesson learned and we will be better because of it.

      I applaud your perseverance to continue fighting, but I am saddened that you are not satisfied with the progress and changes that are being made. Why are you losing hope? Why are you giving up? Change takes time.

      Finally, I would encourage the victims and any other victims to reach out again. It hurts to be rejected, but the door is still open, the hand is outstretched. It is your choice to take the opportunity or not, to trust and have faith. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being suspicious of everything our church leaders are doing. The only thing born of that suspicion is more fear. Stay afraid or take a chance to see what possibilities lie behind that open door? What you believe is your choice.

    3. 12:01,
      That's quite a bit to digest, but you make a passionate case. The problem however is summed up by your last paragraph. We are not satisfied because the the hand is NOT outstretched. Pope Francis said the victims are the first priority, and it took Hon SEVEN WEEKS to even acknowledge them--and that was only after he was personally named in a lawsuit. There wasn't even an apology for miscommunication, if that would be what he claims. Stay afraid, you ask? Try being raped, then after reporting it be called a malicious liar and threatened with canonical action (i.e. excommunication for a vulnus against the raping archbishop), then brushed aside and later dismissed by the new administrator, then told to CALL HIM if you want to meet? Really?

      Yeah, sign me up. And people wonder why Protestants hate the Church? It's not even the doctrinal BS. The Curia and those who aspire to be in it by themselves give the anti-Catholic forces all the ammunition they need.

      We fight because the Church is the holy Bride of Christ, and we won't have her made into a whore. Nor do we quit worrying about the sinking ship just because 60% of the hole is repaired.

      It's good to be back home. What a long week away.

    4. Mr. Anon, you said, "I choose to believe that all are working towards good. I choose to believe that good intentions and right actions will lead to good and that even if bad decisions and choices are made there will be a lesson learned and we will be better because of it." Your choice. It's good that most are not as gullible as you.. I'm not.

  9. What investigation!!!! Nothing is being done!!! AA Hon needs to go back to Rome. His message to the people of Guam is nonsense. He knows what is going on but yet he chooses not to correct the WRONG!!!!!

  10. Hon, You are a Liar!!!!! How did this clown determine with certainty that the RMS property belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana, was it PIUS showing him a piece of paper? This is quite questionable in light of the fact that 1. A real estate attorney tells us that Apuron Gave away the property, 2. Atty Terlaje, the Archdiocese's Attorney cautions against transfering the property, as the language indicates relinquishes ownership 3. Gennerini himself admits that was the intent of the church to transfer it to RMS to protect the asset., 4. All the deceitful attempts by RMS, the Chancery, AG & DLM to manipulate the title of ownership. This cast a shadow of doubt on who really owns the RMS seminary, and Hon waltzs into RMS and takes Pius's word as Gospel. Why is he so quick to make this proclamation? Who are the experts that he consulted to get his answer?

    1. He consulted with Dakon Tenorio who proclaimed his love for Apuron, and that Apuron is innocent.

    2. Pope Francis Pray we pray that you see that the NCW has done more harm than good for our Church not only on Guam but the whole Catholic Faith! The cancer has mestasticized to even your trusted advisors who sold their souls to this cult. For the good of the Church, please kill this cancer that has taken over the true Church.

  11. Good grief! It took over 6 weeks for Hon to reveal his true colors!

    Rome please retrieve this "forked tongue" from Guam and place him back in his Ivory Tower! In a span of minutes he validated what many faithful perceived from his silence. Just ask Walter.

    A humble man of the cloth would have responded to the reporter, "I apologize to Walter for the pain he suffered on the Cathedral steps, I HONestly did not recognize him, that was unfortunate".

    Hon's statements in the press conference lacked sincerity and compassion. His statements to the media reveal Hon's true motive's and persona.

    Anon 8:57 comments that we sound like Trump! If you mean we are straight forward and speak the truth, I agree! Are you not tired of double talk and rhetoric? Confrontation takes courage and conviction.
    St, Michael the Archangel defend us in battle!

  12. OMG!!! Fnieves4 July 30, 2016 at 8:57 AM…
    You just proved to hon, that he can find people like you, that one person on the jury that DID NOT wait for the FINAL instructions before going into deliberation… you had made up your mind before the trail started… smile=NOT GUILTY

    Hey Fnieves4, you are not alone, a few more like you went back to that fence, to sit and wait for others to do the work…

  13. ABH Admittedly I was one of the fools who fell for your rhetoric. Do yourself a favor and go home. You should have look at the ambiguous before coming into conclusion that the RMS property is still owned by the Archdiocese. You will not be treated better than A$$bishop Apumoron.

  14. Actions speak louder than words. Enough said.

  15. i'm just catching up on developments. so frs james and paul are satisfied with the moves that archbishop hon made regarding their status?

    it's fine if they are satisfied as it relates to their own individual fates.

    but it's not fine at all in the interest of truth and justice as it affects the rest of us. why not? because, at least on one level, it signals that members of the hierarchy can continue to abuse their power and can still get away with it--even if only partially.

    sadly, it's the two priests' attitude of willing acceptance that the men in power are counting on to continue to get away with the evils that are plaguing the Church.

    yes, there are times when humility of accepting one's fate--even if unjust--is called for. that's governed by one's conscience.

    but even if frs paul and james did accept their fates and individually are satisfied with this outcome, they should *not* call on the rest of us to go along and accept it with them. don't they understand that by expecting everyone else to do so, it leaves fertile ground for continuing abuse?

    pass the bill! bring on the lawsuits!