Saturday, July 30, 2016


Posted by Tim Rohr

Sadly, Fr. Paul thinks this is about him. It is not. I engaged this battle to fight Apuron’s rabid abuse of episcopal power which he has used to damage countless souls over three decades. Fr. Paul was just the latest and most high profile victim at the time. Because while clergy like Fr. Paul waited around for the Holy Spirit to "come" and called for peace and patience, Apuron (as per Champ Quinata and Walter’s testimony) was pinning 9 year old boys to his bed, ramming their rectums and leaving them for dead. So now that Fr. Paul has his little pardon, the rest of you need to sit down and shut up. Yes, so more little boys can be destroyed by the clerical obeisance that has been the fertilizer for  this “filth in the church.” It’s not about you, Fr. Paul. Get over yourself. 

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