Sunday, July 3, 2016


On Friday, Bob Klitzkie was on the phone with Patti Arroyo (K57) attempting to explain the very real challenges we still face, when a woman called up and lectured Bob on why he should just shut up and be "joyful." She might as well have been Anthony S. Apuron calling because I'm sure he'd like nothing more. 

From the beginning, our only weapon against this all powerful enemy has been public outrage. And we would be stupid to stop now. For what have we accomplished?
  • Anthony S. Apuron is still Archbishop of Agana and according to his Vatican video, not only is he still in charge, the apostolic administrator is only here at his request, mere hired help. 
  • Since Hon has never refuted Apuron's message we are left with no other option than to believe it to be true. 
  • Deacon For Sure For Sure is still the SARC. 
  • Fr. Pat Castro's appointment as some sort of liaison means nothing, especially since he is not on Guam during this most critical time. 
  • Fr. Paul and Msgr. James are still outcasts. And even if Hon won't restore them to their positions he has complete authority to publicly condemn how they were treated. He hasn't. 
  • The decree against the CCOG was rescinded but only after Hon allowed it to go into effect and without a word of apology to the CCOG for Apuron's violation of our rights as Catholics. 
  • The gag order on Deacon Martinez was rescinded but not a word of condemnation or apology about Apuron's attempt to shut up the one member of the clergy willing to speak up against the policy which permitted Apuron to hide.  
  • The Yona property remains completely in the hands of the Gennarini's. 
  • RMS is still in full swing. 
  • This past Friday was the first time I know of that Hon met with any of the disaffected laity and there might as well have been no meeting at all. 
  • Apuron's four sex abuse victims, even if they are "alleged" have NOT been contacted by Hon or anyone else. 
  • Hon's failure to condemn Apuron's publicly calling them LIARS, and even his own intimation that the "alleged" victims accounts may not be true, now makes Apuron's slander and libel, Hon's. 
  • The neocats still continue with their illicit liturgy. 
  • The Cathedral is still firmly in neo-control. 
  • Apuron is free to roam the world and plans to meet up with the neo-cats at World Youth Day. 
  • David and Adrian might have been moved but only temporarily. Yesterday Adrian sent out an email letting us all know that Fr. Lito is only the chancellor "for the time being," meaning that soon all will be restored to how it was before with Apuron's triumphal return:

On Fri, Jul 1, 2016 at 3:06 PM, Adrian Cristobal

Effective 30 June 2016, Rev. Fr. Jose Antonio Abad was appointed as Chancellor of the Archdiocese.  
For the time being, and for matters related to the Archdiocese of Agana and the Chancery Office, kindly email Fr. Abad at  <>.  

Should this be a personal matter, please forward your email to me at <>.

Thank you and God bless.
Fr. Adrian Cristobal

Hon has been here nearly a month and has spent much of that time interviewing the clergy and religious, but what for? With Apuron's return imminent and David and Adrian's titles removed only "for the time being," which member of the clergy or religious is going to speak up about the real issues? And the same goes for his ad hoc committees. A whole month wasted and the "reign of terror" still reigns. 

Be Joyful? Not only NO, but HELL NO!

If the Apostolic Administrator is sincere about "unity," here are SIX things that he can do which will address the essential causes of disunity, SIX things which he has complete authority to do and will not take any time or research since he already knows the facts about each of these:
  1. Publicly repudiate Apuron's Vatican video message.
  2. Publicly repudiate the way Fr. Paul and Msgr. James were treated.
  3. Publicly acknowledge that Apuron had no authority to transfer the Yona property to RMS.
  4. Publicly condemn clergy sex abuse and show that he is serious by placing his own ads (if only in the Umatuna) calling for other victims to come forward - and assuring them they will not be called liars (at least!). 
  5. Publicly extend a hand to the four victims (even if they are only "alleged") who have come forward and offer the Church's help. 
  6. Publicly apologize for Apuron's mistreatment of the lay Catholic faithful by threatening all of us with his decree against the CCOG and anyone having anything to do with their cause. 
Until Hon at least begins to show some care for JUSTICE then there will be NO peace, no unity, and his prayer services will remain not only a waste of time but an affront to the aggrieved and a spiritual fraud. 


  1. Adrian - Do You Really Think that the People of Guam, especially Barrigada Where You Are From, are still rooting for You! You Are Just As Egotistical as Your Mentor Apuron!

    1. Egotistical for what reason?

    2. Anonymous July 3, 2016 at 10:28 AM - If you do not get it by now, there is no need explaining!

    3. I am from Barrigada and I just read a posting from back in 2015 when that Adrian Cristobal had something to do with bringing that very unattractive and ungodly PIUS to the Island which totally surprised me! What Have You Done and Why Did You Do It Adrian? I am still very shocked you become a priest (small letter) but now I am even more surprised that you initiated this .........! Where Did Your Parents Go Wrong?

  2. He might have used the term "for the time being" because Fr. Lito does not yet have an official address, but only the yahoo account that he uses at his current parish.

    1. You don't know Adrian. Plus, Hon has done nothing to make us think that he is only trying to avoid criticism while he clears the path for Tony's return. Thus the 6 things laid out.

    2. It only takes minutes to set up an Archagana account for Fr. Lito so that explanation seems specious. Moreover, if there is a special Chancellor email account, that should have been under the control of Fr. Lito immediately. Finally, Fr. Lito is no stranger to the clergy and Catholic organizations so they would know how to contact him. No. Adrian was sending a message and it makes sense. Apuron is still archbishop, Hon is temporary, the victims are still liars, and many expect that Rome will exonerate Apuron. Adrian has just sent out a warning and it clearly undermines the effectiveness of Frs Jeff and Lito.

    3. Nothing has changed. Everything that Hon has done to date has been sugar coating, to seduce the laity into submission without making any meaningful and significant changes. The appointment of Jeff and Lito is just that. One is Chamorro and one is Filipino. Both are non controversial and shunned confrotations. Both are perceived as peacemakers not trouble makers. Both are obedient and overly optimistic. Jeff and Lito are two very nice people but niceness is not going to get the job done in cleaning up a corrupted house. We need a strong hand and stiff broom to clean up the mess created by Apuron, Pius, David, Adrian, and the Neo powers in New Jersey. God allowed the Defamation suit by the sex abuse victims to happen. Thsee are the kinds of actions we need to clean up house. Lifting the Statute of Limitations is another. Let's concentrate our resources and energy to support these kinds of actions.

    4. I agree...8:52. New guys not projecting 'for the time being' attitude. Sorry Adrianna. Where were you last nite? Couldn't find shoes to match your dress? Should have come anyhow. You always look so cute! Hot babe, Adrianna.

    5. Another no show. Pius, you sick or busy packing?? Your boys weren't so cocky las night. Whassup?

    6. Adrian was there last night; sitting in the back of one of the side pew areas and not in the front of the altar as the first "prayer meeting." Understandably.

  3. Deacon Claros, for sure, for sure...sitting up staring at Hon Homily...never took his eyes off of him. Brownie points, much Claros, you clown.

  4. Good news one and all! Diana May-be and her phantom husband both got leave from work to go to world youth day! Will they rendezvous with Fr Luis Exonerated? This is exciting. What other Neo presbyters are going . Where are their car washes?? Hmmm? No boasting about numbers, numbers? What's wrong guys?

    1. They will rendezvous with Brother Tony.

  5. Went to the prayer service last night. Prayers that were selected seem to set the stage for a Neo brainwashing convivence, "Your word, O Lord, is the lantern to light our way." Hon says Guam culture expects everything fast, and that we do not determine the pace of God. Yeah, right. God made the whole world in six days, and Hon's been here for three weeks now and very little has been done to de-Apuronize our Church. Hon is here to carry out what he said last year. His mission's priority is unity. Well, so far he has not done well. Hon tells us to remember our common desire: Be One with the Lord. Also to deepen our faith in our Bishop. What? A pedophile? Is Hon serious? Then Hon appears to apologize to the Clergy saying that his request for their resignation was not intended to disrupt the diocese (The Presbyters must have registered a complaint). Hon also tells the Clergy, "You may have the knowledge; but I have the power." Continuing, he says that unity is not fast food. I was not impressed or convinced that he will improve the situation. Hon, reach out to Apuron's victims, return the Yona property, restore our priests, defrock Apuron, remove Presbyters from our parishes (or get them better trained), and de-Apuronize the Church (includes Cristobal, Quitugua, Pius, Uduvaldo, and cohorts). Then maybe, we will be convinced that you have the power are to foster unity. We're moving fast. Civil court in a few weeks, criminal court in a few months, and restoration of our Church in a few years. Catch up if you can.

  6. Arch Hon:

    Putfabot slow down! Freeze! "Listen to the people"~Pope Francis.
    "Listen to the people" came from Pope Francis. No one call me a liar. It's the truth? I recently read Pope Francis tell to a crowd of people "Listen to the people". Where, to whom-I must steal Archbishop Apuron's line of "It's somewhere, I just got to find it".

    We really appreciate you coming out to Guam as our Shepherd to help us out in every way you can. Sadly, your help and lack of help only showed us you have one goal in mind which is "unity" You can try to form unity? In our continuous crisis in the church, your expectations is to advanced, undeserving to the faithful especially to the victims whereas "unity" is concern it's a tall glass order for most of us and surely your showing insensitive at this time. Arch Hon could it be that you don't see what the faithfuls see cause we see what you don't see? An uncaring, insensitive Shepherd that we already have and we the people are so fed up feeding and fueling power to our Shepherd. WE (GUAM) REFUSE TO DO SO ANYMORE? Though, my words here may not be of a concern/important to you, So, I'll leave this one for all the men on the altar- (below).

    "The refusal to take sides on great moral issues is itself a decision. It is a silent acquiescence to evil. The Tragedy of our time is that those who still believe in honesty lack fire and conviction, while those who believe in dishonesty are full of passionate convictions." ~Ven. Fulton J. Sheen.

  7. Definition
    apuronize v. t. 1. To constantly confront Catholics with the pictures, the writings, and allegations of innocence and persecution of Apuron.
    2. To leave in place, not repudiate nor apologize for, the previous cruelties, attacks and power bases of Apuron
    3. To take all possible actions necessary to show that Apuron’s absence is but temporary and that his return is imminent.
    4. To create the impression that Apuron is running the Archdioceses of Agaña by remote control.

  8. Could the priest or deacon who Diana accuses of leaking stuff please leak the Holy See's Document exonerating Luis the Licker. We don't want to accept Ballin's say so. We don't care for that guy. C'mon leaker,give up the licker document. Just a quick peak.

  9. I think it's too much to expect that Archbishop Hon would do anything substantial against a fellow archbishop. Therefore, I wouldn't expect him to carry out any of the tasks enumerated by Tim. He certainly would not "publicly repudiate Apuron's Vatican video message" because that would polarize him against clergy that are loyal to Apuron and he certainly would want to prevent any internal dissention that may arise. He also is not likely to repduate or nullify Apuron's decision to expel and remove Fr. Paul and Msgr. Benavente from their former positions. Again, he probably doesn't see it wise to countermand a fellow bishop's decision and order as this would alienate him against the "Way" and let's face it, Hon is sympathetic to the "Way" and isn't going to do anything that would place him in disfavor with his immediate boss and Kiko. Also, Hon probably doesn't see it necessary to "publicly condemn clergy sex abuse" as Pope Francis has already come out with his proclamation of zero tolerance and besides, he has alreday acknowledged one of the incidents stating that the matter has been sent to Rome for appropriate disposition. His stance is "What else can I do?." It has also been released by the Archdiocese that only Rome can decide what happens to Apuron and that Hon has no authority to do anything. We are, therefore, told that we just have to be patient and wait for Rome's decision regarding Apuron's fate.

    In my view, Hon's actions so far has been merely cosmetic and unsubstantial. Decisions he has made have been benign and inconsequential and nothing further of any real substance can be expected. He has no authority to do anything about the Yona seminary property as far as having it returned to the local church. He certainly will not do anything in my opinion to address the pseudo seminary and the ordination of non-properly formed priests. One has to wonder if he will endorse and approve the four ordinations that are scheduled to occur later in the year, that is if he is still here.

    The bottom line as far as Apuron is concerned is that it is totally and absoulutely unacceptable to have him ever return as Archbishop of Agana, The sexual molestation and rape he has committed against at least four victims that are known at this time warrants nothing less than removal as archbishop and probably should even justify laicization.

    The true Catholic Faithful as exemplified by CCOG, the Laity Forward Movement and the numerous other visible Catholics who support the decisive and rightful actions that have been set forth and presented to the Hon administration must continue to remain strong in their resolve. Demonstrations and protests should not let up but continue to be reinforced. The media should continue to be involved in bringing out the lack of any substantive action taken by Hon and his cohorts.

  10. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJuly 3, 2016 at 8:18 PM

    With each passing day it appears to me that Apostolic Administrator Savio Hon Tai Fai is truly no more than a Placeholder for the absent Anthony Sablan Apuron who expects to return and resume his Reign of Terror, restoring his Minions David and Adrian to their respective posts as VG and Chancellor.

    I thought I would see an AVISO in the 3 July 2016 issue of the U Matuna Si Yu'os regarding the appointments of Fathers Jeff San Nicolas and Jose Antonio "Lito" Abad as Delegate of the Administrator and Chancellor, respectively. However the only thing I found on Page 1 was an "Announcement from the Chancery of the Archdiocese of Agaña" dated 30 June 2016, which appears to me as "less official" than an AVISO.

    Curiously, in the front page article "New Curia officials appointed" by Tony C. Diaz, it was noted that "Monsignor David's duties as Vicar General ended when Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron, OFM, Cap. was relieved of administrative and pastoral responsibility with the naming of the Apostolic Administrator on June 6." The appointment of Fr. Jeff took effect on 30 June — the same day as the above-mentioned "Announcement," more than three weeks (24 days!) after Msgr. David the VG's duty ended. It appears that the Archdiocese was without a Vicar General/Delegate to the Administrator for 24 days and raises the question of how vital that position is in the Curia. Maybe Placeholder Administrator Hon thought he would be back in Rome and didn't consider filling the position a priority … until his assignment dragged out to the last day of June with no immediate end in sight?

    While Hon maintains his Placeholder role, waiting for our protests to die down or go away, it is clear that the Laity must take to heart and act on the words of the Venerable Fulton J. Sheen:
    "Who is going to save our Church? Do not look to the priests. Do not look to the bishops. It's up to you the LAITY to remind our priests to be priests and our bishops to be bishops."

    Please join the Laity Forward Movement on Sunday mornings as we picket to DEFROCK Apuron — and possibly more! — in front of the Cathedral-Basilica from 0900-0945.

    St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle …
    St. Athanasius, pray for us!

  11. Protests are dying down, people.

    1. Ha! You wish! You weren't at the basilica yesterday, were you? It continues, and grows.

  12. I'm up for it. Defrock Apuron!

  13. Wish I was on the island so that I can buy a big billboard/marquee with the capability of putting down everything that we want Hon to fix to promote "Unity and Peace" and a counter to show how many days/weeks/months it took him to:

    1 - Acknowledge the Victims;
    2 - Restore the True Priests who were "Dismissed from Their Duties" Without Justification;
    3 - Restore the Cathedral back to being the "Mother Church on Guam";
    4 - Explain the RMS and just who actually owns it;

    I know there are many more but, unfortunately, Hon cannot do anything about the Beloved and Respected Apuron (NOT! NOT! AND NOT!)!

    This way the Whole Island can see the "Day-By-Day" solutions that Hon has done so far because, in My Personal Opinion, NOTHING HAS BEEN/IS BEING DONE! One can Only Dream!

  14. The primary role of the chancellor, Fr. Lito, is to gather, arrange, and safeguard the Acts and the archives of the diocesan curia. That is, he or she is responsible for the orderly arrangement and accessibility of the records and files that keep the diocese running and are its recorded history. This is especially true in regard to the sacramental registers, which detail the sacramental history of each parish in the diocese. The chancellor is also the official notary on all of the documents issued by the diocesan bishop. Can we now be assured about Baptisms in a Gym? May we see documents about Wadeson? May we see documents of RMS being affiliated with the Lateran? My goodness, seems Fr Adrian was exceeding the bounds of his office exceedingly well.