Friday, July 8, 2016


Sent to me by a military friend. 

Organizations of any size are usually operated by two kinds of executives, one called command the other staff. Military organizations are populated by an abundance of staff officers but few commanders. A commander is responsible for all that happens that shouldn’t and vice versa.  Staff officers are logisticians, planners and others who act in support of commanders. In the military, commanders have great authority to accomplish great responsibility.  It takes a while to be chosen for command of large organizations.  Along the way an officer would hold several staff and command positions to prepare him for “the big one.”   Only the best are chosen for large or important  command billets.

Our church fits into the above description quite well. Diocesan bishops are the commanders. All other bishops are staff officers. The diocesan bishop is held to blame for all that he has done and all that he has failed to do. He has great authority to go along with great responsibility. Many hold the rank of bishop but never “command” a diocese, i.e. serve as diocesan bishops.

Our diocese suffered through the “command” of a priest who should have never been selected to run our diocese or even a parish.  We are now suffering because of 30 years of Apuron.  Bad for us again because our current quasi archbishop isn’t qualified for such a tough job as cleaning up after Apuron.  Hon has served only as a “staff officer.” Hon has never held command. Hon has never been a diocesan bishop. 

It’s as though a battleship is about to run aground and the Navy sends in a captain who has never commanded anything larger than a desk.

All hands general quarters!

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