Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The Apostolic Administrator, Archbishop Hon, needs Apuron's help.

[Last seen at the Vatican making a video in June]
Hon claims NOT to know where Apuron is yet will need Apuron's signature on papers to return the Yona property to the patrimony of HIS archdiocese. Hon has shown acrobatic talent ducking HIS responsibility in the property's return.
Hon is a master at Doublespeak and weasel words. His August 18 press release and the Umatuna for the following Sunday don't address the fact that Apuron gave the property to the RMS Corpoaration with the Declaration of Deed Restriction of November 22, 2011. Instead Hon evades with:
  • The “property” was no doubt acquired by the Archdiocese, and yet its use has been conceded in perpetuity to RMS and BDTI.
  •  We listened to an extensive presentation made by them, who illustrate with documentation how the Deed Restriction was done without due process in conformity with the Church law and praxis and how the text of the Deed Restriction created great ambiguities.
  • It is never my intention nor the Church’s to purposely cause ill will in our brothers and sisters. 

Hon then says, "...I request that community which now enjoys in perpetuity the use of the “property” to spontaneously and effectively renounce, without any litigation, such a benefit obtained from the Archdiocese of Agaña. [My emphasis.] This language at least implies that Hon will initiate litigation.

Hon could have said that Apuron gave the property away to the RMS Corporation, that he is asking the board of corporation, Apuron, the Gennarinis and Pochetti to sign some papers to deed the property back to the Archdiocese. Hon could have gone on to say that if the papers weren't signed, he'd sue.  Hon could have but he didn't.  Best to watch what Hon does like a hawk, and take his words with a grain of salt.

Archbishop Hon "in action."

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