Saturday, August 27, 2016


Posted by Tim Rohr

When I saw the headline "Hon: Apuron defied pope" on the morning of August 19, I already knew what the Kiko's were going to do. And sure enough, they did it. 

I say "they" because the letter from Apuron released yesterday by his attorney, Jackie Terlaje, was not written by Apuron. It was written by "they." But let me get back to who "they" are another time. 

What I knew they were going to do is exactly what Apuron was made to say in his letter, a clear denial that he "defied" the pope:

"I wish to declare that this is absolutely false…I have always obeyed the Holy Father…”

Once again, if you understand the Neocommunist ethic of the "ends justifies the means," there is no contradiction here. They simply make words mean what they want them to mean. 

Here's what happened.

On August 18, Archbishop Hon released an "announcement" stating:

"In truth, more than a year ago, the Holy See recognized the problems such a Deed Restriction created. Ever since then, more than once the Holy See has instructed Archbishop Anthony Apuron to rescind and annul it. Clearly, this instruction has not been carried out accordingly."

Saying "the Holy See," is like saying "the White House" or "the Office of the Governor." It is commonly understood that any directive issuing from such an office is the same as issuing from the person who inhabits the office. 

Unfortunately, not personally naming the individual who actually issued the instruction "from the office," permits ambiguity and the Putrid Pius immediately saw his opening, telling KUAM a day earlier:

"The Pope never gave any directive. It was a congregation of the Holy See, which gave this indication and, as I said, an archbishop answers only to the Holy Father." (Aug 25, KUAM)

The Kiko's used the same trick back in 2005 when Cardinal Arinze, the then-Prefect for the Congregation for Divine Worship issued a cease and desist directive to the Kiko's ordering them to stop receiving communion sitting down. 

Apuron infamously barged into the KOLG studio during a live radio show hosted by Fr. Mike Crisostomo and effectively shouted for the whole world to hear: "who is this Cardinal to tell us what to do?" (Audio File here. Transcript here.)

(For further reading, see how Apuron was speaking directly from Gennarini's talking points, captured in Gennarini's exchange with Catholic Answers apologist, Jimmy Akin here. This was in 2006 and it shows just how deeply Apuron was already controlled by Gennarini.)

A few weeks later, the pope himself told Apuron who the Cardinal was: he was "the pope." In front of Kiko Arguello himself and thousands of neocatechumenals, Pope Benedict, reminded the Kiko's that the instruction issued by Cardinal Arinze had been issued "in my name." 

The pope took the opportunity of addressing the neocats at their annual "missionary send-off" in Rome to remind them of the authority of the Arinze-directive because upon its issuance a few weeks earlier, Kiko was telling his neocat zombies the same thing Pius told KUAM: "it didn't come from the pope." 

The Kiko's are masters of bullshit. Sorry for that word but there is no other. Kiko has learned the Hitlerian technique of simply burying people in words, words that can be redefined at any moment to make them fit the "ideal" to which the rest of the world must "adjust" (a Marxian maxim explained in my post GO TO HELL, PIUS.)

Following is an example of Kiko doing the opposite. 

Instead of denying the validity of a directive because it only came from a Vatican office instead of the pope himself, in the following account Kiko trumps up a letter coming from a lowly Vatican office and makes it appear to be handwritten by the pope. 

On May 16, 2014, the Kiko-controlled Vatican news agency, Zenit, posted the headline: "Pope Francis Backs the Neocatechumenal Way." Given the headline one would have thought that the Pope himself, with his arm around Kiko, had just made some sort of public proclamation. 

However, the real occasion for such a celebratory headline was nothing more tha a short note from a Vatican underling, with the title of "Substitute," who worked in the the office of General Affairs which is an office under the office of the Secretary of State, who simply passed on a message from the pope's office. 

And what's more, the focus of the letter was not only NOT congratulatory, it was a reprimand reminding Kiko not to stray from his" regulatory charter of reference," i.e. the approved Neocatechumenal Statute.  (Read my whole expose of this here.)         

Kiko knew this was a slap down. He had initially asked for a personal audience with the Pope after he got some ill-treatment from a few bishops after the pope's own public slap down of Kiko and his Way at the big meeting with the Neocats a couple months earlier. And all he got was a short note of reprimand from a "Substitute." 

But Kiko has made a career of turning dung beetles into eagles, and with the help of the dutiful Zenit, within minutes turned the lowly missive into an Apostolic Exhortation. 

This works for Kiko because like all the evil dictatorial monsters before him, Kiko understands that the people don't understand, and he only has to exploit that hole. Thus Pius exploits "that hole" between the words "Holy See" and "pope." The bottom line is that Pius, Apuron, Gennarini, et. al. are counting on us being stupid. 

Here's an example of some other "holes" to be exploited in Apuron's letter:
  • Apuron says that had he not restricted the property it would have already been sold. What Apuron does not tell you is that he is the only one who can sell it. Apuron says "you're stupid." 
  • Apuron says that RMS was to produce priests. What Apuron doesn't tell you is that it was only to produce priests for the Neocatechumenal Way. Apuron says "you're stupid." 
  • Apuron refers to documentation from the Pontifical Council of Legislative Texts and the law office of Lewis and Roca. What Apuron doesn't tell you is that neither opinions of either of these entities has any bearing on Guam law. Apuron says "you're stupid." 

And here's another thing. 

Over and over Apuron has defended his "deed restriction." However, he has only done so since January 5, 2015. And why is that? Because that is when we uncovered it at the Department of Land Management. 

The document was recorded three years earlier. If Apuron is so righteous about his preserving the property for the formation of priests (like The Waldo - LOL) then why did he record the document in secret and fire the finance council to keep them from knowing about it? 

Well, we know why. Because it's all a lie. But now, as of yesterday, we don't have to deal with Apuron, we can go after his attorney: Jacqueline C. Terlaje (aka "Jackie" the "Trained Lawyer"). 

Now that the the Trained Lawyer has issued "Apuron's" statement and identified herself as his personal attorney, let's call on the Trained Lawyer to produce those documents from the Pontifical Council and the Lewis law firm. 

After all she (er, I mean Apuron) is publicly referencing them to discredit the CCOG, the former finance council officers, Bob Klitzkie and others, as well as a bona fide legal opinion from Guam real estate attorney, Jacques Bronze, a real attorney not a trained one. 

Let's call on the Trained Lawyer to tell us WHO can sell archdiocesan property. Let's see if she says anyone other than the Archbishop. It's a simple question. 

Let's call on the Trained Lawyer, the very one who bashed Msgr. James in front of the presbyteral council and the college of consultors, WHO can authorize a debt instrument? Let's see if she says anyone other than the Archbishop. It's a simple question. 

One last thing. That Apuron (or his handlers) were willing to pick a public fight with Archbishop Hon, should send a shiver down our spine. This is unheard of and it would be death to Apuron but for one thing: they are SURE of their support in the Vatican. Apuron is even now planning his triumphal return.

The fight comes down to us, folks. I hate to say "I told you so," but for three years I have been hammering on the whole "Rome help us" bullshit. There's that word again. The PICKET continues this Sunday, 9am, in front of the Cathedral. Apuron is just waiting for us to get tired.

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