Saturday, August 27, 2016


Posted by Webster.

I once had the privilege of meeting and talking to Attorney David Lujan, Guam's most successful defense attorney, having won about 90% of his cases, an incredible record that no other attorney comes remotely close to matching. So, he knows what to do to best represent his clients, and a CARDINAL RULE he said of best representing his clients is to SHUT THEM UP. A client SHALL NOT talk about the case or any related matter no matter how remote or irrelevant it seems, to family, friends, and ESPECIALLY to the MEDIA because the less said, the less that a prosecutor or the opposing side can use your own words against you.

Now, why on earth is Attorney Jacqueline Terlaje not only allowing HER CLIENT, ANTHONY SABLAN APURON, to spill his guts to the media, but to have a direct hand in doing so by preparing and submitting his client's declaration to the media?

Is she incompetent? Hardly. I understand she won all kinds of academic honors in her educational career. She is smart, intelligent, and aggressive.

Is it a brilliant legal strategy on her part to have her client, Apuron, spill his guts to the media? Hardly. Remember what I just said about Attorney David Lujan's cardinal rule.

So, why?

Here are some facts to ponder.

Attorney Jacqueline Terlaje is a devout and ardent member of the NCW, as is APURON, DAVID, ADRIAN, PIUS, and GENARINNI. Fr. Pius Sammut is the CHIEF CATECHIST for Guam. He reports to Genarinni, the Chief Catechist of all of the United States. Fr. Pius is also the rector for the Neo seminary in Yona. Attorney Terlaje and Apuron are both members of the Second Neo Community of Agana church (Monsignor David is in the First Neo Community of Agana and Fr. Adrian is in the First Neo Community at Barrigada church).

Fr. Pius is the Catechist for the First and Second Neo Communities of Agana, and the First Neo Community of Barrigada church. Apuron, Attorney Jacqueline Terlajae, Monsignor David, and Fr. Adrian all report to Fr. Pius, except that Attorney Terlaje is also the RESPONSIBLE of the Second Neo Community of Agana. As such, Apuron reports to her.

It is also known that Attorney Jacqueline Terlaje has represented or closely affiliated with the Neo Seminary in Yona, having attended their meetings of the Board of Directors and Council and in various other matters. She works closely with Pius, Apuron, David, and Adrian on all Neo related matters, such as the removal of Monsignor James and the taking over of the Cathedral Basilica and the Catholic Cemeteries, all run by Neocats as volunteers or employees. She was the advocate for the Chancery when she went before the Presbyteral Council to present the "allegations" against Monsignor James.

As Mr. Tim Rohr and Jungle Nation has so convincingly exposed, the nature of the NCW is that a Neo member strictly and OBEY without question your RESPONSIBLE and your CATECHIST. They run your life, for your own good of course, because they will tell you that they do it out of love for you, your salvation, and nothing else! Hmm....

So, under the circumstances, one may wonder where does Attorney Jacqueline Terlaje's loyalty lie?

With her client or with the NCW?

Just wondering.

Next up: Part II.


  1. Don't forget, that moment when the picketers were up at the RMS in Yona and the police were called on them. Someone was giving "instructions" that the cops were repeating to the manamkos. When they asked who is the person telling them all this, they revealed "a woman." When pressed further they confirmed it was Jackie Terlaje.

    NCW to the core.

  2. Terlaje has to represent apuron and the neos. She has no other cases to cash in. Word out that she's lying about being an effective trained lawyer. All logic had escaped her since she got totally washed by the neo doctrine.

    As a mother, we can just hope, for the sake of her children, that she keeps her kids away from apuron and all the neo pedophile fruits they are harboring down rms.

    Protect your children, woman! What's wrong with you?

  3. - And the Jackie Terlaje's saga continues. Who is this person and why is she so oblivious to the damage she is doing to the True Catholic Church? Status and Money Hungry? Was she so poor when she was growing up that nothing else matter except her getting her share of earthly goods? Are her family very proud of what she is doing? How does she sleep at night? My Inquiring Mind Really Really Do Want to Know so I can understand her Motives!

    1. You totally explained it! So clear now!