Monday, August 29, 2016


Posted by Webster.

One day before Apuron issued his Declaration to Archbishop Hon and the media, Fr. Pius made an identical statement to the media. The press release made by Fr. Pius as Rector of the Neo RMS is acutely embarrassing to the current leadership of the Catholic Church in Guam. It defies our Apostolic Administrator, Archbishop Hon, and he was even smug, arrogant, and condescending about it.  

Pius has basically told our Apostolic Administrator, our clergy and religious, and the rest of Guam's Catholics, to shove it where the sun don't shine. He tells Archbishop Hon he is wrong about the property transfer to the RMS. He had a hand in the firing of the former AFC members. He had Apuron sign the deed giving the property away to the Neo RMS for free.

Pius is smug because he knows that the NEO now owns and controls the most valuable piece of property that this archdiocese has ever owned. He's in the driver's seat. And he is not worried about Apuron because he has Apuron in his pocket. Who else can immediately get Apuron to issue a Declaration that backs up the statements and position that Pius issued the day before? I mean, Apuron's whereabouts is unknown to Archbishop Hon, but Pius can get Apuron to issue a declaration within 24 hours of his? Imagine that! That is power and control indeed.

Think about it. Apuron is backing up Pius, not the other way around. Just who is in control here? Pius of course.

Fr. Pius must be immediately removed as Rector of the RMS, sent back to his order in Malta, and ban from taking part in any Catholic activity in Guam.  The Presbyteral Council must pass a resolution to that effect, and Archbishop Hon must issue a Decree of Removal.

We need to take back our Church in Guam from the likes of Pius and his putrid cronies.

Pius has indeed become putrid to Guam's Catholics.

Archbishop Hon: Are you getting this?

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